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Top 20 SEO requirements for scoping your eCommerce platform. Having spent the last 6 years Client side as Head of eCommerce and agency side managing digital marketing teams, one constant has been confusion in new platform builds over what a “search engine friendly” website actually is. eCommerce solution providers advertise optimised platforms and Clients demand search engine friendly sites; do both mean the same thing?

Top 20 SEO requirements for scoping your eCommerce platform

Rarely. Client side eCommerce managers can confuse technical and content optimisation, leading to miss-matches between expectation and delivery. A technically optimised web platform does not necessarily mean that keyword planning and meta content optimisation have been carried out. This blog provides a tick list of the core elements that you should specify in any RFP or ITT when scoping a new eCommerce platform. Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages. We launched our Facebook fan page earlier this month and as with all Facebook pages only Facebook Insights program is available to page administrators.

Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Insights shows demographic details and interactions on your pages BUT limited to show information of fans only. It is far less sophisticated and comprehensive when compared to the free Google Analytics. The Social Media Cheat Sheet. Digital marketing strategy and planning Word template > Smart In. The first edition of my book Internet Marketing: Strategy, Planning and Implementation from 2001 included a popular template for creating what we then called an Internet Marketing Plan.

Digital marketing strategy and planning Word template > Smart In

Today, marketers are understandably even more hungry for guidance, given the importance of digital media. The original plan in my book has been revised to create a free to download digital marketing planning template based on the Smart Insights RACE planning system. This template is based on fifteen plus years experience of creating and reviewing digital marketing plans for companies and helping students develop them. An Illustrated Guide to Matt Cutts' Comments on Crawling & Index. Late last week, Eric Enge of Stone Temple (and a co-author of mine on The Art of SEO) published a fascinating interview with Google's head of Webspam, Matt Cutts.

An Illustrated Guide to Matt Cutts' Comments on Crawling & Index

I think the whole of the SEO community can agree that Matt taking time for these types of interviews is phenomenal and I can only hope he does more of them in the future. Understanding more about Google's positions, their technology and their goals will benefit website creators and marketers dramatically. The interview itself is certainly worth a read, but as one mozzer noted to me during the email string on the subject "I'm embarassed to say I couldn't make it all the way through. " Fair enough; and that's why I'm presenting Matt's primary points in graphical, cartoon format. Anatomy of A (Successful) Tweet. Ever wondered what makes a good tweet?

Anatomy of A (Successful) Tweet

Let’s break it down. But first….there are many different reasons to tweet, therefore there are many different kinds of tweets. Twitter can serve many purposes so before you get started you want to consider all the ways you can use Twitter and determine which ones you want to use now. Let’s do a quick recap for beginners and then we’ll get into the real meat of it all. You can use Twitter for: