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If your website's full of assholes, it's your fault. We're twenty years in to this world wide web thing.

If your website's full of assholes, it's your fault

Today, I myself celebrate twelve years of writing this blog. And yet those of us who love this medium, who've had our lives changed by the possibility of publishing our words to the world without having to ask permission, are constantly charged with defending this wonderful, expressive medium in a way that creators in every other discipline seldom find themselves obligated to do. Some of this is because the medium is new, of course. But in large part, it's because so many of the most visible, prominent, and popular places on the web are full of unkindness and hateful behavior. The examples are already part of pop culture mythology: We can post a harmless video of a child's birthday party and be treated to profoundly racist non-sequiturs in the comments.

But that's just the web, right? This is a solved problem As it turns out, we have a way to prevent gangs of humans from acting like savage packs of animals. Just a start. The F-Commerce FAQ. Advertising to Facebook Fans Improves Conversions, Says Study. The cost of converting people to sign-up for events, purchase products and register for services decreases considerably when businesses run Facebook advertisements that target existing fans, as opposed to non-fans.

Advertising to Facebook Fans Improves Conversions, Says Study

Registration acquisition costs can be 44% cheaper, while event sign-ups cost 33% less and purchases are 15% cheaper to achieve. This is according to a recent blog post on Inside Facebook, who was privvy to data from the social advertising agency TBG showing these results. Over the course of a thirteen-client, 4.1 billion ad impression study, TBG found that targeting Facebook fans was more effective than targeting non-fans when it comes to these specific types of conversions. It makes sense that consumers who have already declared their appreciation for a brand are more likely to purchase their products or sign up with that company. If I'm not yet acquainted with a given brand, I'm probably going to be far less inclined to spend my time or money with them.

Value of a Fan. Google+ L’avenir de Google+ se dévoile. Voilà presque un mois que Google a lancé sa plateforme sociale Google+ : Google lance sa plateforme sociale unifiée Google+.

L’avenir de Google+ se dévoile

Beaucoup d’agitation et de spéculations autour de cette nouvelle plateforme qui a fait grand bruit. Il faut dire que le programme de déploiement par invitation a généré beaucoup d’attente et de frustration. Visiblement tout ceci devrait rentrer dans l’ordre, car le service serait accessible librement à partir du 1er août (à confirmer). Je pense ne pas me tromper en disant que Google a réussi son pari, car Google+ a connu une croissance spectaculaire : Nous en savons maintenant un peu plus sur l’audience de Google+ avec plus de 20 millions d’utilisateurs, chiffres confirmés par Google et d’autres instituts sérieux comme comsCore : Google+ Off to a Fast Start with 20 Million Visitors in 21 Days.

Mais il convient néanmoins de relativiser, car l’Amérique du Nord représente tout de même la part d’audience la plus importante :