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Home Remodeling

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Rubber Garage Flooring and Mats - ArmorGarage Inc. Need to protect and upgrade the look of your floor?

Protect and Upgrade the look of your floor with ArmorGarage floor mats and rubber flooring options. They can be surfaced in less than an hour on just about any floor with no prep or adhesives. These mats are made to stand the test of time and are the only ones guaranteed for 10 years! Call Or Email Us At: Toll Free 866-532-3979 or – oliviagrey

Armor garage floor mats are one of your most cost effective garage type flooring options!

Rubber Garage Flooring and Mats - ArmorGarage Inc.

Metal Roof Coatings Lasting for 12 years from ArmorGarage. Armor Metal Roof Coating is specifically designed and guaranteed for 12 years to stop and prevent your metal roof from leaking.

Metal Roof Coatings Lasting for 12 years from ArmorGarage

Metal roofs require that you address different factors than rubber or asphalt based roofs. Such as large amounts of expansion and contraction, rust, a painted surface not conducive to being coated especially oil based enamel type paints that have a very smooth finish, screw and lap joints. When considering a coating you need to make sure it is designed to handle all these issues for the long term. Armor Ribbed Mat .075" Thick for Sale on ArmorGarage.

This .075 thick ribbed mat is designed to hold the most water, snow, and mud from your car in the ribs which can then be pushed out with a shop broom.

Armor Ribbed .075' thick mat is designed to hold the most water, snow, and mud from your car in the ribs which can then be pushed out with a shop broom. Easily cleaned with mild soap & garden hose. Price: $269.00 For size, color and quantity, refer the website – oliviagrey

Easily cleaned with mild soap & garden hose.

Armor Ribbed Mat .075" Thick for Sale on ArmorGarage

Ribs are heavy duty and will not flatten or fold over like they do on other mats. Armor Mats are highly resistant to rock salts, oil, antifreeze, gasoline, battery acid, and many other common fluids found in garages. Turn Your Kitchen Time into Quality Time. Three upgrades sure to turn kitchen time into quality time (BPT) - The average American spends an hour a day in the kitchen preparing food and cleaning up afterward, according to the American Time Use Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Turn Your Kitchen Time into Quality Time

Add in the time it takes to put groceries away, load and unload dishwashers, organize cabinets and pantries or just hang out, and you spend a whole lot of time in your kitchen. But do you really enjoy that time? Whether cooking is your favorite activity or you would rather clean the bathroom, the livability and usability of your kitchen can directly affect how you feel about the time you spend there.

If you're considering a kitchen renovation - among the most popular and profitable of all home improvements - keep in mind the value of upgrades that will enhance the efficiency, practicality and beauty of the space. How to Find Best Kitchen Remodeler. Interest in remodeling has never been greater.

How to Find Best Kitchen Remodeler

If you are an owner of an aging structure (or you plan to own one), you may be dissatisfied with some aspect of the property. Remodeling can turn your home into the one you have always wanted. A remodeling project has no clear-cut beginning, middle or end. The process begins long before anyone drives the first nail and continues for some time after the crews leave. However, each project is organized in a logical way. In this blog and numerous blogs to follow, I will cover the typical steps in a remodeling project. Kitchen Remodeling Services. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen we strive to create beautiful, custom kitchens that reflect the lifestyles of our Colorado Springs area clients.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

We work closely with you to create the kitchen that meets your tastes and needs within a predetermined budget. Take a moment and imagine a kitchen with the functionality you desire and a design you will admire for years to come. We take pride in the careful design and construction of all of our kitchens. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the Colorado home; it should be one that you are proud to share with friends and family, but most importantly one that is truly yours. Importance of Finishing Touch. FINISHING TOUCHES – Paint Sheens for Each Room in the Home There’s a basic rule of thumb to follow when choosing paint sheens: The higher the sheen, the higher the shine — and the higher the shine, the more durable it will be.

Importance of Finishing Touch

Flat paint has no shine; high-gloss is all shine. Bathroom Remodeling Services. Choosing The Best Remodeling Contractor. New year, new coat of paint: Success tips for painting projects 12/08/14 at 03:13 AM | by Deb Witte I'm sharing a great article I found from Sherman Williams.

Choosing The Best Remodeling Contractor

Get Free Estimate for Remodeling Ideas- A.G.A construction. Popular construction company, AGA Construction Inc now provides free estimates for remodeling, building and engineering services.

Get Free Estimate for Remodeling Ideas- A.G.A construction

These estimates, available online and on-site are provided after assessment of location, client requirements and remodeling services. The company also has a single click system for estimates on its website. Offering bathroom remodeling, room additions, kitchen remodeling services and ideas, AGA Construction Inc also provides specialized services for designing, building and remodeling dining room, living room areas and new floor along with handicap accessible rooms.

A representative from AGA Construction shared the following home remodeling tips and ideas, “Firstly, ascertain the kind of remodeling you would require, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, living area, an extra room addition or the entire home. Accordingly, ask a remodeling company to assess. To learn more on home remodeling visit @ 10 Remodeling Ideas for Small Kitchen. Over the years, our kitchens have reduced in area.

10 Remodeling Ideas for Small Kitchen

Clever Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom.