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Out-Of-This-World Destinations (PHOTOS) Out-Of-This-World Destinations (PHOTOS) Its official name may lack a bit of pizazz, but the Richat Structure makes up for it with its cool nickname, the Eye of the Sahara.

Out-Of-This-World Destinations (PHOTOS)

This incredible phenomenon found no where else on earth was initially thought to be the result of a meteor crash. Instead, scientists believe that it is a circular anticline whose crust has eroded over time. The result? An incredible 30 mile-across circle that is best viewed from space (or Google Maps). Leaders flounder over Libyan no-fly zone. 16 March 2011Last updated at 18:48 By Jonathan Marcus BBC diplomatic correspondent Rebel forces in Libya have been asking for a no-fly zone to be imposed What, if anything, should be done to help the rebel forces in Libya?

Leaders flounder over Libyan no-fly zone

Melchert-Dinkel found guilty in web suicide case. 15 March 2011Last updated at 20:32.

Melchert-Dinkel found guilty in web suicide case

Canadians are still in deep trouble on household debt. These are stories Report on Business is following today.

Canadians are still in deep trouble on household debt

Get the top business stories through the day on BlackBerry or iPhone by bookmarking our mobile-friendly webpage. Follow Michael Babad on Twitter. Net worth continues to climb Wealth in Canada continues to rebound from the great crash. Overall household net worth increased 2.2 per in the fourth quarter to $6.2-trillion, following on the third quarter's 3-per-cent climb, Statistics Canada said today. Blake Lively as a New Face of Chanel. Cameron Diaz On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': 'I Love Porn!' Jonah Hill's Epic Weight Loss For '21 Jump Street' (PHOTOS) You may not have previously seen him as an action star, but Jonah Hill made quite the transformation for "21 Jump Street.

Jonah Hill's Epic Weight Loss For '21 Jump Street' (PHOTOS)

" Paging MBAs in the health-care sector. Try Globe Unlimited - 1 month for just 99¢ And get unlimited access on all your devices Business School News More Business Education Stories News » 452 results displaying 1 - 10 Apr 17, 2014 Canada among top options for overseas students Apr 11, 2014 Is B-school any place for an introvert?

Paging MBAs in the health-care sector

Apr 08, 2014 In some MBA classes, women still need to speak up Apr 04, 2014 Canadian students’ slum-health idea finalist for $1-million Hult prize Apr 01, 2014. New to investing? Hit the books! One million dead fish clog Calif. marina. Who are the Tchenguiz brothers? Sarah Palin 'Not Afraid' Of Jon Stewart, Says Aide. NEW YORK -- Since last October, when President Barack Obama visited the set of "The Daily Show," the majority of political guests on the show have been conservatives.

Sarah Palin 'Not Afraid' Of Jon Stewart, Says Aide

Though he leans left, host Jon Stewart has coaxed plenty of Republicans -- including potential 2012 contenders Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich, Tea Party leader Dick Armey and even longtime punching bags like former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and former RNC chair Michael Steele -- to appear on his show and engage in lively debate with one of the most well-respected interviewers on television. But a few high-profile conservatives looking to expand their base and move new books keep declining the show's invitations, despite the fact that Stewart is typically gracious with right-wing guests (after his recent appearance, one of the toughest interviews he endured on his book tour, Rumsfeld tweeted: "Just wrapped up one of the most thoughtful interviews of book tour with @thedailyshow").

Maria Bello: Women Key to Haitian Rebuilding. Voters in Haiti go to the polls on Sunday, March 20, 2011 to elect a new president and a new Parliament.

Maria Bello: Women Key to Haitian Rebuilding

Those elected will face daunting challenges as Haiti rebuilds itself: quake-related devastation, systemic poverty, ongoing crises in the delivery of basic services such as health care and education, and violence. According to the International Organization for Migration, 3 million Haitians -- nearly one third of the population -- were affected by the quake; an estimated 1.3 million were displaced and 800,000 remain in camps. The UN estimates that 300,000 people lost their lives and that the majority of those were women. Before the quake, over 70 percent of Haitians lived on less than $2 per day. Charlie Sheen Reveals Goddess Sleeping Arrangement. Charlie Sheen's media blitz continues, and Tuesday he spoke with Howard Stern about his "goddesses," the two live-in girlfriends who help him care for his young sons.

Charlie Sheen Reveals Goddess Sleeping Arrangement

Sheen revealed that Natty (a bikini model) and Rach (formerly known as Bree, her porn star name), sleep in separate beds in the same room - and he gets to pick which bed he sleeps in. ROBIN QUIVERS: But how do they work it? New Zombie-Creating Fungi Discovered. This is surreal.

New Zombie-Creating Fungi Discovered

Four new species of the zombifying fungi, members of the Ophiocordyceps (or just Cordyceps) genus have apparently been discovered. These fungi are the sworn enemy of tropical ants and other insects, infecting them and causing their unusual behavior, according to Mongabay. Special Report: Al Jazeera's news revolution. DOHA (Reuters) - A journalist throws open the wide front door of Al Jazeera's Doha headquarters, cell phone pressed against his ear. "They were arrested last night," he bellows into his phone. "We can't get through to the producers. All the material was confiscated, and some of the equipment was destroyed. " Canadian girl 'youngest to discover supernova' 4 January 2011Last updated at 12:19 Kathryn Gray says she is 'really excited' by her interstellar discovery A 10-year-old girl in Canada has become the youngest person to discover a supernova - an exploding star which can briefly outshine a whole galaxy.

What does the Arab world do when its water runs out? Poverty, repression, decades of injustice and mass unemployment have all been cited as causes of the political convulsions in the Middle East and north Africa these last weeks. But a less recognised reason for the turmoil in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan and now Iran has been rising food prices, directly linked to a growing regional water crisis. The diverse states that make up the Arab world, stretching from the Atlantic coast to Iraq, have some of the world's greatest oil reserves, but this disguises the fact that they mostly occupy hyper-arid places.

Rivers are few, water demand is increasing as populations grow, underground reserves are shrinking and nearly all depend on imported staple foods that are now trading at record prices. "In the future the main geopolitical resource in the Middle East will be water rather than oil. The Blue Peace report examined long-term prospects for seven countries, including Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, the Palestinian territories and Israel. A state of decline? A spate of head-scratching is sweeping the usually self-confident United States, as political commentators warn of the decline of the great nation. These so-called "declinists" are nothing new - they have been issuing their gloomy predictions since Russia beat the US into space - but with rocketing debt and fractious political battles, their argument has more weight than ever.

When I lived in Washington DC as the BBC's North America editor, we used to drive the children two hours north to Hershey's Chocolate World. Amid the glorious chocolatey smell, you are greeted by a film that sums up US optimism. "Milton S Hershey, father of the American chocolate industry, started in failure and ended in success, because he was honest, smart and believed that a good tasting product was more important than anything else," booms the all-American voice.

Oh man, life was simple in those days. Why Ottawa bombs its frozen rivers. India Godhra train blaze verdict: 31 convicted. Caravaggio's crimes exposed in Rome's police files. Eleven sentenced to death for India Godhra train blaze. Glenn Beck: Some Muslims Want To Bring About The Antichrist. Baldness Cure A Step Closer: Scientists Regrow Hair In Mice. Colin Powell Slams U.S. Officials Over Handling Of Iraq Defector's False Claims. Kathy Freston: The Case For Fake Meat (Omnivores, We're Looking At You!) Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S.: Why We Take Medicines Under Our Tongue. How declining fertility keeps women from high-power jobs. US fight over abortion heats up again. Belinda Heggen Mocks Co-Host Mark Aiston's Manhood Live On Air. Michelle Obama Cartoon: First Lady Drawn As Fat, Binging On Burgers. How The Mubarak Family Made Its Billions. Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war. Arundhati Roy: India's bold and brilliant daughter. Palestine papers: Browse the documents.

Julian Assange’s Lawyer: It Was Missionary Position, Not Assault.