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Made from milk, sugar, and fresh fruits, Gelato is a frozen dessert which has made its mark because of the natural and fresh ingredients. Omgelato, the frozen dessert shop in Plano brings the freshest ingredients for making the gelato tailored according to your taste. Using liquid Nitrogen, the dessert is one of the most delicious choices in Italian frozen dessert that comes with various base, mix-ins, toppings, and sauces of choice.

The best destination for Italian Gelatos. On a trip to Italy and how can you leave without tasting the best gelatos.

The best destination for Italian Gelatos

Check out what you must try when you are in Italy. However, Italian Gelatos may not be eggs free desserts. Disappointed? If you do not eat eggs, we still have a remedy. Keep reading to know where you can taste egg-free gelatos. If you are going to be in Italy for a week try out at least one flavor a day. Dairy-Free Real Fruit Sorbets. When speaking of dairy-free ice cream, the first thought that comes to mind is the juicy and creamy sorbets from OMGelato.

Dairy-Free Real Fruit Sorbets

The 100% diary free treats are nothing short of the divine for those who cannot taste ice creams or gelatos because of the milk in them.Ice creams and gelatos are frozen treats that everyone loves. But sadly, those who cannot have milk or milk products for either being vegan or having lactose intolerance, are left out from this delectable and enriching man-made delicacy.But the world is concerned about such people and from there arose the need to come up with dairy free ice cream or gelato called sorbet.

Curiously though sorbet is only made of fresh fruit and sugar and nothing else, yet there is a strange creaminess to it that is at par with ice cream or gelato and is soft and ready to melt in the mouth.Served in scoops they have the most vibrant blushes of fresh fruits. Meeting and Melting in OMGelato. The strongest reason why you visit a gelato shop is to taste the variety of gelato flavors.

Meeting and Melting in OMGelato

What could be the other reasons? Let’s find out. On a lazy afternoon, you are feeling hot as the temperature is soaring outside and the indoors though cool do not inspire you to stay in closed doors. You want to go out and meet friends. How about hopping to a gelato shop? Gelato served the Italian way! The essential quality of gelatos that is most striking and sets them apart is their freshness.

Gelato served the Italian way!

Traditional gelato pays attention to original flavors. Organic flavors add their extra flavor to gelatos. Let us learn more about gelatos in Italy and how they have travelled all the way to the United States to create the same experience. Thoughtful Dairy Free Frozen Gelatos for You! You have lactose intolerance but love eating ice creams.

Thoughtful Dairy Free Frozen Gelatos for You!

How is that possible when all ice creams are made of milk? Or are they? The Best Italian Gelato Outside Italy! With the advent of gelato in a big way, people prefer including gelatos in parties and weddings place of ice creams as it adds an air of exclusivity.

The Best Italian Gelato Outside Italy!

Select gatherings are finding gelato to be the best sign-off food in place of ice cream that enjoyed a very delectable place for all these years.It is all about the taste and where good taste prevails people are willing to stretch their budget to accommodate the best. That is the story between gelato and ice cream, the Italian frozen dessert that has invaded taste buds and fascinations in the past few years.Walk into a wedding, what’s for dessert? Among many other goodies, you will find a neat counter for the Italian frozen dessert neatly showcasing its delectable treats. Why Italian Desserts Can Send you on a Dreamy food trip? Italian desserts have a special magic in them that can spark your appetite and please you with the most epicurean flavors.

Why Italian Desserts Can Send you on a Dreamy food trip?

A plethora of chocolate layer cakes, pastries that are filled with fresh cream, rum-soaked bread to their characteristic frozen desserts each one has a tasty tantalizing zing that is simply a must-try. If you have been to Italy, their cake shops and patisserie are the most inviting from a distance. Drooling at the divine scents of the most delectable choices you cannot simply miss the goodies brightening the windows. This is mood booster coffee-flavored dessert made from whipped egg yolks, cocoa, sugar, mascarpone, ladyfingers dipped in coffee. This is a favorite in Italian restaurants. Panettone A common sight in Italy during Christmas in the grocery stores where square boxes balance the counters. Maritozzo Famous to the Lazio region of Italy, this is one Roman sweet that you must not miss. Babà Napoletano. The Irresistible Italian Frozen Desserts. The Italian frozen desserts be it gelato or sorbet are delightful anywhere.

The Irresistible Italian Frozen Desserts

Some say that authentic gelato cannot be found outside Italy. But there are some great gelato makers like OMGelato in Plano who are crafting authentic Italian gelato. It is said that gelato is ice cream, the Italian way. You might consider it a glorified form of ice-cream. No, it is not. What to try when you visit the OMGelato shop? OMGelato prides itself on its huge variety of toppings and add-ons.

What to try when you visit the OMGelato shop?

Their collection goes beyond 60 and you will be surprised how they will turn your gelato into nothing short of sheer surprise.If you plan to walk into an OMGelato frozen dessert shop in Plano, to taste their special handcrafted Italian gelato you cannot miss the toppings and addons that they have for their unique gelato flavors. A concept of Mehrdad Tabrizi, OMGelato serves over 50 flavors to its gelato lovers and their innumerable selection of mixes and add-ons are the most interesting that you will find unprecedented by any gelato shop in Plano.OMGelato SpecialsIf you ask for their OMGelato Specials in their menu card the assortment is crunchy, nutty feast.

To begin with coffee & nut crunches, you can slip to caramel and nut crunches. The Rich Journey of Gelato. The history of gelato is rich, and one you must know it to understand its journey and evolution.

The Rich Journey of Gelato

Every good food goes through an evolution and the tradition of gelato has gone beyond its origin. Read on to lean about gelatos. Gelato now and then. Gelato flavors have evolved in many ways with time, but the essential ingredients are unchanged and will remain so. The simple inclusion makes gelatos utterly delightful and their journey into popularity makes them the most respectable frozen desserts in the world. Gelato carts are called 'Eis' or ice in German that now take the definition of gelato.

These carts use water, milk or milk powder and throw in some artificial flavors, stabilize the proportion of the gelato potion to churn our sorbet shakes and gelatos that are much loved by people as they are inexpensive and are branded artisanal, not being factory-made. Gelato or Ice Cream, What Do You Love? Ice cream or gelato, the war has been constant and a long one, without an agreement. There is fun in both and for those who love eating they don’t mind either and are driven by their mood to make a choice. However, if the taste is what you are after then the Italian gelato is what you can choose.Gelato is the Italian Ice cream, if you like, though the Italians will vehemently oppose and argue that the American Ice Cream can in no way compare with the soft agreeable temper of the Italian frozen dessert.

Much loved, appreciated and lapped by the world at large, the gelato is an amazing dessert that makes the heart flutter with a touch of the tip of your tongue, a lick and swoosh straight inside your mouth, the flavors break in with their distinct fruitiness. There is simply no comparing a gelato with anything in the world! Frozen to The Core but Incredibly Creamy Gelato. Ever wondered why the Italian frozen dessert caught the imagination of so many around the world? Italians, unlike the Americans, love their Gelato. They do not think that the Gelato is bad food, in fact, they revel this rich bona fide creation that smells of purity, taste of richness and leaves a dopamine effect that raises your spirits and puts you straight out of slumber to pleasurable activity. Yes, such is the effect of a true, gelato.

Why Should Vegans Not Get the Real Gelato Flavors? If you are a vegan and do not find any dairy free ice creams or vegan gelatos in the frozen dessert shops of Plano, then I can only say, you haven’t searched enough! The OMGelato shop at Plano is ready to surprise you with a variety of special vegan treats. However, one cannot deny that vegan gelatos are hard to find. Let us see why? You are in Plano and are having a gelato craving. Savour it King Size! OMGelato toppings are splendidly diverse and so many. Just sink in the variety and keep the decoration as heavy as possible. You are in for a real treat! You would be quite taken by the long list of toppings offered by OMGelato. Freeze-Out and Freeze Within with Gluttonous Gelatos. Slurp away your blues with OMG Blue Sky! The OMGelato store in Plano is a rock house. They comfort your blues not with mere words but with blue-sky gelato. That is the best way to melt your blues. Don’t you agree? You are feeling low, you did badly in a test, you lost your job, your boy/girlfriend ditched you, you and your best friend broke up…don’t cry, just melt away you blues with the comfort endowed treat of blue-sky gelato.

The best placebo This Italian frozen dessert is second to no other pacifiers. No need to worry about calories You can add a scoop of mint to it, the color combination is awesome, and the taste is to die for. A mood food Gelato gives an energizing effect. It also has a calming effect allowing you to relax and unload your bad mood in the Italian frozen dessert. Conclusion So next time even if you do not have a reason to visit OMGelato, do it to give your mood that extra kick. Like this: Like Loading... Try Out the Real Gelato, Not Ice Cream! Let’s not forget that anything frozen is not ice cream, so for those who haven’t learned to distinguish an ice-cream from a gelato for not having tasted the right flavors, this blog is for them. Why Is The Gelato Still Italy’s Hottest Coolest Dessert. Nothing Else will do but A Gelato! Is Gelato Vegan or Vegetarian?

What makes Gelato better than ice cream? Getting To Know Your Gelato. Going Dairy Free – The Sorbet Way! Animal lovers and lactose-intolerant folks alike can enjoy the timeless joy of frozen desserts in the form of sorbets. You just cannot do without trying the dairy and egg-free sorbet options at OMGelato! We all love our frozen desserts, don’t we?