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Building Students' Cognitive Flexibility. In today's world, the skillsets of cognitive flexibility are more critical and valuable than ever before.

Building Students' Cognitive Flexibility

These skillsets include: Open-minded evaluation of different opinions, perspectives, and points of viewWillingness to risk mistakesConsideration of multiple ways to solve problemsEngagement in learning, discovery, and problem solving with innovative creativity My previous posts in this series described strategies to build students' executive functions of organization, prioritizing, judgment, and critical analysis. In this post, I’ll suggest ways to activate your students' developing neural networks of skillsets for cognitive flexibility. Students with these skillsets will be prepared to achieve their highest potentials for cognitive flexibility and the creative cognition to embrace the as-yet-unknown opportunities awaiting them in the 21st century.

Education Virtual Events and Conferences Worth Attending. Future-Ready Schools: Leaders Preparing Students for Success This year for National Principals Month, learn about a a bold effort, coordinated by the Alliance for Excellent Education, the U.S.

Education Virtual Events and Conferences Worth Attending

Department of Education, and organizations like NAESP and NASSP, to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts prepare students for success in college, a career, and citizenship. Campus Technology Conference. Future of Technology Conference. Workshops for Educators - Technology in Education. Experience the innovative technology in education found at the Google Teacher Academy.

Workshops for Educators - Technology in Education

The CUE Google Workshop for Educators is now available to any educational institution. Incorporating web-based technology in education has never been easier. Now from only $120 per teacher per day* Brought to you by CUE, the producers of the Google Teacher Academy, the nationally acclaimed Google Workshop for Educators (GWE) introduces participants to innovative ways Google Apps for Education infuse technology in education. A full day (or more) of fast-paced presentations and hands-on activities includes experience with advanced search techniques, collaborative web-based applications, and inspirational instructional strategies. 2017 CEC Convention & Expo. Enhance your CEC 2017 professional development experience with a workshop focusing on important topics.

2017 CEC Convention & Expo

Earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) too! CEC 2017 will offer both full-day workshops (9 a.m.-4 p.m., 6 PDHs) and half-day workshops (9 a.m.-12 p.m. or 1-4 p.m., 3 PDHs) on Wednesday, April 19 and Saturday, April 22. Convention workshops are special ticketed items and are not included as a part of a standard convention registration.