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Sleep Improvement. Self Improvement. 6 Best Tips to Turn off Negative Thoughts. How to Avoid Negative Thoughts How to stop negative thoughts How to Turn off Negative Thoughts Here are the best ways to avoid negative thoughts which looks like Negative Thoughts quotes.

6 Best Tips to Turn off Negative Thoughts

A1. Notice when you are slipping into negative, absolutist ways of thinking where you think the worst of yourself, your life and your future. A2. A3. A4. A5. 10 Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life & 4 Step Gratitude Plan. Gratitude can motivate others, increase self-control, build social ties and more…plus 4-step gratitude plan.

10 Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life & 4 Step Gratitude Plan

Gratitude is the new miracle emotion. Although gratitude has been around for as long as human beings, it’s only recently started to get the big thumbs-up from science. So here are 10 ways gratitude can change your life, followed by a quick 4-step plan to help maximise your own gratitude, whatever level you start from. There’s even a trick for those suffering from ‘gratitude burnout’. 1. 10 Things to Do Before You Go to Bed. Everyone is obsessed with how successful people start their day.

10 Things to Do Before You Go to Bed

7 Things Happy, Healthy People Do Every Morning. When you get up in the morning, think of what a priceless privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to learn, to love – and then make the day count!

7 Things Happy, Healthy People Do Every Morning

The morning is extremely important. It is the foundation from which the day is built. How you choose to spend your morning can be used to predict what kind of day you are going to have, and thus, what kind of life you are going to live. Each morning truly is a brand new opportunity. Creating a Lovely Morning. ‘When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.’

Creating a Lovely Morning

~Marcus Aurelius By Leo Babauta. Magical Mornings: How to start your day with more creativity, serenity, and insight — Better Humans. Each morning our return to waking life is marked by a unique mental state.

Magical Mornings: How to start your day with more creativity, serenity, and insight — Better Humans

In those first minutes of our day, our minds are in an estuary between the dream world and 3rd dimensional consciousness. Like an aquatic estuary, it’s ripe with nutrients and lifeforms that you can’t find anywhere else. This in-between state of the mind can be used for greater creativity, serenity, and flow. For many years I squandered these golden minutes. Being overly concerned with productivity had me immediately sprint to my daily to do list. Like an engine, or a muscle group, your mind runs a lot smoother if it’s allowed to gradually warm up. Inversely, going from sleep to mental sprinting can send the nervous system into Fight or Flight mode.

Meditation has become quite popular in the business world for it’s ability to train the mind towards clarity of thought. Hypnotists do their work by getting subjects to enter lower frequency brain waves states. I started doing Morning Pages 292 days ago. The 10 Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself Today. Email At the end of the day, the questions we ask ourselves determine the type of people we become.

The 10 Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself Today

When you’ve been running a successful personal development blog and life coaching business for the better part of a decade, one thing becomes crystal clear: Everyone has the same basic wants and needs. No kidding, over the years Angel and I have gotten to know thousands of people of different ethnic backgrounds, from different cities and countries, who live at various socioeconomic levels, and trust me, every one of us basically wants the same things. We want validation, love, happiness, fulfillment, money, and hopes for a better future. Think about it. So what kind of questions might you ask instead? 5 Questions to Simplify Your Life During the Holidays. By Leo Babauta For many people, the holiday season is the busiest, most complicated, most stressful time of year.

5 Questions to Simplify Your Life During the Holidays

Holiday parties, gift shopping and wrapping, decorating, travel plans, end-of-the-year projects, planning for the new year … these are all added on top of your regular business. And life before the holidays was already pretty busy. 12 Little Habits that Stole Your Happiness Last Year. This is a new year.

12 Little Habits that Stole Your Happiness Last Year

A new beginning. And things will change. Are you tired of dealing with the same type of headaches and heartaches over and over and over again? Here’s Why Believing People Can Change Is So Important in Life. How a growth mindset affects stress levels and health.

Here’s Why Believing People Can Change Is So Important in Life

Adolescents who believe people can change cope better with the challenges of attending high school, a new study finds. In contrast, those who believed that people’s personalities are fixed and unchangeable fared worse, suffering higher levels of stress and poorer physical health. The study’s authors were inspired by the idea that the high school years are a defining period in life: “Iconic films such as The Breakfast Club or Back to the Future depict teens as indelibly marked as “losers,” “jocks,” or “bullies”—labels that are thought to haunt them or buoy them throughout high school and into adulthood.”

(Yeager et al., 2014) To see if high schoolers believe this, they recruited 158 ninth-grade students at a California high school. At the start of the academic year they measured the extent to which they thought people can change. What they found was that those who more strongly endorsed the idea that people can change also reported: Why Do We Fail to Break Bad Habits? (Backed by Science) Source: PicJumbo. 5 Common Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail (and What to Do About Them)

Welcome to 2015. It’s New Year’s Resolution time. Depending on where you get your numbers, somewhere between 81 percent and 92 percent of New Years Resolutions fail. [1] How to Build a New Habit: This is Your Strategy Guide. According to researchers at Duke University, habits account for about 40 percent of our behaviors on any given day. [1] Understanding how to build new habits (and how your current ones work) is essential for making progress in your health, your happiness, and your life in general. But there can be a lot of information out there and most of it isn’t very simple to digest. To solve this problem and break things down in a very simple manner, I have created this strategy guide for building new habits that actually stick. Even more detailed information is available in my Habits Workshop and in my free guide, Transform Your Habits.

But the basic principles mentioned in this article will be more than enough to get you going. 1. Make it so easy you can’t say no. How to Believe in Yourself. By Leo Babauta There was a long time when the lack of belief in myself was a major factor in my life. I didn’t pursue an ideal career, or start my own business, because I didn’t think I could. I didn’t stick to habits because I didn’t really believe I had the discipline. I was shy with girls, I had a hard time making new friends, I didn’t assert myself in the workplace. I didn’t push past my comfort zone. All because I didn’t really believe I could. The Miracle of the Self-Compassion Habit. By Leo Babauta Let’s hypothesize that there’s a substance that’s been irritating you and causing problems in all areas of your life: it causes you to be unhappy, to be stressed, to procrastinate, to be distracted, to be angry with people, to be dissatisfied with your life, to be overweight and unhealthy, to not exercise or eat healthy, and much more.

Horrible substance, right? Now imagine there were a salve that could ease the bad effects of this substance, and make all those other areas better. The substance is real: it’s your suffering. What I Do When I Fail. By Leo Babauta. Coming Back From a Setback. Plan For Failure: How to be Consistent. You probably realize that consistency is important for making progress, doing better work, getting in shape, and achieving some level of success in most areas of life.

I write about the power of consistency often: why repetition is more important than perfection (here), how small gains add up to big results (here), and why falling in love with boredom is essential for mastery (here). But once you realize the power of consistency, there is a danger that comes with this knowledge. And that danger is falling into an all-or-nothing mindset. The Best 3 Ways to Deal With Failure (Plus 5 Painful Ones To Avoid) Are your ways of dealing with everyday failures helping or hindering?