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Wagashi - Wagashi Maniac TAG» chestnuts, chocolate, creme de marrons, easy wagashi, japanese sweets, kinako, kuri, maronen, vegan, wagashi Autumn Wagashi with Chestnuts Few easy and quick chestnut wagashi recipes! TAG» food photography, japanese sweets, Käsekuchen, kudzu, kuzu, raw cheesecake, raw desserts, summer, vegan, wagashi Summerbreak is over! Wagashi - Wagashi Maniac
Today's Treat For the first time, I added shiokoji to bread dough. It did a way better job than I expected. Come to think of it, it's no wonder, koji bacteria itself is a sort of yeast. I guess koji can reduce the distinctive flavor of instant dry yeast and help bread dough rise. Anyway I have to try this again for sure. In the meantime, we've been on a gravlax kick lately. Today's Treat
*the simplest aphrodisiac

The Decorated Cookie | Decorated cookies, painted marshmallows and other crafty sweets

The Decorated Cookie | Decorated cookies, painted marshmallows and other crafty sweets While I have my own princesses, I made these sparkly pink cookies for two other special princesses. I joined 14 other bloggers to throw a virtual baby shower for two wonderfully talented bakers and cookie artists, or cookie “queens,” as it were, both with brand new little princesses: Callye of The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle and Georganne of LilaLoa. Two such lovely ladies I’ve admired for so long, and I’m wishing them peaceful nights soon. Check out all the sweet princesses! 1.
My little bakery :)
bee in our bonnet I've always admired my frugalista friends. Some people seem to get deals on everything! I've tried to be a "couponer" but I just couldn't hack it. I'm not dedicated enough to get multiple newspapers, clip a ton of coupons, organize them in a binder, scan multiple couponing blogs for tips on deals, and go shop at 5 different stores. I wish I was that awesome, but it's just not in me. But what IS in me, is the feeling that I need to be doing the best I can to be prudent with our means. bee in our bonnet
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Mini Strawberry, Lemon and Shortbread Trifle | Madigan Made One thing I love about buffets is the mini desserts. It means that instead of wasting your dessert on onething that might not taste good (or starts to taste bad after a while) you get to have multiple desserts with a little taste of everything! Who doesn’t love that?! recipespage | Scissors + Thread recipespage | Scissors + Thread


CakeSpy April showers bring May flowers. But let's not get all doom and gloom and April-is-the-cruelest month, OK? Because where there are rain showers, there is bound to be a rainbow or two. Or ten!
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Was just watching Liverpool vs Arsenal on TV earlier, it was painful to watch (mebeing a Liverpool fan) that I switched off my TV set and decided to blog instead. Recently, 2 of colleagues departed from the company and the week seemed like a week of farewell - saying our goodbyes and well wishes to each of them. It felt sad, yet at the same time happy for them to be moving on to a new and better place. Sweets and Loves Sweets and Loves
While there's a sense of accomplishment {in addition to looser jeans} when you finish Mark Hyman MD's 10-day detox, for me, I knew I was going to have to expand my repertoire of delicious recipes that stuck to similar parameters {sugar, dairy and gluten-free} in order to continue to feel good {and lose a few more of the lbs that had crept on in my 40s}. I still start most every day with one of the protein-packed smoothies from his book. That's been an easy habit to adopt, that keeps me feeling energetic all morning long. Alright, so I am a few weeks out now, and I've realized I am a better mom...and wife...and friend if I continue to integrate a few of the other detox principles into my every day life. The pic above was snapped by one of my kids. Despite looking like I am death-gripping the wheel, I'm not stressed. The Full Plate Blog The Full Plate Blog

Okay, so this isn’t really a hard sell. I mean let’s face it … cake dressed up as cute baby carrots is way more fun than the real vegetable version, right?! I think so. But, I guess I could start drawing faces on raw carrots to make me want to eat them more. Maybe. One day.