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Get to know About Tour Guide Insurance & Outfitters Insurance. Important Things You Need To Remember For Rv Park & Campground. Campgrounds & RV Parks Click Here for an Application!

Important Things You Need To Remember For Rv Park & Campground

Do you have the coverage you need? Benefits of Firearms Instructor Insurance. Firearms Instructor Insurance is a specialty insurance that protects against the inherent risks faced by trained professional instructors in their day to day operations.

Benefits of Firearms Instructor Insurance

Instructors need to remain vigilant, protecting against the risk of all accidents including injury, damage, negligence and even the slight chance of a fatality. Depending on the type of training you do and the facility in which you operate, you need an individualized plan that is cost effective and addresses your particular liabilities. No matter if you are a sole proprietor or run a larger operation, our plans offer you complete coverage for injuries and medical expenses, damage to your facility or personal property of your clients, and the threat of legal action.

As an Firearm instructor, you are bound to promote safe firearm handling among your patrons. Need Qualified Agents For Obtaining ITIN Number. Guidelines For Hoa Reserve Fund Investment. HOA Reserve Fund Study Reserve studies for homeowners associations often include a number of non-structural components, as well as structures of any common area buildings and their replaceable components.

Guidelines For Hoa Reserve Fund Investment

Accordingly, HOA reserve study Associations can include a wide variety of components. And, often times, the association's governing documents provide little guidance on the association's maintenance responsibilities. As an example, homeowners associations frequently have extensive landscaped common areas. Some associations contract with independent landscaping companies to maintain the common area landscaping. The purpose of reserve study for hoa is to accumulate the HOA reserve fund to provide sufficient funds at the time the major repairs or replacements must be made.

Many HOA reserve study associations maintain streets and drives. This same type of evaluation must be performed for each separate street, equipment, or building component that requires major repair or replacement. Basic Process You Need To Perform For Reserve Fund Study. Wants to Know More about Hunting Club and Lease Insurance? Apply Today For Stable And Trail Riding Insurance. Click Here for an Application! Hit the trail with peace of mind Equine business can face complex insurance challenges due to the range of services and environments in which they operate.

OIG’s team of outdoor insurance experts have you covered. We have been providing carefully structured insurance to Trail Ride, Stable and other equestrian-based business owners for years. Our ability to tailor the perfect coverage is due to our relationship with numerous insurance companies across the country. Condominiums Reserve Studies. Reserve studies for condominium associations involve the condominium structures and their replaceable components.

Condominiums Reserve Studies

Accordingly, they are usually more complex than associations consisting of single family homes where the association does not have responsibility for the maintenance of building exteriors. The reserve professional must be familiar with a wide variety of building components and their normal major repair or replacement cycles. The purpose of accumulating condo association reserves is to provide sufficient funds at the time the major repairs or replacements must be made. However, many factors can affect the normal repair or replacement cycle of components, causing them to either wear out sooner than expected, or to last longer than expected. As a result, the condo reserve fund becomes an estimate. An example of this is looking at one of the most common roofing types in the United States, the three tab asphalt shingle roof.

Condominiums Reserve Studies. Understand The Reserve Study In A Better Way. What is a Reserve Study?

Understand The Reserve Study In A Better Way

- Many within the industry fail to recognize that Capital Reserve Study is simply a form of a long-term capital budget. Current industry standards based on a once-every-three-years site visit and a static, paper report will continue to result in failure to meet expectations. The current process used by the industry contains so many disconnects that it is not surprising that special assessments are somewhat commonplace, even where Reserve Study reports have been prepared annually. Even where associations use Reserve Study software to provide more current information, software limitations prevent the creation of an effective knowledge based system. There is a basic misunderstanding in people regarding what is a reserve study process.

Current industry practice is to have a site visit RS evaluation made every three to five years, resulting in the issuance of a static, paper report. Establishing a long-term maintenance plan is a major first step. What Are Basic Need For Hunting And Fishing Guides. Click Here for an Application!

What Are Basic Need For Hunting And Fishing Guides

Your clients rely on your expertise. You should rely on ours. You make your living in the outdoors. On the water, in the mountains, across the plains and out at sea. Sometimes you rely on specialized motor vehicles or boats, other times on saddle animals. Call OIG Now at: 1-888-683-7808. How to Get Hunting Club Insurance and Lease Insurance.