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Olivia Grey

Olivia Grey is passionate about SEO, internet marketing, and a number of techniques involved in bringing businesses to clients and vice versa. Her methodical approach to online marketing and analysis assumes that each website possess a unique character that needs to be discovered by people. She worked as a data entry specialist in her initial days in the IT industry and possess detailed knowledge in database management. She likes to blog with a hot mug of coffee when she is off the work desk.

eCommerce Data Entry Services. Affordable Forms Processing Services at All businesses and organizations need to process and delve into copious numbers of forms for data and information.

Affordable Forms Processing Services at

Whether medical and insurance claim forms, tax statements, invoices and purchase orders, survey and feedback questionnaires, information packets filled out by trade show attendees or human resource documents completed by employees, businesses must handle them all on a daily basis. The worth of the data yielded by forms is immense, but the man-hours and resources needed to process forms and the information lying therein can be equally colossal. Nevertheless, the task must be performed so that businesses operate on optimum levels of efficiency and productivity. More so since the data harvested from forms is often of long term value and must be preserved for future reference. There are, however, issues involved in forms processing best handled by specialists.

eCommerce Description Writing Services, Product Description Writers. Have you ever come across online sites with dozens of products that look appealing - but with product descriptions that look as if they were "cut and pasted" straight out of the manufacturer's brochure?

eCommerce Description Writing Services, Product Description Writers

Ever get tired of reading a long, rambling product description which despite its length and detail fails to make the end user figure out what the product can do for him? We bet you have - and it doesn't take Albert Einstein to conclude that a disillusioned and confused shopper will likely not return to the same site - and that's not good news for any online retail site. Writing good product descriptions is often neglected by many online retailers, but that doesn't negate the importance of good product copywriting. If you own an online business, chances are that you really do need to hire professional product description writers to spruce up your product copy. eCommerce Description Writing Services at will be more than happy to do just that for you. Web Research Services. eCommerce Description Writing Services, Product Description Writers. Data Standardization Services.

Standards promote quality.

Data Standardization Services

Ensuring your data is up to date, accurate and standardized not only helps you maintain the quality of your database information system but also brings in optimal business results and minimizes wasted efforts. With complete range of data cleaning services, helps you optimize the effectiveness of your database, boosting your business development and sales efforts - consequently bringing in improved return over investment for your marketing activities. Our data cleansing services professionals are adept at correcting a wide variety of inaccuracies, such as identifying duplicate records or adding missing zip codes, etc. eCommerce Content Writing Services. Many eCommerce sites spend months tweaking their site configurations, payment gateway settings, optimizing their images, working on search engine optimization, but for some strange reason, a lot of companies don't realize just how important it is to write good copy (that accompanies each product/service offered) on one's website.

eCommerce Content Writing Services

We've all heard the saying "content is king", and when it comes to eCommerce sites, this saying holds doubly true. And this isn't just hearsay - it is reflected in your website sales as well. Did you know that writing good product descriptions, for instance, can increase your conversion rates by 30-100%? Or that approximately 79% of your site visitors will simply "scan" a page to find what they are looking for - rather than read word by word - and that poorly written content can drive them off your site forever?

Formatting: Our eCommerce copywriting team will make sure to format your website copy correctly, so that it is readable and draws the user in. Web Research Services. Data Enrichment Services. Data Enrichment Services involve the validation, standardization and correction of existing data in order to maximize its consistency and efficiency.

Data Enrichment Services

As a business grows and expands, it unceasingly demands more refined and corrected data. Data Enrichment Services, as a consequence, can play a decisive role in a business's growth and success. Obsolete or inaccurate data such as old addresses, inaccurate phone numbers and incomplete email ids can render futile all your marketing efforts. PubMed Conversion Services. PubMed is a free database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics maintained by the United States National Library of medicine at the National Institutes of Health.

PubMed Conversion Services

It has been in existence since 1996. PubMed primarily draws its resources from the MEDLINE (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online), an online bibliographic database for articles from academic journals on medicine, pharmacy, nursing, health care, dentistry, veterinary medicine etc. To be accessed or distributed on PubMed, all material must conform to the PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification. To be in accordance with the JATS specification books must be in the Bookshelf XML format and manuscripts, articles and journals in the NLM prescribed PubMed XML format.

Amazon Data Upload Services. eCommerce Data Entry Services. Forms, Survey and Large Volume Data Processing Services. Get the most from your most valuable asset - DATA.

Forms, Survey and Large Volume Data Processing Services

‘Your data is your most critical asset. Optimize your data to achieve the competitive edge that comes with perfect accuracy. Apt management of your data assets ensures maximum returns. That is why you need the right partner to trust your data with.