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OMR Digital is Indore based Digital Marketing Company. We offer Effective Internet Marketing to our clients to get traffic, leads & more sales. We provides Digital Marketing Services like SEO, SMM and PPC to help client websites, their services and products to promote on online platforms. Our expertise make your brand popular and giving your brand more qualified leads.

Best Digital Marketing for Startups. Professional Social Media Marketing for Restaurants. Top Real Estate Social Media Marketing. Get The Best Hotel Social Media Marketing Services. Get SEO Service for Real Estate. Again Whatsapp And Google Launched New Updates. WhatsApp rolls out new features for Android as well as iOS users almost every other day.

Again Whatsapp And Google Launched New Updates

According to WABetaInfo, a Twitter handle that announces the features the instant messaging platform works on, WhatsApp will be calling this new status sharing feature "Add to Facebook Story". Apparently, the messaging app is looking to add an "Add to Facebook Story" button so users can share their WhatsApp status on Facebook stories in just a click. Oftentimes WhatsApp users want to share the same picture or video they put on status to Facebook. The "Add to Facebook Story" button will help such users and make it easy for them to share WhatsApp status on Facebook stories.

According to the report coming from WABetaInfo the "Add to Facebook Story" is spotted in Android beta version 2.19.151. By improving the consumer travel-search experience Google is also going after a larger share of travel-ad spending. Google is starting to show hotel price charts in search results. Price graph moves into search. 7 Ways to promote your business online. Best Digital Marketing Services India. Digital Marketing Services Indore. Affordable SEO Packages, Search Engine Optimization Plans. Social Media Marketing Services Indore. Nowadays, social media is becoming the simplest means of communication.

Social Media Marketing Services Indore

It can be said that a large number of the population is connected with the help of social media. Now the question arises why we opt for social media and how it makes our life easier? Also, what is everyone’s major cause behind being live on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? The common answer to this question is to be connected with each other irrespective of the regions and also to get updated about the world, which is the reason why SMM services in Indore is the most sought after trend these days.

SEO Services Indore. SEO Services Indore – The increased exposure to the internet and social media has changed our perspective towards its usability.

SEO Services Indore

On a rough estimate, we scroll through 300 feet of content on a daily basis served through different websites. You may or may not be one of those noticed websites and this dilemma is sure to trouble you. On top of that, there will be your competitors making it more demanding for you to grab your customer’s attention. In such a scenario what can actually work out is not just limited to website ranking but brand recognition in the eyes of your customer.

Digital Marketing Serivces Indore. Social Media Marketing services Indore. The 6 Spheres of Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing Company Indore. Characteristic of good Social Media content calendar. Tips for growing YouTube channel - Social Media Marketing Blog. YouTube has become the go to content source and knowledge knorr with ample amount of entertainment and infotainment available with regards to any genre, stream and area. YouTube is a pioneer for content consumption and with the spreading internet penetration across the globe more and more people are hooked on to YouTube. YouTube has made way for many online web content media applications. YouTube in all its glory makes revenue without charging its viewers a penny, also allowing the content creators to earn a living.

Today, YouTubing is considered a full time profession and YouTubers across the globe are earning name and fame through it. The business model YouTube follows is very simple just like its parent company Google does. Choose a genre for consistent and long term content Starting a channel just for the sake of money and fame will get you nowhere in reality. Focus of Quality Content Use high-end gears Editing skills Feedback to personalize the user experience. PPC Advertising Agency (AdWords) Affordable SEO Services. Nowadays, user experience remains an exigent factor in the process of making it to the top of search results.

Affordable SEO Services

Search engines are updated to act as humans and wish to see a good design with a great user experience. Also, the web portals with a faultless integration of mobile-friendly design and visuals get low bounce rates. Did you know that 71 % of the business purchase decisions initiate with an online search? By optimizing your website for SEO, we are in a way, improving your user experience. This leads to higher conversion rates, better trust-building and enhanced brand loyalty.

How Small Businesses Can Embrace Instagram in 2019 converted. Best Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement converted. Digital Marketing: The new Nemesis of Old School Marketing. Digital Marketing: The new Nemesis of Old School Marketing To lure a buyer to buy your product with all the perks apart from the product Blah!

Digital Marketing: The new Nemesis of Old School Marketing

Blah! Blah! Blah! The bookish definition, definitely a NO. Search Engine Optimization is not a door-to-door Sales Job! When Search Engine Optimization is not a door-to-door Sales Job!

Search Engine Optimization is not a door-to-door Sales Job!

Its become a niche sort of freelancing job in todays budding SEO quest. Content writers quite often stress on optimizing the search results and when it is all about optimization, why don’t optimise the content itself? Search Engine Optimization Strategies are mostly not planned in an organic way. Social Media: A Plethora of Marketing Possibilities. How to write effective SEO content. Ever wondered how to enhance the efforts for reaching out the maximum audience?

How to write effective SEO content

Being a blogger, such concerns are genuine especially, when you have so much to offer but could not find the right platform. However, SEO (search engine optimization) is the tool that can curb all your worries about increasing the online visibility of your content. But prior to that, you need to learn to create SEO friendly write up. This article will surely cater to the curiosity you have regarding how to write quality SEO content. Apart from the redundant techniques that every second blog talks about, we have focused more on the tried and tested methods that will work for sure.

Rational use of keywords with no forced stuffing! It is needless to mention the significance of keywords in an effective SEO mechanism. Don’t underestimate the job of links By mentioning that, we clearly mean the external and internal links used in the content to support its reliability and of course the legitimacy. Important SEO trends in 2019. Social media importance in 2019. Why has Google penalized my site. Why Schema is important in 2019 SEO. Necessity is the mother of invention and when it comes to human necessities they generally broaden their horizon to wants.

Why Schema is important in 2019 SEO

Then it no more confines to basics or essentials but actually starts inclining towards augmented requirements that keeps on evolving from time to time. In fact, there is an abstract in marketing that says, a special featured offered today becomes an expected feature tomorrow. Yes, otherwise who had imagined of an application that can facilitate chatting, calling and media sharing initially through WhatsApp. It was undeniably a very useful application that gradually became an integral part of everyone’s life today. There are hundreds of other examples that ultimately support the fact, technology in itself is a form of dynamism that will keep evolving as per the users demand and convenience.

Likewise the priority changes with time Content indexing Schema denotes search engines what the data is denoting Precise and accurate results More rich snippets. Why Is Structured Data Important For SEO. Why seo is important for business. Why social media is so important for business. PPC : An Asset Or The Disguised Torment! - PPC Blog. Today, when every business is on its toe to take a leap from hard working to smart working zone; marketing tactics have faced a huge transformation in this journey.

PPC : An Asset Or The Disguised Torment! - PPC Blog

Otherwise, who has ever thought that a platform which was initially designed for casual chit-chat could turn into a potent marketing medium? Be it Facebook or Instagram, social media platforms are nowadays seemingly the first must-haves of an effective marketing tool. In fact, it is not just social media now but the entire web world that came into the big picture.

In that continuum, online marketing is rapidly impacting the business stratagem that is evident through the current online advertising practices. Is Twitter good for business? Social Media Marketing Blog. Marketing business through online promotion is probably the most sought after technique these days.

Is Twitter good for business? Social Media Marketing Blog

With the continuously evolving technology and ever-changing choice of customers, social media has gone through a lot of roller coasters in the past few years. Be it the video streaming and the millions of views it follows or the pools of memes that do not even spare the Prime Minister of a country; we have taken social media altogether to a different zone today. How to choose the right social media platform - Social Media Blog. You don’t always get the target audience to sell your niche product so easily? Or do you? With that being said, is it easy to build contacts and generate sales lead the old conventional way?

Obviously not, it would be an uphill task to do so with lots of time to be spared for that method to work out. Cut throat competition and survival will further hamper the possible chances for your business to survive. Why is content marketing important for business? - Content Marketing Blog. Tips for growing YouTube channel - Social Media Marketing Blog. Digital Marketing Company India, Online Marketing Services.