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No let up in senseless attacks of Tim Tebow. After years of swirling around Tim Tebow, the vultures now have something else to pick on.

No let up in senseless attacks of Tim Tebow

It's barely a scrap, if that, for holier-than-Tebow critics who have been foaming at the mouth to dig up a granule of dirt on the man ever since he announced he was still a virgin. So as reports surfaced that Tebow informed New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan that he didn't want to be a part of the wildcat offense in Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers, apparently angry at being passed over for the starting quarterback job in place of maligned Mark Sanchez, the vultures closed in. He's a "fraud," a "loser" and, as ESPN's Merril Hoge declared, is as "phony as a three-dollar bill. " [Related: Legacy on line for rookie Robert Griffin III?] Denver Broncos' John Elway says Tim Tebow starting QB going into camp. Why Tim Tebow Will Never Win a Super Bowl - NFL. Tim Tebow seems like a pretty good guy.

Why Tim Tebow Will Never Win a Super Bowl - NFL

Humble, talented, Heisman Trophy winner, national champion at the University of Florida. He's not been bad as the Denver Broncos quarterback this season either, leading his team to the AFC Divisional Round. Tim TebowWikimedia But as the New England Patriots showed Saturday, Jan. 14, Tebow has a long way to go as a quarterback if he wishes to lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl title. Broncos to go all in with Tebow. 08:03 AM ET 01.16 | In Tebow the Broncos trust ... maybe.

Broncos to go all in with Tebow

It is with virtual certainty that Tebow will be the Broncos' starting quarterback in 2012. Why would he not? There's a good chance the Broncos' three-headed decision team of John Elway, John Fox and Brian Xanders will throw their unequivocal support behind Tebow today during a noon news conference. The team's plan is expected to include going forward with Tebow as their starting quarterback at least for the start of their 2012 training camp. Tim Tebow of Denver Broncos humble about topping ESPN Sports Poll. Believing in Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow Can HAVE My 3:16 If ... Tim Tebow's Autobiography 'Through My Eyes' Is 2011's Best Selling Sports Book. Tebow crafting Hollywood script with each passing week. If a writer aims to sell a script to a Hollywood studio, the screenplay must include an interesting twist on page 12.

Tebow crafting Hollywood script with each passing week

Then an unexpected turn on page 37. And then a true shocker on page 50. And so on. The twists and turns must be intensely compelling and rhythmic. Broncos Vs. Steelers: Denver And Tim Tebow Set Several NFL Records In Win - SB Nation Denver. Tim Tebow had a breakout performance throwing the football on Sunday, completing 10-of-21 throws for 316 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Broncos Vs. Steelers: Denver And Tim Tebow Set Several NFL Records In Win - SB Nation Denver

He was the first quarterback to throw for more than 300 yards against the Steelers this season, but that was just the start of the milestones for Tebow individually and the Broncos collectively. Related: Denver Broncos Post-Game Celebration Tebow also set NFL records for yards per completion and yards per attempt in a playoff game. The overtime victory, which spanned one play and 11 seconds, was the shortest OT contest ever, and that includes the regular season.

Wild Card Tebowmania - ESPN Video. GWallaceWTOP: According to @twitter @Tim... Broncos given no choice but to embrace Tebow - NFL. DENVER – He planted his right foot on his own 15-yard line and went into the looping, deliberate wind-up that, like so much of what Tim Tebow does, seems to defy the conventions of quarterbacking at the highest level.

Broncos given no choice but to embrace Tebow - NFL

We waited. And waited. And then, in one furious and glorious thrust, Tebow's left hand released the pass that would wind up rebranding him as a passer and rocking the football world. This, salty cynics, was no miracle. This, Tebowphiles, was not tangible proof of divine intervention. This, football fans, was a quarterback, a dude simultaneously calm, commanding and cocksure – the kind of classic gunslinger many of us doubted Tebow could ever be. Suddenly, emphatically and irrevocably, mania had morphed into manhood. Entire CBS Postgame Show Tebows After Broncos Defeat Steelers in Overtime. Tebow Time: The three 3:16 references, boffo TV ratings and Lady Gaga love. The NFL bans eye-black messagers.

Tebow Time: The three 3:16 references, boffo TV ratings and Lady Gaga love

Tebow's numbers did the preaching on Sunday. (Lynn Sladky/AP) You ever feel like there's too much Tim Tebow news? Neither do I. Tim Tebow fans, your silence is deafening. By Rick Morrissey January 5, 2012 10:42PM Your intrepid columnist has ceased being bombarded by e-mails from Tim Tebow fans now that the Broncos have lost three in a row.

Tim Tebow fans, your silence is deafening

What gives? | Joe Mahoney~AP. Ranking the four NFL wild-card games. (Jim Luzzi/Getty) Both you and I know you're going to be on the couch for 12 hours over the weekend watching NFL playoff games.

Ranking the four NFL wild-card games

If, sadly, you aren't able to devote yourself fully to the cause, use Shutdown Corner's wild-card rankings to figure out which games are worth your time. 4. Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos -- Sunday, 4:30 p.m. ET -- CBS -- Jim Nantz, Phil Simms. John Elway: '(Tim) Tebow's not going anywhere' - NFL. After reportedly trying to replace Tim Tebow as the Broncos' QB of the future, John Elway is publicly supporting the second-year signal-caller.

John Elway: '(Tim) Tebow's not going anywhere' - NFL

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) -- A year ago, John Elway agreed to another comeback with his beloved Denver Broncos shortly after the ouster of Josh McDaniels, whom many felt had doomed the franchise to mediocrity for years to come. Tebow's day not ruined by high-profile loss to Patriots. DENVER -- For the first time in seven days, each of which I spent in Denver because of Tim Tebow's polarizing impact on the NFL, the Broncos' quarterback and I finally had the chance to exchange more than the daily salutations I'd come to expect from the overbearing nature of Tebowmania.

We walked toward the exit -- among the last to leave the locker room after a 41-23 loss to the Patriots on Sunday -- as I began to ask the first of what I hoped would be a series of questions. "How is the strength of your faith impacted after a loss? " I started. "It puts things in perspective," Tebow said. "God is still God. And just like that, with a transition smooth enough to make a movie producer proud, Tebow crossed through the threshold of a doorway to the glowing face of a 22-year-old survivor of a brain tumor. You might remember Faughnan. For 15 minutes Sunday, their arms wrapped around one another's back, Tebow and Faughnan stood together smiling without a camera in sight. Tebow making a believer out of Broncos offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach - Jim Trotter. Tim Tebow vs. Tom Brady Source: SI Peter King gives an early preview to the matchup between the 10-3 New England Patriots and the 8-5 Denver Broncos.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- To understand just how far Tim Tebow has come this season, winning his last six starts and seven of eight overall, it helps to go back to the beginning, to that Oct. 23, sun-soaked day in Sun Life Stadium in Davie, Fla., when he made his first start of 2011. Debunking the myths of Tim Tebow - NFL. ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – On a winter day in 2010, Tim Tebow sat alone in a hotel meeting room with Ken Herock, a former NFL general manager who tutors players on how to approach important team meetings at the NFL scouting combine. The topic was a perception among NFL teams that Tebow was successful in college only because of the University of Florida's offensive system, a notion upheld by the failure of Alex Smith to thrive in the NFL after having played for Tebow's coach, Urban Meyer, when Meyer was at Utah.

"A lot of people are comparing you to Alex Smith because you run the same offense … " Herock started when Tebow suddenly cut him off. "Now hold on there, Mr. Herock," Tebow said. "That's where the comparisons end. He said it not with arrogance, although the words could have been parsed that way, but rather with an assuredness Tebow rarely reveals in his public interviews.

Broncos vs Bears 12/11/2011.