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Vintage Speaker Upgrade: Replace Your Capacitors! Rebuilding a Set of Type AA Crossovers. Crossover Repair Kits. Klipsch Bass-Horn. I just scanned the pictures I took back in '95, when I built a single Klipsch bass horn to be used as a sub.

Klipsch Bass-Horn

This horn is based on an AutoCAD 3D model. The plans you'll find in the download section. Maybe these pics help to answer question on where some of the small parts in the plans belong to. I also want to thank my friend Robert who helped me a lot building these horns. And this is the driver I currently use (obsolete Eminence type): Note: If I would build an other one of these, I'd use thicker wood for the internal parts (like 22mm). These seem to be the specs of the original K33E (found somewhere on the www): Znom = 4 ohms Re(vc) = 3.5 ohms L = 1 mH @ 1kHz R = 1.03 ohm @ 1KHz Fs = 27Hz Sd = 890 cm² (13.5" diameter) Xmax = 6.67 mm Vas = 343 liters Qts = 0.633 Qes = 0.684 Qms = 8.5 BL = 9.8 T*m Mms = 106 grams Cms = 0.305 mm/Newton Pmax = 150 Watts This recomendation for a suitable driver is from the www as well:

Klipsch La Scala mods - Speakers & Subwoofers - StereoNET. ALK Engineering. Heavy mods to Klipsch La scala. I'm glad you started this thread.

Heavy mods to Klipsch La scala

I'm beginning to think about modifications to my own La Scalas, though I don't have the budget to go as far as you, nor do I have the gumption for cutting up my speakers that are in fairly decent shape. I listen to my La Scalas in a 12 x 12 room from about 5 feet away. I love the way they sound when playing very quietly late at night, and when I am able I enjoy opening them up to approximate the volume of the performance as originally recorded. Klipsch Date Codes Explained. Retro vintage modern hi-fi: RCA 515S2 Data Sheets 1950. Thank you Gilmore in Colorado for sending me the original data sheets.

retro vintage modern hi-fi: RCA 515S2 Data Sheets 1950

Too cool. I promise only one more 515S2 post in the next month and that will be all the material I have on them. I would like to compare the cabinet in these documents to the Klipsch rebel styke corner cabinet mine came with. Retro vintage modern hi-fi: RCA DuoCone 515S2 DIY Klipsch Rebel Cabinet. I am surprised it took me so long to get to hear these speakers.

retro vintage modern hi-fi: RCA DuoCone 515S2 DIY Klipsch Rebel Cabinet

This is my setup for their trial run. Two RCA 515S2 drivers one I repaired and the other I bought from Terrence in St.Louis. The one from St.Louis is in a really well made Klipsch Rebel cabinet. Associated gear is as follows. The preamp or autoformer volume control is from Dave Slagle at If you haven't tried an autoformer volume control you owe it to yourself to do so. Hornloudspeaker Magazine: Comprehensive list of Klipsch plans, vintage/heritage line. I see there are a lot of people looking for construction drawings of all the vintage Klipsch horn systems.

Hornloudspeaker Magazine: Comprehensive list of Klipsch plans, vintage/heritage line

I list plans for all of them here. Note that various versions of each model are in circulation, as are various derived designs. If you are serious about making an elaborate Klipsch design, you should really take some time to research the various available versions. There are differences (panel thickness for instance) and they might matter in your situation. Audio Asylum Thread Printer. Greg Smith Reviews.... - Greg Smith October 1996.

Greg Smith Reviews....

Bob Crites Klipsch speaker mod kits. Bob Crites Klipsch speaker upgrade kits Ok, there I was… of little spending cash, and a lot of free time.

Bob Crites Klipsch speaker mod kits

I thought I’d refurbish a set of speakers on the cheap. I wanted to keep it affordable, but not trap myself within limits. Classic Infinity? Nah, parts are hard to come by and expensive. Original Forte's vs. La Scalas? Forte II VS La Scala - 2-Channel Home Audio - The Klipsch Audio Community. Thanks for the quick response.

Forte II VS La Scala - 2-Channel Home Audio - The Klipsch Audio Community

That is one thing I really like about the Forte I don't need a sub at all, so no I probably wouldn't add a sub for this application. I can't even count the number of things I've shook off the walls and broken in the office. I run the Forte off an older Denon amp at 90wpc (if I rember the WPC correctly) hooked up through my PC. I thought the price was a tad high myself, I've seen them go for a couple hundred less in the area. They are only about 45 minutes awayso it wouldn't hurt to load up the family and take a little road trip. Here is a link showing the only photo, I did request others to show the overall condition but the seller never sent them. Klipsch Heritage Speakers Review.

I'm listening to Klipschorns right now.

Klipsch Heritage Speakers Review

Phenomenally dynamic for classical. I have four LaScala's and a pair of Heresy's. I've heard lots of Klipsch through the years. There's a lot to like (but improvements can, and in some cases, must be made). The LaScalas (in my opinion) have more mid-bass / lower midrange slam than the Cornwalls, because they are a horn-loaded bass driver. Cornwalls go much lower than stock LaScalas, which is awesome but (to me) they don't have the mid-bass "slam" of the LaScala's horn-loaded bass. The Klipschorns fire out to the sides until about 350-400Hz. Cornscala? Heavy mods to Klipsch La scala. ALK Engineering. Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades - Restoration - La Scalas - Volti Audio.

Three Pairs of Klipsch La Scalas This is a very large webpage, with almost two hundred pictures, that documents the restoration of three pairs of Klipsch La Scala speakers.

Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades - Restoration - La Scalas - Volti Audio

I started this work back in March of 2004 when I was in my old shop. Updated April 2007 - please note that I have not had the best results using raw wood veneer with Titebond II wood glue. I am currently using paper backed veneer with HeatLock Iron-on Veneer Glue and the results seem much better. Here's my next batch of projects. These all came to me in pretty rough shape with factory black paint. This pair had that gray carpeting glued and stapled on.

Klipsch Upgrades by Volti Audio. Volti Audio has two separate websites. This is the Klipsch Upgrades website. If you are looking for the Volti Audio Speakers website, please click on this link to be transferred. Volti Speakers. La Scala Restoration Project. Klipsch La Scala Restoration Project The previous owner moved these things around more times than he could remember. Sam Meets the Klipsch La Scala II Loudspeaker. Klipsch La Scala Upgrades By Volti Audio. Klipsch La Scala Upgrades For all versions of La Scalas The La Scala upgrades that I offer are not put together into a package nearly as well as the Khorn and Belle upgrades. Since the La Scala needs to have the cabinet modified for installation, and the cost of the upgrades are relatively high, the number of upgrade packages I sell for La Scalas is quite low. So frankly, doing the work necessary to develop an easy-to-install package for the La Scala upgrades has not been high on my priority list!

But I know there are a few of you out there who really like the flexibility and sound quality of the La Scala bass bin, and are willing to spend the money to make them the very best they can be. Audio Asylum Thread Printer. Audio Asylum Thread Printer. The Heresy refurb project - Technical/Modifications - The Klipsch Audio Community. Klipsch Heresy “Type E” Capacitor Replacement. Eight years ago I picked up a beautiful set of Klipsch Heresy speakers. My dad used to sell hi-fi in the 80s and one day an old friend and former customer called him up to say he was moving to Florida and letting go of his stereo (apparently they don’t allow nice stereos there). We went over to his house and auditioned what he had, which included this first generation Klipsch Heresy pair.

After a brief listening session I couldn’t help but take the speakers home with me. There are some fairly heated debates among hi-fi buffs over whether or not the Heresys are worth a damn. Some listeners hate them, some love them. With a manufacture date of sometime in 1980, these particular speakers are now 33 years old. Even when well cared for and used properly, the capacitors in the crossover network are bound to fail to some extent over time. Mine seemed to sound fine, but I figured they deserved some maintenance after several years of faithful service. Isn’t that steel label plate cool? Replace Heresy Crossover/Caps?

My thinking on this... "There is a thread here about replacing the stock tweeter with a Aurum Cantus g2si ribbon tweeter" Why bother using Klipsch? The Klipsch is a carefully designed horn speaker, with horn efficiency, an appropriate crossover, and a great signature sound. Bob Crites Klipsch speaker mod kits. The Klipsch Audio Community. The Klipsch Korner.