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Consurgo, a charming short film about the steampunk monstrosity in your neighborhood. 10 classic SF books that were originally considered failures. 20 Great Infodumps From Science Fiction Novels. From the opening of Count Zero: "THEY sent a slamhound on Turner's trail in New Delhi, slotted it to his pheromones and the color of his hair.

20 Great Infodumps From Science Fiction Novels

It caught up with him on a street called Chandni Chauk and came scrambling for his rented BMW through a forest of bare brown legs and pedicab tires. Its core was a kilogram of recrystallized hexogene and flaked TNT. He didn't see it coming. The last he saw of India was the pink stucco facade of a place called the Khush-Oil Hotel. What made Cordwainer Smith the perfect man to describe cyborg consciousness? The only thing I would take issue with here is that his father also did a lot of travelling, and the young Linebarger wrote stories of machine intelligence and half-men long before "Scanners".

What made Cordwainer Smith the perfect man to describe cyborg consciousness?

(See "War Number 81-Q") Another kind of funny thing is that, according to Judith Merril, the manuscripts for the stories used to show up in Frederik Pohl's mail with no title on them. Pohl, and his then-wife Judith Merril, gave the stories their titles, and never knew who Linebarger was; there were only payment instructions in the event of publication and the cryptic name of the author.

Pohl and Merril edited any number of magazines at the time. Judy Merril told me once that they thought the stories were actually written by another professional writer, but couldn't figure out who, since the stories were so original. Why Would A Poet With An MFA Want To Write Science Fiction? China MiƩville Explains Why J.G. Ballard Is A Giant Of Science Fiction. What are the great rural fantasy novels?

Science fiction is getting seriously strange. Classic science fiction theme tunes sound even spacier slowed down.