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$10 off $100+ purchase at Gander Mountain. These dogs are dressed and ready for St. Patrick’s Day. Pingo Offers the Lowest Rates on International Calls. Save $80 on Reese Strait-Line Hitch at Camping World. Chicago just stopped taxing women for having periods. Chicago’s City Council voted unanimously yesterday to get rid of the sales tax on tampons and pads, becoming one of the first major US cities to do so.

Chicago just stopped taxing women for having periods

The council voted to reclassify the feminine hygiene products as "medical necessities," exempting them from taxation. Right now they are subject to a 10.25 percent sales tax, a combination of city and state taxes. The vote will only remove Chicago’s portion of that tax, which is a modest 1.25 percent. Removing the rest of the sales tax would require action at the state level.

Still, Chicago’s action puts the city at the forefront of a national movement to remove taxation on products considered basic necessities that only women are forced to buy. So far, seven states, including Illinois, are considering measures to exempt these products from their sales tax codes. Go deeper: Here’s a handy map of all the states that tax pads and tampons.Five women have brought the issue to court.

Pacsun Coupons 30 Off. Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes Are Here: Meet The HyperAdapt. Puritans Pride Coupons 70% Off. Sports Team Owners Are Giving Tons Of Money To Politicians. Voters in the important primary states Florida and Ohio cast their ballots today amid mixed messages.

Sports Team Owners Are Giving Tons Of Money To Politicians

Each state has a former Yankees outfielder—Florida resident Johnny Damon and Ohio native Paul O’Neill—urging them to cast a ballot for Donald Trump. Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, meanwhile, has endorsed his state governor, John Kasich, who is also nominally Meyer’s boss, although the coach is the state’s highest-paid public official. These endorsements are notable mostly because they are so rare. Usually athletes keep their mouths shut. While the days of the activist athlete are largely over, big-money sports owners are filling the coffers of presidential campaigns and their not (officially) affiliated super PACs—only they don’t seem to know how to pick a winner.

No sports-owning family has written more checks than the Ricketts, whose patriarch, Joe, is the founder of TD Ameritrade and whose four children now run the Chicago Cubs. 1800Petmeds Coupons - $5 Off Promo code Online. Diabetes Drug Linked to B12 Deficiency. People taking metformin, a common type 2 diabetes medication, for several years may be at heightened risk of vitamin B12 deficiency and anemia, according to a new analysis of long-term data.

Diabetes Drug Linked to B12 Deficiency

Metformin helps to control the amount of sugar, or glucose, in the blood by reducing how much glucose is absorbed from food and produced by the liver, and by increasing the body’s response to the hormone insulin, according to the National Institutes of Health. “Metformin is the most commonly used drug to treat type 2 diabetes, so many millions of people are taking it, usually for a prolonged period (many years),” said senior study author Dr. Jill P Crandall of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, by email.

“Smaller numbers of people take metformin for prevention of diabetes or treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome,” Crandall told Reuters Health. The study began with more than 3,000 people age 25 years and older with high blood sugar. Hottest Trend! 25% off Turmeric, limited time. Supports brain and joint health. UPS Shipping - Store ALTAMONTE SPRINGS. Save 5% off with code W5PER at 1800PetMeds + Free Shipping. 'Slobs, Dogs' Pigs' - 21 Trump Quotes About Women That Shows Why He Shouldn't Be President. Donald Trump claims to cherish women, recently telling CNN anchor Jake Tapper that, “I cherish women.

'Slobs, Dogs' Pigs' - 21 Trump Quotes About Women That Shows Why He Shouldn't Be President

I want to help women. I’m going to do things for women that no other candidate will be able to do. Save Now, Save Later! 20% Off Your Order + Get a $10 E-rebate. Rescued bear, lion and tiger "brothers" refuse to be separated after 15 years together. Known as "The BLT" - Baloo the American black bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger have been living together in an enclosure at an animal shelter for the last 15 years.

Rescued bear, lion and tiger "brothers" refuse to be separated after 15 years together

The three were found only a few months old by police during a drugs raid in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001. They were discovered malnourished and underweight, cowering in cages under the house. Ever since, they have lived together in an enclosure at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, which now includes a creek and a wooden home complete with a wrap-around porch. The suburban sanctuary, south-west of Atlanta, said of the trio: "Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan eat, sleep, and play together and even seek out grooming and affection from one another, head rubbing and licking each another. "Their terrifying early months in life bonded the three together and they are truly inseparable despite their obvious differences.

" Lion, bear and tiger live together. International Women’s Day! 30% Off Women’s Health Products + Free Shipping.