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A kertészkedés remek kikapcsolódás lehet, ráadásul még gyönyörűbbé, kényelmesebbé varázsolhatjuk néhány ötlet segítségével kertünket.

Nézzünk most néhány filléres ötletet, amit mi is könnyedén elkészíthetünk. Meríts ihletet, és készíts el egyet te is, az itt található kertszépítő ötletek közül! Varga Judit immár több, mint 6 éve oszlopos tagja a bloggertársadalomnak, ráadásul azzal büszkélkedhet, hogy blogján kizárólag saját tartalmat találhattok.

A folyton pörgő és alkotó Judit alkotásaival blogján kívül számos kreatív tv műsorban, magazinban és netes felületen is találkozhattok. Munkái között éppúgy megtalálhatóak az egyedi és újrahasznosított tárgyak, bútorok, mint a stylist munkák és a lakások, kertek és erkélyek újjávarázsolása. Fotó: Tóth Milán Mesélj kicsit magadról! Mi az eredeti végzettséged és hogyan jutottál el attól a jelenlegi munkádig? Gyerekkorom óta szeretek alkotni és lehet, hogy sokan felszisszennek, de rajongásig imádom a matekot! Említetted a televíziós szerepléseidet. A Kreatív Hobbyba jött be egy szerkesztő az RTL Klubtól, olyan személyt keresve, aki élő adásban szívesen mutat meg inspiráló ötleteket a nézőknek. Olyan vagyok, mint egy kis szivacs, ha valami újba csöppenek, ott minden olyan tudást igyekszem magamba szívni, ami számomra hasznos lehet.

If you want to decorate your work place at home, we can give you a few tips that will surely use.

The most important is the good organization of the space, where you can easily manage the performance of their work. This will get you on your motivation, efficiency and reduced stress, which is very much essential. If you want to work from your home, found an appropriate room for the workplace, it must include a desk and chair, as well as the basic elements of the future workplace. Depending on what you do, the table surface you need to define by yourself.

If you use your computer, select the table surface, where will stand the computer and a pair of required tools. From old frames, you can make a small notice board, which will bring serenity into your workspace. Image via Ed Butera, ibi Designs Image via Paulc photography Image via Simon Kennedy Image via Image via Image via Image via Nick Johnson. Be inspired by these gorgeous room schemes and create a pretty and practical space If you're lucky enough to have a craft room at home (or even if you're just lusting after one) take a look at these 7 gorgeous rooms - clever storage solutions, vintage touches, colour coding fit for a king - there's something for everyone!

So grab a cup of tea, thread up that sewing machine and get making! Colour me beautiful Bright pops of red give this pretty craft room a real sense of vibrancy. Patterned oilcloth has been used to cover the table and a large bin for fabric rolls – a great option for surfaces that see a lot of use as it’s durable and wipe clean! Take time out Pale blue and cream tones immediately add a sense of calm to this busy room. Savvy storage solutions You can never ever have too much storage in a craft room.

Bright and breezy Make sure your craft room is a space you’re happy to spend a lot of time in – pale walls and lots of natural light will make for a pleasant working environment. You will certainly hate to see the bare cables and wires around your home and will be embarrassed from your guests when they see such views in your home.

That is why you should hide these ugly spots using decorative pieces to give your home an aesthetic look. Installing a wall mural or wallpaper to the wall that has eyesores or holes will be a perfect option if the cables and wires are inside the wall. However, if they are at the surface of your wall, you can use vine clips with creative shapes to create an artistic look. If you have a real artistic talent, you will be able to turn the wires into impressive hair and the pipelines into tree branches. Are some of the rooms in your house or apartment quite small?

It’s time to stop seeing this as a problem. You just have to know how to make good use of the space within it, and then even in the tiniest cupboard you’ll be able to live and work, socialise with friends and spend time with your partner in comfort. To give you some inspiration, we picked 22 of the best ideas for designing small living spaces. Each one is practical and easy to implement. An improvised second level on a shelf John Clark Pull-out beds for two children A great solution for your child’s small bedroom. 1 Decoupage Family Photo Plaques 1.

Decoupage Family Photo Plaques: Ive mentioned before that we moved back into this house in November. Ive also mentioned my empty walls and how much it drives my husband batty. He keeps hounding me to hang some pictures, but I refuse to hang those cheap frames with cheesy school pictures that my kids hate anyway. Ive had this idea Read More (via Crafts by Amanda) 2 Decoupaged and Dyed Clothespins 2. 3 Decoupaged Outlet Covers 3. 4 Sheet Music Side Table 4. 5 Decoupaged Baby Hangers 5.

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