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VINYL, CD, DVD Template, Packaging Templates by Cravedog. In order to streamline ease of use, we have consolidated all of our order forms into one, downloadable, 6 page pdf. Please click on the link below to download the pdf which will help you place your order with us. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at our toll free number listed to the right. PC Users right click on the link and select "Download Link to Disk" Mac Users hold down the control key and click on the link to select "Download Link to Disk" If you are the graphic designer for any Cravedog project, please be sure to read our Printing FAQ (pdf). We offer a variety of templates at Cravedog. Remember!! We currently accept ONLY the following applications and their related files for processing. Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and PhotoshopAdobe .PDF Format (We will accept PDFs with the template removed. Be sure to read the Printing FAQ (pdf).

Template Index: Short Run Templates Jewelcase Booklets, Inserts, and Traycards Quick Sleeve Templates and Specifications CD Templates. YouTube. Illustrator Tutorial: Low Poly Portrait! 500 Free Vector Backgrounds. Have you been in search of that perfect pattern or background to enhance your latest design? Well look no further! In this post the guys from Freepik were generous enough to come up with this exclusive set of 500 free vector background for Designrfix users. This set includes 500 backgrounds in 15 different styles and comes in vector format. So why not take advantage of these great resources by incorporating one of these well designed backgrounds in your next creation. Enjoy! You are provided with a download button after the full preview which will grant you access to these files.

Please enter your email address below and the download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately. The Sketchbook Challenge: An Old Technique Is Made Young, Again! While thumbing through my sketchbooks last week, I found a texture I'd created years ago and then left white and sad and blank. I immediately took after it with watercolor paint, changing colors frequently. I fell in love all over again with the way the pigment pooled into the nooks and crannies. This technique (an old crafter's trick, actually!) Is incredibly easy to create and only takes a few basic supplies. Supply List ~ sketchbook, altered book, sheets of water color paper, or stretched canvas (In the example above, I used an altered dim sum cookbook!) Note: If your sketchbook pages are lightweight, I recommend first gluing a few pages together; a thin layer of gel medium between each page will yield a firm painting surface once dried. Step 1: Prepare your surface by troweling a layer of white paint onto your sketchbook page with a plastic paint scraper or palette knife.

Step 2: Before the paint dries, sketch, write, stamp or scribble into the paint. Step 5: Color, color, color! Polygonal portrait | Gradient effect in Adobe Photoshop with Illustrator. 2014 New Tamia Zebra Stripes Met Opea Season Opening Sexy Sheath One Shoulder Side Split Tulle Zuhair Murad Evening Dresses Dhyz 08, $165.85. Text and Cloze Deletion Configuration — AwesomeTTS for Anki. The “Text” tab allows users to control how AwesomeTTS transforms incoming text before it is sent to a TTS service to be spoken. A number of simple transformations can be enabled that cover some common use cases.

Advanced users can also define a custom list of text substitutions to perform on incoming text. Collectively, these options can be helpful for users who keep snippets of text within their note fields that they want visually on-screen but either do not want played back or want played back in another form, particularly with shared decks that might not have had AwesomeTTS in mind. Users who are building up decks from scratch may choose to keep non-audible snippets of information in separate note fields from the actual spoken language words as an alternative to using these features. Handling Template Text These options are used whenever AwesomeTTS parses content that came from a template (e.g. on-the-fly <tts> tags).

Handling Text from a Note Field Simple Options Cloze Deletion Handling. Cloze tests. A cloze test involves a piece of text, from which a number of words have been removed. The student is required to insert the missing words. In some cases the missing words are supplied as a single list, from which the student has to select. In this case one is effectively matching a word with the space where it belongs - thus it is a matching question. A cloze matching question However a problem with such questions is that they are hard to design in a way that does not give away the answers. A cloze mcq question A final type of cloze question is where no options are presented and the missing words have to be supplied by the student. A Night Out In Bristol - FCE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. If you're in Bristol on a weekday evening and 0. fancy a lively, boozy night out without getting too badly 1.______ off you could do worse than to try Fandangos, the new nightclub complex on Lower Guzzlemore Street.

Before eleven o'clock, prices are quite 2.__________ and you can get a 3._____ of four drinks for around a tenner. If like me, you're a bit of a 4.___________ it could even set you back less than that. But for the heavyweights, more often than 5.___ , they run some kind of drinking competition at some point in the evening. On the evening I visited they were offering a free pint to anyone who could 6.____ their first pint in one' guaranteed to leave even the most hardened heavyweight with a 7.________ the next day. On most nights, the dress 8.____ is fairly relaxed although they do seem to draw the line at torn jeans. Multiple Choice Cloze. Use of English - Multiple Choice Cloze. Potluckenglish - Reading Comprehension Exercises B level. B2E_Standard.pdf. Reading Comprehension Exercises - Testing. Skills. Use of English: Open Cloze: Exercise 3. IELTS Listening test, part 1 - Free practice.

Graphs-charts vocabulary.


Upload Code. The specific steps for uploading the code: 1. Select the type of Arduino board that you are using by the path: Tools --> Board --> for example, Arduino UNO after you have open a demo. It may be your wrong choice of board type If there appears the below image, please re-select the Arduino board that you are using. 2. Select the correct serial port you are using by the path: Tools --> Serial Port --> for example, COM3.3.

When there appears "Done uploading", congratulate you upload successfully. 4-Digit Display. Grove - 4-Digit Display module is a 12-pin module. In this module, we utilise a TM1637 to scale down the number of controlling pins to 2. That is to say, it controls both the content and the luminance via only 2 digital pins of Arduino or Seeeduino. For projects that require alpha-numeric display, this can be a nice choice. Features 4 digit red alpha-numeric display Grove compatible interface (3.3V/5V) 8 adjustable luminance levels Application Ideas Time display Stopwatch Sensors' input display Specifications Interface Function Grove interface - Can be connected to digital port on Grove - Base Shield. 4 - digit display - Common anode digital tube. Pin definition: CLK DIO VCC GND Getting Started With TI LaunchPad Displaying the Numbers (4-Digital-Display) This example demonstrates how to display some digital numbers using a Grove-4-Digital Display.

With Arduino The module uses an LED drive chip - TM1637 to control the contents and change the luminance. Arduino Mega and Grove - 4-digit display: 3. 5.