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Cop21 | Small & beautiful. Les 29, 30 et 31 mai au théâtre des Amandiers, niché dans un écrin de verdure à Nanterre, a lieu une expérience sans équivalent. Durant trois jours, 200 étudiants venus du monde entier participent à une simulation de la Conférence internationale sur le climat, la COP21, qui se tiendra à Paris fin novembre début décembre. Lire la suite Le théâtre des négociations ce week-end aux Amandiers J'aime : J'aime chargement… #HackCop21: A Laboratory of Art Activism to Co-design Creative Resistance for Climate Justice – London, June 2nd to 7th | The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. “… ice sheets are melting faster than the models projected, but resistance is beginning to boil.

In these existing and nascent movements we now have a clear glimpses of the kind of dedication and imagination demanded of everyone who is alive and breathing during climate change’s ‘decade zero.’ ” Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything , 2014. “To hack is to differ” Mackenzie Wark, Hacker Manifesto, 2004. Do you want to take part in co-creating what could be the most innovative mass disobedience action against climate chaos? Does the border between street action and cyberspace excites you? In the lead up to the protests at the Paris COP21 Climate Summit in December 2015, The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination is joining forces with the climate justice movements to co-create a new form of disobedient action: Climate Games. From the 2nd to the 7th of June, the second hackathon will take place during the 2 Degrees festival at Arts Admin, London. For more info contact:

L'ambition - Place to B - Paris COP 21Place to B – Paris COP 21. A l’occasion de la Conférence de l’ONU sur le climat qui se tient à Paris du 30 novembre au 11 décembre 2015, Place to B propose à la fois un lieu de résidence, un espace de coworking, une programmation d’événements et un « FabLab de l’info » autour du climat et des solutions à la transition écologique.

Au-delà de la COP21, Place to B est surtout une dynamique nourrie par tous ceux qui veulent faire passer le message autrement. A l’origine… Comment se fait-il que la pire des catastrophes annoncées ne mobilise pas les foules ? Pourquoi n’y a-t-il pas de grandes manifestations dans le monde pour protéger ce que nous avons de plus précieux – notre planète – en nous engageant dans une vraie transition écologique ? Cet enjeu nous paraît-il trop éloigné de nos préoccupations quotidiennes ? Parce que le climat est un sujet anxiogène souvent difficile à traiter dans les médias, parce qu’il donne un sentiment d’impuissance alors que les solutions existent, nous avons décidé de créer Place to B. Come Join The Climate Games… – Occupy Design UK. Come Join The Climate Games… Occupy Design will be involved in this project for the protests at the UN COP21 Summit in Paris in December, for Designers, Artists or anyone interested based in London, a hackathon is being organised for June, it will be at Arts Admin from 1-6 June hosted by the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination.

Participate in co-designing creative resistance in the streets and cyberspace against climate chaos • Are you an artist, designer, hacker, gamer, activist, … ? • Do you want to take part in actions balanced between physical and virtual reality? Join in on the Climate Games during the Hackathon #hackcop Ghent In the lead up to the protests at the Paris COP21 Climate Summit (Dec 2015), The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, GroenFront! During the Climate Games teams score points by completing peaceful, creative missions that target the root causes of climate change. Art of Change 21. "Shark Buffet!" Îles Tuamotu et Gambier Sports & Outdoors Tip by Geisha_Girl. As the men made their way through the deep waters, catching fish, I bravely designated myself the *official* "Keeper of the Boat!

" I made sure those freshly caught fish in the cooler didn' away or get swiped by pirates !!! Okay, okay, so I was being a sissy about going into the shark-infested waters ! ;-) As a consolation, my guide re-assured me: "Don't worry, if you come into the water, the sharks won't come after you.

Theme: Fishing Trips Review Helpfulness: 1 Gathering of SBS-USM 70s | Gathering of SBS-USM 70s. Our good old days Those of you who have old pictures and want me to upload onto this website …please send the photos to me ….. Some pictures from Wan Portia SBS Reunion: October 2012 – A Report by Yueh Kwong The SBS reunion of staff and students of the first decade has come to past. 4th October Visit to SBS and Muka Head field station This was arranged by Dick Ho. The SNS hosted a sumptuous lunch, after which some drove hurriedly to Muka Head to catch the boat from Teluk Bahang to MH field station. Muka Head field station visit Reno Beltran, Ong Jin Eong, Gong Wooi Khoon, David Tan, Phyllis Chambers and Mariam Lim, who did not go t USM campus were at the jetty. 5th October Penang Heritage Walk Not that many people came to this event (about 15) and we had a briefing at the George Town World Heritage Office at Carnavon Street. 6th October.

The student alumni decided to have a lunch as a class. Some observations Those at the Reunion e-mails: Sook Ching.


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