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NEMT Dispatch Software Solution. The Wave of Change: Contactless Payment System in the Trucking Industry. From gold to paper to finally cashless, the way we make payments has undergone various changes.

The Wave of Change: Contactless Payment System in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry, which is mostly in the cash and paper-based sector, is adopting digital payment systems. This change comes as a result of the impact caused by COVID-19 on the global transportation and logistics market. Today, we'll delve into the increasing use of remote payment systems in the trucking industry and its consequent effects. Contactless Payment System in the Trucking Industry Contactless payment is a secure method to complete a transaction using a digital payment system that utilizes near-field communication (NFC) or radio frequency identification (RFID). Let's take a quick look at how these systems work. Guidelines to Sanitize and Disinfect Your Logistics and Supply Chain. Fleet-based industries faced great changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidelines to Sanitize and Disinfect Your Logistics and Supply Chain

Due to the nature of its business, sanitation and safety are the top priority. The logistics and supply chain safety quickly adjusted to the new normal. Let’s start with how the logistics and transportation industry implemented these changes into their business. The Need behind Sanitization and Disinfection for the Fleet Industry Fleet management systems faced serious confrontations during COVID-19, as businesses were at a standstill. The pandemic did scare us for a certain amount of time, till we got some positive solutions. Reconstructing Supply Chain Strategies Amidst COVID-19. COVID-19 has changed the way we look at the world.

Reconstructing Supply Chain Strategies Amidst COVID-19

With this ongoing pandemic, companies in the transportation and logistics sector experienced a great set back. To cope with this pandemic, global suppliers and distributors had to rethink their supply chain strategies. Companies have been frantically seeking modified versions of supply chain strategies to cope with this pandemic. Global suppliers and distributors located in the US, China, and the entire continent of Europe are enforcing technological methods for sourcing, delivery, shipment, and restocking their stores. Various changes in the supply chain strategy instilled distinct and alarming distress amongst suppliers.

A Detailed Guide to Managing Supply Chain amid COVID-19. The sudden onset and widespread aftermath of the coronavirus have decimated global operations in a way that can't be undone.

A Detailed Guide to Managing Supply Chain amid COVID-19

Most of the world's supply chains are interconnected, and the most affected regions like China, the USA, and the EU are at the center of several global supply chains. Unsteady inventory levels, fluctuating demands, evolving preferences, and strict restrictions – companies around the world fear that they may not be able to recover soon. On the other side, impacts in businesses across industries seem inevitable, calculated planning and devising a response strategy can help mitigate the damage and protect the supply chain.

But first, let's discuss the impact of COVID-19 on global logistics and supply chain management, and how you can cultivate a proper supply chain management strategy to minimize these disruptions. Emerging Supply chain and Logistics Technology Trends. Supply chain and logistics technology is trying to break down boundaries and improve the supply chain’s productivity.

Emerging Supply chain and Logistics Technology Trends

The standard technological advancements in machine learning and AI are currently growing in areas like shipment tracking, supply chain management software, trucking transportation, user experience, and international transportation. Trucking Software Admin Panel - Truck Pulse. Trucking Software Transporter App - Truck Pulse. Freight Bidding Shipper App Solution - Truck Pulse. Truck Shipper App - Truck Pulse. Logistics App Features that Help Boost Your Business - Truck Pulse. As a fruit distributor across the East Coast, David Arlington from Portland was a busy manager.

Logistics App Features that Help Boost Your Business - Truck Pulse

He was finding it challenging to keep a tab on the different trucks plying across the 2369 miles of US Route 1. He also didn’t have a way to know when the consignment reached the market and when the trucker had started the return route back. All these prompted him to go for a logistics management software in order to get better control on the fleet and the cargo it was delivering. The comprehensive real-time reporting allowed him to optimize route better and set precise expectations. This, in turn, boosted business on the back of an elevated user experience.

All You Need to Know About Developing a Trucking and Logistics App - Truck Pulse. The global logistics industry has evolved into one of the world’s largest and most important industries.

All You Need to Know About Developing a Trucking and Logistics App - Truck Pulse

The revenues are projected to touch US$ 15.5 trillion by the year 2023, and the industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 7.5% up till 2024. Its ever-growing significance could be attributed to the fact that it is the industry which keeps other industries afloat. In the absence of a well organized and efficient logistics and transportation industry, it would be borderline impossible for other industries to grow at the pace that they are currently growing at. Logistics has tremendous utility and significance in some of the world’s leading industries such as e-commerce, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing, retail, telecommunication, financial services etc. Their orderly functioning is dependent on the effectiveness of logistical processes employed in their regular operations.

Secrets To Success In the Trucking Business - Truck Pulse. With startups springing up faster than mushrooms, everyone seems to be launching businesses based on innovative ideas, hoping to become the new giant in their chosen industry.

Secrets To Success In the Trucking Business - Truck Pulse

You may hear a rare success story while the majority vanish as quickly as mushrooms tend to do. Trucking is an industry with vast potential. As per the American Trucking Associations (ATA) report, the U.S. trucking industry has generated more than $700 billion in revenue in 2017. RFID For Smart Fleet Management Solutions - Truck Pulse. Being one of the largest industries in the world, the transportation and logistics industry is considered as a key element of the supply chain.

RFID For Smart Fleet Management Solutions - Truck Pulse

It is involved with the movement of products and raw items from one destination to another. Tips to Improve your Freight Management Process. The modern world has a high demand for goods of all types whether they are electronics, apparels, health products or house appliances.

Tips to Improve your Freight Management Process

The mechanism involved in delivering the goods to the customers includes several processes like procurement of goods, warehouse management, selection of logistics partner and more. The whole process of freight management has become increasingly important to make timely deliveries in less possible time, cost, and environmental impact. Today we are going to provide you a thorough guide to optimize your entire freight transport management which results in increased efficiency, decreased costs, and higher profitability. Devise a Proper PlanningThe best way to accomplish a task successfully is to have a concrete plan.

How to Beat Driver Retention Issues with Smart Truck Pulse Solutions. There is simply no way one can sugarcoat it - the trucking industry is currently facing an acute shortage of drivers. Driving recruitment has slowed down and new incentives for people to take up the profession are few and far between. According to the American Trucking Association , “The US will be short 1,75,000 truck drivers by 2026”. With such an increasing turnover rate in the trucking industry, it is essential that managers understand the value of driver retention for long periods of time. RFID For Smart Fleet Management Solutions - Truck Pulse. Logistics App Features that Help Boost Your Business - Truck Pulse. Top 9 Trucking Industry Trends 2019 - Truck Pulse.

The trucking industry is entering into a new year and this time it has full potential to grow even more than 2018. Especially the e-commerce industry has a great impact on the growth of the trucking industry. A report says trucking industry trends will continue to expand to the number of $3.2 trillion by the year 2020. Undoubtedly, the upcoming trends in this industry will help transportation enter into a new era with a potential to become stronger than earlier.

Having said that, here are the top nine trucking industry trends to watch for in 2019. Increase Performance of Your Fleet Management With Cloud Computing. The technology advancement has brought digital transformation to a number of industries. The digital trends have affected every industry, especially transport, logistics, and fleet management companies. Digital solutions such as cloud computing offer real-time data and increase the productivity of organizations. Logistics App Features that Help Boost Your Business - Truck Pulse. How Transport Management System Helps Your Logistics Business Grow? Transportation management system (TMS) has become the foundation of modern supply chain and logistics businesses. TMS is a specially-designed software that helps you plan, execute and optimize the shipment of freight. TMS performs three main actions- Identify shippers and compare ratesBook shipments at the lowest costsTrack the shipment TMS allows real-time visibility into the supply chain, improves shipping efficiency and cut back costs.

You can increase the efficiency of your entire shipping process and improve customer service significantly. Today, we will find out how TMS helps businesses ship and manage their operations efficiently. Why You Need Transport Management System in Logistics? The modern customer doesn't want to wait. All You Need to Know About Developing a Trucking and Logistics App - Truck Pulse. Dive deep into Fleet Maintenance - Here’s How You Can Make the Best of it. Vehicles are a significant investment of your fleet and therefore, taking care of them is an integral aspect of running a profitable business. When there is a lack of proactive approach to fleet maintenance, you may head towards failing FMCSA inspections.

This is a key reason why you should pay attention to keeping your fleet in a healthy state. However, a lot goes into keeping the fleet running at all times and even under best conditions; it may become quite challenging to ensure routine fleet maintenance between the various parts of the fleet logistics. With some expert tips, it may become easier to keep up your fleet maintenance efforts worth the time. Load-Matching Technology is the Next Big Step for Shippers and Carriers. Increase Performance of Your Fleet Management With Cloud Computing. The Spectacular Benefits of Vehicle GPS Tracking for Logistics and Transport Companies - Truck Pulse. A Go-to Resource Of Logistics & Transportation Terminology - Truck Pulse. How are Technologies Transforming the Trucking Industry. Deliver Superior Customer Service by Optimizing Your Last Mile Delivery - Truck Pulse.

How can Fleet Managers Harness the Power of ELD Data? With the limitless advancement in technology, we have come to an era where a fleet manager can use electronic logging devices or ELDs to make his or her work easier. These devices help to keep important data and insights organized and easily accessible. Fleets all over the world have already started using ELDs, and they are enjoying a number of benefits. ELD connectivity helps them to analyze all kinds of data so they can make data-driven business decisions and maximize profits. It also helps to cut down operating costs significantly. The power of big data can be harnessed by fleet managers to make a difference in how companies have been using information and analytics until now.

How Electronic Logging Device (ELD) help Fleet Managers? How IoT and Blockchain Tech are Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry. Being a technology-driven ingenious invention, Blockchain is considered as a revolutionary mechanism that brings maximum accountability for everybody. When blockchain technology is used, say goodbye to missed transactions, human errors, or any kind of exchange done without the approval of the people involved.

It is an open, decentralized ledger, mainly focused on recording the transactions between the parties involved in an empirical and abiding way. Though it was originally introduced to run the digital currency Bitcoin, the technology has immense potential to leave a huge impact on every sector from education to finance to manufacturing to transportation. How are Technologies Transforming the Trucking Industry. How to Beat Driver Retention Issues with Smart Truck Pulse Solutions. How the Wallet System Works and Why it is Important. Top 9 Trucking Industry Trends 2019 - Truck Pulse. How RFID Is Changing The Future Of Logistics And Supply Chain Management? Needless to say, technology is advancing in every sector across the world.

How Does Fuel Advance Factoring Work in the Trucking Industry? What is Fuel Advance Factoring? There are a lot of expenses involved when you run a trucking company, no matter how small your fleet might be. What Makes Self-Driving Trucks a Better Choice for Tomorrow? The Role of Chatbots in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. Benefits of Integrating Mobility Solutions for Taxi Business - Taxi Pulse. Upgrade Your Conventional Limousine Business With A Limo Booking App - Taxi Pulse. Why Are Mobile Wallets in Taxi Apps Necessary? - Taxi Pulse. What Is The Benefit Of Taxi Dispatch Software For Your Drivers? Boost Your Taxi Business With These Top Strategies. Benefits Of White Label App For Your Taxi Business. Drones - A Leap Into the Logistics of Tomorrow. Truck Platooning - The Smart Solution for Commercial Transportation. 7 Ways to Find More Loads for Your Trucking Business. Logistic Management App - Potential to Mobilise Logistic Industry. How Bike Taxis Can Be the Next Big Disruption in Indian Transport System.

How can Shared Mobility revolutionize the Transportation industry? Transportation Technologies Trends That Will Boom in 2019. How Can You Turn Customer Complaints to the Favor of Your Taxi Business? - Taxi Pulse. Decoding the Economics Behind Surge Pricing and How it Benefits Taxi Apps - Taxi Pulse. Top 14 Transportation Startups in India. How White Label Taxi Apps Ensure Growth of Your Taxi Business. Vanpool Transportation - Changing Commute Habits For Good Using Shared Mobility. What is Geofencing and Why is it Important in Taxi App Development?

How a Feature-Rich Passenger App Helps Grow Your Taxi Business. Taxi Dispatch Software.