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As a certified ITES software company today, we lead in the industry by offering a broad range of ITES services to worldwide clients with different professional backgrounds. In the past few years, we have carried out a vast range of ITES projects including Finance & banking, Insurance, and other trendy ITES related technology disciplines.

OM Software PVT LTD - Reviews and Portfolio. Working at Om Software: Employee Reviews. Android Apps Development - Android Application Development Company India. Why developing Android App is advantageous?

Android Apps Development - Android Application Development Company India

Under the fast growing phase of Android users around the world, these latest mobile devices boasting state-of-the-art mobile technology are very instrumental for businesspersons in helping them market their business products and services and drive the targeted traffic. Every member of a business including clients, associates and others are active Android users who utilize mobile phones on a regular basis for a wide range of activities such as surfing the web, downloading, chatting via social networking channels and what not. Android has today successfully garnered a population of over 1 Billion active users all over the world who are using over 400 Million Android devices.

The number continues to distend as time passes. To help your business become a great success in this hard-hitting competitive era, Android is just the ticket and a must tool. Om Software Mobile and Web Development Company in Bhopal. Web Development Trends. What Is Software Development? What Is Mobile App Testing. By OmSoftware - Web Development Company | Bhopal | Pune Apr 17 , 2019 The use of mobiles has largely increased in the last few years. Now, mobiles are a complete source of information about everything. There are different mobile apps available for the users to facilitate their transaction, purchase, gaming etc even more effective.

Before launching the mobile app in the market it is very important to test the app to reduce the chances of its rejection. What Is Mobile App Development And It's Trends. Things To Ask Before Hiring An App Development Company. Qualities Of A Good Android Chat App. Let's Find Out The Difference Between UI And UX. How To Hire UX Designers? What are UX and UI? How To Choose An Android App Development Company. Key Challenges Of Designing A Mobile Application. Benefits Of Outsourcing Mobile App Development Service. OMSOFTWARE SUCCESSFULLY DEVELOPS AND DEPLOYS MYAUTO ON PLAY STORE. Want to Build a Mobile Application? Ask These IMPORTANT Questions to Your Clients Before You Do! How Business Can Leverage on Mobile App Development? Slide 1:

How Business Can Leverage on Mobile App Development?

How Business Can Leverage On Mobile App Development? - Pdf. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

How Business Can Leverage On Mobile App Development? - Pdf

Include... Search Results No terms available Load Annotations. How Business Can Leverage On Mobile App Development? By OmSoftware Oct 29 , 2018 In today's world of technology, every business first preference is to reach their customers through the mobile phone.

How Business Can Leverage On Mobile App Development?

There are multiple mobile marketing platforms available in the market to benefit the customers as well as the business. The mobile marketing is convenient, fast, offer a high return on investment and above all, it is the one that gets most response rate. Tips To Choose A Windows App Development Company. By OmSoftware Oct 26 , 2018 Many business owners may find the task a bit tough to look for a reliable window app development company.

Tips To Choose A Windows App Development Company

The reason that makes their search difficult is the availability of many companies in the market that offer the same services. How To Choose The Best App Development Company? By OmSoftware Oct 25 , 2018 Mobile apps are getting highly popular due to increased customer engagement and improved business activities.

How To Choose The Best App Development Company?

Businesses are earning a great support through their mobile apps. How To Choose A Good Android App Company? By OmSoftware Oct 24 , 2018 Android phones are the most used smart phones in the whole world after iOS.

How To Choose A Good Android App Company?

There are multiple apps available for use on the Android platform. What Is Windows Phone App Development? What Is Android App Development ? By OmSoftware Oct 17 , 2018 There are many companies in the market that are offering simple and easy mobile app developments service for Android, Windows and IOS and many other operating systems.

What Is Android App Development ?

Mobile apps for Android and IOS are the most used in the market and capture a big global area. How To Choose A Company That Offers iOS Apps On Windows? How To Choose A Good Windows App? By OmSoftware Oct 02 , 2018 Your choice of a good windows app will make your tasks easier and more convenient.

How To Choose A Good Windows App?

In recent years the technology has grown to a great extent. The developers of the app have introduced those advanced technological changes to introduce the latest features in the app to benefit customers at a large extent. An excellent working mobile app is the necessary need of the competitive market and highly demanded customers. How to reduce App maintenance Cost? – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design. App development cost and app maintenance cost are two entirely different paradigms.

How to reduce App maintenance Cost? – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design

It requires unique set of deciders, parameters and costing structure to devise the architecture of application development whereas application maintenance cost begins once the development part is over. Most businesses struggle to keep up with the pace of an application maintenance cost since the industry is evolving and the entire spectrum of demand is changing given the new additions of latest technologies.

But some companies can still achieve some functional advantages by saving some good amount of money on Application Maintenance if they holistically follow some key steps. 5 Best Cloud Server Provider Company for Your Next Mobile Application – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design. A great deal of time of developers is invested finding a valuable server, where they can host their application, where they can expect their apps to interface with various Internet services, which offer them stability, integrity and most importantly peace of mind.

The demand and change Over the years, we have seen a notable surge in the number of mobile usage. People are shunning away the traditional way to shop, make decisions and seek entertainment. Today, they are turning to hand-held devices rather than physical stores or desktop or laptop to compare, choose and buy their products and services online. They are using social networks to keep connected with friends using smartphones, they are making decisions and forming political, and apolitical views looking on their hand-held devices.

Om Software's Official Blog: 5 Features You Must Have In Your Next Chat Application. When it comes to developing a new age, highly useful chat applications; which are the key things that you keep in mind? Is it the conversation feature or the security aspects or do you focus specifically on an improved user experience? A great application is usually made up of a variety of decisive factors; including its effortless navigational system, its user friendliness, its state of the art working mechanisms etc. The more you work on them, better can you expect to develop a top of the mark, highly valued application. But if you were to develop an application today, which are the key features that you would essentially want to add in your application? This brief article takes a closer look into some of the most decisive factors.

The most important features that you need to add in your application in order to make it more feature-enriched include the following – Calling Video Calling This is yet another highly important feature that you need to add in your application. A Sneak Peak into the Future of Mobile App Development – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design. When someone asks what the future of mobile app development is, it is awesome to answer the question.

The entire world is changing; the technologies that define how things work are changing, the behaviour and attitude of people are changing, and most notably the buying trends of consumers are changing. Therefore, it is very common to confirm that the existing process of mobile application is also changing and the future has a lot to define. How the world is changing in terms of mobile app development Wearable devices are leading the race.Internet of Things and mobile connected devices will shape the trend.M-commerce and consumers are increasingly using mobile and hand-held devices to chop and purchase.Motion and location sensing technologies will continue to rule the mobility.Innovative UI And UX Design will keep inventing and reinventing.Location based apps will keep on developing.Cloud computing apps continue.

These are just some of the most important trends that are doing the rounds. Top 4 Web Development Frameworks To Look Out For In 2018 – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design. A web development framework or short for WF, is a specialized type of software framework which is designed to assist the development of web applications, including web services, applications, APIs and web resources etc. These frameworks automate the overhead associated with the most common and general activities of web development. The overall task of web framework revolve around the most useful and simplistic forms.

As the scope of web is developing and everyday almost a new form of vital and necessarily fact of solutions about holistic and overall channelization has become extremely important; the pinpointed framework that Make The Development Of Application Simple and extremely effective has become very important.

You can compare and choose from a variety of updated, useful web development framework which can help your organization scale newer heights. Having said that, the load of changing with the demanding times and making your presence felt have become very crucial. Om Software's Official Blog: 5 Must Have Skills to Look For While Hiring Android Developers. When it comes to developing useful android applications that work; a lot of strategic things depends on how you develop the application.

Hiring a developer who understands your requirement and offers you useful services matter. Read the article how to hire android developer. Mobile App Development Trends to Look For in 2018 – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design. Steps to Successfully Launch an App on Android – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design. Before you launch an application on android, take a pause.

Learn here which the key things are as a developer you need to take into consideration in order to ensure successful launch of your application. Creating User Friendly UI/UX Designs – Customization vs. Personalization – Software Consultation,Web Hosting Compamy Bhopal,Professional Business Web Site Design.

Security Concerns Regarding iPhone, iOS applications & How to Tackle Them – OM Software. Apple’s iPhone is considered to be very secured compared to its rivals, but that does not mean the entire platform is fully secured. According to a research, 56 percent of the top paid iOS apps on Apple Store had been hacked and 53 percent of the most popular free iOS apps on Apple Store had been hacked (Source). Tips for Image Optimization to Improve Google Page Speed – OM Software.

A highly organized, fully optimized user experience is essential for improving user experience. Developing Content for Mobile Users – 5 Tips for Marketers – OM Software. The mobile devices are invading the content consumption landscape. They are presumably gaining widespread limelight and because of some favorable factors such as easy availability, low cost, easy integration with virtual technology, low cost Internet etc; almost all leading brands are migrating their desktop-only content strategy to mobile and hand-held devices thereby making it extremely simple for their customers to easily consume important content, and then process the content.

Given the popularity of marketing mobile only consumers has arisen, it is very crucial that developing pinpointed mobile content has become more than important in today’s volatile marketplace. 3 Tips to Design Ecommerce Websites in a More Efficient Way - Website Design and Development Company. Om Software's Official Blog: Importance Of Hiring Third Party Dedicated APP Tester To Test Your App. Third party app testing is an essential step towards ensuring 100% app performance when it finally hits the markets. Om Software's Official Blog: Mobile App Design Tips to Enhance User Experience. Mobile application design for enhanced user experience has been a challenge for developers; given the obvious competition in the market, and increased demand among consumers for better interactivity.

On the top of that, designing interactive, attention-grabbing and custom applications for smaller screens and shorter attention spans is another thing developers constantly struggle to overcome. Om Software's Official Blog: Outsourcing Mobile App Development - Top Checkpoints To Keep In Mind.