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1. Monitoreo de medios - Plataforma de Coordinación - Inundaciones Colombia 2011 -2012. MEDIOS GRUPO 4 - Wiki_Gaviota. Preguntas sobre [ColSSH] - Wiki_Gaviota. ColombiaCrisisMapinformationflux.png (PNG Image, 1487x908 pixels) - Scaled (61%) Colombia SSH - Inundaciones. Centro de Informacion para el Reporte de Emergencias. Announcing the Ushahidi Manual. [Guest blog post by Anahi Ayala Iacucci, an international consultant and professional crisis mapper.

Announcing the Ushahidi Manual

She has worked on dozens of Ushahidi deployments and blogs at Diary of a Crisis Mapper] Exactly a year ago, I started to work on my first Ushahidi platform. I knew little about the platform and in the course of the six months that followed the deployment of Ushahidi Chile I learned everything I could just by doing. I explored every single feature of the platform day by day, discovering what every single tab was, what I could do with it, how to modify the platform and how to use it. Observatorio Sismológico y Geofísico del Suroccidente - REDSW. UNV Online Volunteering Service. Online volunteers engage with grassroots organizations, international NGOs, governments and United Nations agencies over the Internet.

UNV Online Volunteering Service

By sharing their skills, knowledge and ideas directly with these organizations, online volunteers… Enhance organizations’ resources. Colombia Earthquake Simulation – testing ground for volunteer mapping and response cooperation. In the aftermath of some of the recent disasters we witnessed an increasing number of new actors entering the field of international humanitarian response operations.

Colombia Earthquake Simulation – testing ground for volunteer mapping and response cooperation

The development of ICTs opened to a variety of individuals and groups unprecedented space for engagement, regardless their physical location and affiliation to traditional responders. It was predominantly the Haiti earthquake response that pointed out the potential (and limitations) of this volunteer online engagement. Despite the fact that the actual impact, added value and benefit of these emerging initiatives is still being determined and evaluated in order to clearly identify the lessons learned and future steps, some baselines are already obvious and undeniable.

During emergency situations, the very first and the most effective responders are the affected communities themselves. However, for variety of reasons they very often remain unconnected to the traditional emergency response management systems. BCPR - Crisis Prevention and Recovery - Disaster Reduction Unit. Building resilience to conflicts and disasters is at the very heart of UNDP's work.

BCPR - Crisis Prevention and Recovery - Disaster Reduction Unit

UNDP helps countries prevent armed conflict, alleviate the risk and effects of disasters from natural hazards and build back better and stronger when crises happen. When a crisis strikes, UNDP ensures that while the humanitarian response focuses on the immediate lifesaving needs of a population, those responsible also work towards longer-term development objectives. Humanitarian Reform in Action. Alojamiento Temporal y ayuda no alimentaria.