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OMNINGAGE Connect is built for the digital age workforce which enables your contact centre staff to deliver personalized and elevating customer experiences. OMNINGAGE is a cloud customer engagement platform and offers products and solutions to enable smarter engagements that are Personalised, Effortless, Insightful and Consistent across all channels. OMNINGAGE is powered by Amazon and integrates with Amazon Connect and offers additional features including: ✅ Agent Connect (Agent Desktop) ✅ Supervisor Connect (Supervisor Desktop) ✅ CRM Integrations ✅ Dashboards and data visualisations ✅ Natural Language Understanding and Processing across all channels ✅ SMS and Email Routing Partner with us: Our team of experts help AWS partners to build a successful and profitable cloud-based CX practise.

EVERY CLOUD CONTACT CENTRE HAS A SILVER LINING - OMNINGAGE. Cloud Contact Centre - Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining - OMNINGAGE. Earlier this year, many businesses, including contact centres, moved their staff home in a matter of weeks.

Cloud Contact Centre - Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining - OMNINGAGE

Without Covid 19, most organizations would have taken years to achieve this. By the 22nd April 2020, “Call Centre Helper Magazine” reported that 73% of UK contact centres had more than 75% of their staff working from home. From the technical perspective, businesses on the Cloud made the move relatively easily. Anyone using Cloud solutions is effectively a “remote worker”, since Cloud systems, such as Amazon Connect and associated applications such as agent desktops for Amazon Connect, are installed on hardware in a Cloud provider’s data centre, not on the company’s premises. Why “on-prem” solutions were not so fast Challenges for on premises technology included getting everyone working from home through a VPN. Cloud contact centres – the benefits Cloud may be the best way to address these issues in the future. Key Performance Indicators – Keeping Score In the Contact Center OMNINGAGE. Key Performance Indicators – Keeping Score In the Contact Center - OMNINGAGE.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and contact centers go together like fish and chips.

Key Performance Indicators – Keeping Score In the Contact Center - OMNINGAGE

When contact center platforms were developed, agents’ performance started being measured by technology that generates a blizzard of statistics. With this KPI data, contact center managers can track almost every aspect of an agent’s working life to the second. A brief history of KPIs In fact, KPIs are nothing new. The first recorded KPIs were devised by the Emperors of the Chinese Wei Dynasty in approx. The father of gamification Robert Owen, a 19th century pioneer of industrialism, devised his own rudimentary KPI. As work became industrialized, psychologists, HR managers and operations research consultants developed more ways to measure employee performance.

In the 1980s, when Mrs. The impact of IT The impact of Information Technology did for the office what the assembly line did for manufacturing. The contact center industry adopted this data driven approach from the very beginning. Wallboards for Amazon Connect - Competitive Piano Playing – The Secret Of Agent Engagement. Competitive Piano Playing – The Secret of Agent Engagement. Staff turnover and absenteeism A Contact Babel report stated that average levels of staff turnover in the US were 29%.

Competitive Piano Playing – The Secret of Agent Engagement

Meanwhile, Carolyn Blunt of Amber Real Results consultancy mentioned that average absenteeism in the UK was 11%. Imagine a 200-seat contact centre. 58 agents will leave each year, while 22 agents will be on the payroll but not at their desks. Where staff turnover and absenteeism are low, engagement is invariably high. A McKinsey survey stated that only 2% of respondents left contact centre jobs because of technology. While it may not drive staff turnover, technology can still be a constant irritant and source of stress. How can we improve agent engagement with technology? Make life easy Contact centre work is very repetitive. Speeding up the Mona Lisa with Amazon Connect - OMNINGAGE. Amazon Connect - Speeding up the Mona Lisa - OMNINGAGE. Every second counts – especially on cloud contact centres The cost of a call is directly related to how long agents spend handling it.

Amazon Connect - Speeding up the Mona Lisa - OMNINGAGE

For cloud based contact centres such as Amazon Connect, every second counts and every second is charged for. Average Handling Time (AHT) is the KPI that contact centre managers watch constantly. The cost of a poor UI A poorly designed user interface (UI) can slow your agents down, so pushing up AHT and the cost of each call. Amy Harvey, the Principle Software Engineer with IDD Inc, writing in “Usability Geek”, said: “A great UI is so seamless that we don’t even think about it – we just use it, get what we need, and move on.”

Here are 3 key factors to look for in a well-designed UI It is built around the agent workflow: Using interfaces such as an agent desktop for Amazon Connect, your agent will pick up a call and speak to the customer. This sequence should be reflected in the agent’s controls. Familiarity breeds speed: Supervisor Desktop for Amazon Connect - OMNINGAGE. Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect - OMNINGAGE. OMNINGAGE - Agend and Supervisor Desktop for Amazon Connect. Agent and Supervisor Desktop for Amazon Connect. Untitled.