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Olga Bloch

Olga Bloch is a licensed family therapist and helps to make secure and long-lasting connections among family members.

The Need Of A Couples Therapist And Tips To Hire A Right One. Marriage Therapy Rockville. Here are some common questions or concerns that individuals and couples come to see Olga for: I’ve lost that loving feeling, can I get it back?

Marriage Therapy Rockville

I’m not sure what to do because our relationship is in a rut? I’m worried because when conflict arises my partner or I either blow up in anger or shut down in avoidance, or some use some passive-aggressive combination that gets us nowhere? My partner and I are so busy with the kids, work, and life that I/we forgot about our relationship and are unsure how to reconnect? I’ve felt so disconnected and lonely that I sought out an affair, and now want help sorting through the guilt and confusion so I can figure out how to get my relationship back? I feel like we are sexually incompatible, is this something that we can change or improve? My partner and I have issues around our sex life, can therapy really help us? Confused About Attending A Relationship Workshop. Workshop for Couples. Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples The Hold Me Tight® couples workshop provides opportunity for you to understand your relationship differently so you can increase your loving engagement, problem solve those tough, nagging issues and strengthen your communication skills through private exercises with your partner.

Workshop for Couples

In addition to practice with your partner, you will see video examples of other couples and how they learned to improve their communication and strengthen their relationship so you can learn how to: Address stuck patterns and negative cyclesMake sense of your own emotionsLearn more about your partner’s inner worldOvercome lonelinessRepair and forgive emotional injuriesDeepen your emotional, physical and sexual connectionCommunicate to develop deeper understanding and closeness Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop is based on the research and practices of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT).

The Hold Me Tight® program for couples was developed by Dr. Brian Mackey. Relationship Therapy Rockville. Come join our group for moms and be amazed at what you will experience.

Relationship Therapy Rockville

This is an intimate and confidential group that helps moms learn, grow, and gain a better understanding about themselves, relationships, and their families. When you learn about yourself in the context of a group powerful changes happen due to the unconditional support offered by others who have similar experiences. Even if you believe that your particular concerns are unique to you, you will find that when they are shared with others in a safe environment, it lightens the burden of being alone and encourages you to confront areas of your life that have felt hidden in the darkness of hopelessness.

The group content is based on a balance between psycho-educational information, the latest research on relationships, meditation and mindfulness, and interpersonal processing. What does all of this mean? The groups are structured around the participant’s needs and intentions and it’s co-created between all of us. Going For Couples Therapy And Choosing a Right Therapist. No matter whether it is two or ten years for which you are in a relationship with your partner, you are going to face issues between you.

Going For Couples Therapy And Choosing a Right Therapist

And the issues can be on any topic; it can be on the family planning, job, financial matters, extra-marital affair, miscommunication, arguments and the list goes on. However, it depends on you that how you deal with these issues and your strategy determines that what changes it is going to bring in your relationship. Also, even in the case you have resolved the issue, there is no surety that it will not happen again though the probability will decrease in the case you have resolved it positively. And if an issue is left unresolved and is ignored thinking that it will get fixed with the time, you are wrong. Relationship Therapy- How You Can Seek Its Benefits. You must agree with the fact that the relationship therapy is the only tested and proven method for resolving the various issues you face in your relationship.

Relationship Therapy- How You Can Seek Its Benefits

It is because of the reason that dedicated efforts are made by the couples, under the guidance of an experienced therapist and there is always someone to appreciate them for the right efforts and to alert them every time they go wrong. However, you can also seek the therapy even if you are not facing any serious kind of issue in your relationship but want to enhance your bonding with your partner. Relationship Therapy. Rockville Therapist. Seek Therapy And Ensure Good Parenting For Your Kids. Parenting, though is the most important responsibility of the parent, but still many parents get frustrated with it at a stage.

Seek Therapy And Ensure Good Parenting For Your Kids

However, they are also not at fault because parenting is not just a word, it is the blend of numerous things that parents need to teach their children and the things they need to ensure from their side. Whether it is the materialistic things or the emotional support that your child needs, all come under parenting. There is no doubt that parents face many issues while parenting. It can be the undesirable behavior of their children, children’s disability, improper interactions or parents’ less attention towards their children (due to lack of time) that is leading to the parenting issues. Common Reasons For Seeking The Services Of a Couples Therapist.

When it comes to seeking the help of an experienced therapist then most of the people think that they don’t need a therapist, they are smart enough to resolve their issues on their own.

Common Reasons For Seeking The Services Of a Couples Therapist

A thing they don’t understand is intelligence can do nothing with our blind spots. There are always the things that a person cannot get insight into without proper guidance and a therapist is the one who can provide you that guidance for resolving your issues. Another reason for which many couples don’t consider seeking therapy is they think that a therapist will rule over their life by telling them what they should do and how they should live their lives. Concerns Related To Couples Therapy. When it comes to couples therapy then most of the people hesitate to seek it while the others remain confused about the right time to seek therapy.

Concerns Related To Couples Therapy

Well, let us tell you neither you need to hesitate (no doubt the therapist is the third person but he is a professional who has gained education and training to sort out your relationship issues)nor you should worry about the right time (because there is no wrong time for seeking the therapy). In this write-up, we are going to discuss both these aspects. Why you should not hesitate while seeking couples therapy? Reasons Behind The Conflicts And How a Therapist Can Help Resolve Those Issues. Though the reasons are many but being right is the main issue that causes conflicts between the couples.

Reasons Behind The Conflicts And How a Therapist Can Help Resolve Those Issues

Conversation can be about anything but at the end, both the spouses want to prove themselves right and this is the stage when they start experiencing problems in their relationship. The lack of mutual understanding, patience, cooperation, and over-egoism are the main things that incite the person to prove himself right without even trying to understand what another person is saying.

However, a fact that spouses forget about in such a case is there may be another view of “right”. There are millions of people in this world and everyone may have his own perception. Couples Therapy- The Most Effective Way To Resolve Relationship Issues With Your Better Half. When two people get married to each other, a special kind of relationship is built between them which is expected to remain there for the whole of their life.

Couples Therapy- The Most Effective Way To Resolve Relationship Issues With Your Better Half

The emotional attachment, the curiosity of knowing your partner more, doing something to make him/her feel happy, ensuring that both of you are satisfied from each other and the things go on. Most Effective Tips For Good Parenting. There is no doubt that parenting is one of the most difficult tasks that a person needs to do in his life. Parents need to become an infant, a toddler or a teen as their kids grow and teach them behavioral, personality, social and emotional aspects in the different ways. And all this needs to be done without being overwhelmed, otherwise, things will go the opposite way, most probably.

Demystifying The Tips For Choosing a Right Couples Therapist. The Amazing Benefits You Can Get By Seeking Relationship Therapy. No matter what type of relationship you have with your partner and for how long you have been together, there is always the possibility to change and improve. But the problem is many of you may not be aware of the steps you need to take for enhancing your relationship. Even if you get to know the solution, you don't know what to do for that. How To Check If a Therapist Is Right For You? Even after knowing that issues are a common part of every relationship, we get frustrated when we find our self unable to resolve them. These issues are good when we can resolve them by working together with our partner as then they work to strengthen our relationship.

But, they become the reason of separation when we leave them unresolved for longer. And it is the reason that the cases of separation and divorce are increasing everywhere. As these issues are common among the couples, most of the couples, nowadays, like to meet a therapist of couples in Rockville and get them resolved before they can become the reason of their separation. Tips To Choose a Right Couple Therapist For Avoiding Your Divorce. So, you have reached the point where you, your partner or both of you are thinking about getting divorced. But, deep in your heart, you have a voice- “Of course, I want to save our relationship”. Even after listening to this voice you are not reacting because you are afraid, confused and don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry! Just remind yourself that it’s never too late to make a beginning and ensure your inner-self that you can do it i.e. you can improve your relationship. Say Bye-Bye To Relationship Conflicts By Seeking The Help of a Therapist. The romantic and auspicious relationship of marriage brings two people the closest they can and creates a unique type of bonding between them. While thinking about marriage, the process seems simple but the things get complex when you experience them in real. Adjusting with a partner who not only has cultural and family differences but also has different beliefs on the various aspects becomes intimidating.

And sometimes, we humans get fed up by these little differences and choose to put an end to the most beloved relationship of our life. A thing we would like to remind you is the bonding of marriage is created so that both of you will stay together through the twists and turns of the life. But, the bad thing is that rather than dealing with these twists and turns with patience, you choose to get separated as it seems better and an easy option. Furthermore, another question that will make the things different for you is- “where to start from?”. Build Healthy And Strong Relationship By Attending A Couples Workshop. Prevent Divorce By Handling These Simple Concerns. When it comes to divorce then most of the people choose it or support it saying that everyone has the right to live life his own way. Relationship Issues And The Assured Way To Resolve Them. Though all the relationships are important in person’s life but the relation with life-partner is the most auspicious one.

6 Most Effective Tips To Prevent Divorce. Relationship Therapy- The Only Way To Revive Your Broken Relationship. In this modern era, where people have become smart and aware of their desires, a thing that is being ruined is the relationships. No doubt the people have grown smarter but this smartness has made them selfish and mean. Tips For The Couples Who Are On The Verge Of Divorce. Thinking Why To Go For a Relationship Therapy? Let's Make You Know. Relationship Therapy- A Perfect Solution To Your Relationship Related Issues. When You Should Consider Seeking A Couples Therapy? Relationship Therapy- The Ultimate Solution To Your Relationship Issues. If you would see the relationships of the today's world then you will find them much fragile as compared to they used to be in the past. The egoism has increased much among the people that it is affecting their relationship in a negative way.

The lack of trust and tolerance is giving rise to the arguments and conflicts, which in turn, is letting the couples make the decision of getting separated. However, though the couples make the decision of getting separated, but in most of the cases, they are not sure whether they really want to separate or are making this hard decision just to get rid of the stress and tension. No doubt they want to live together but the arguments and the blame game that occur between them on the daily basis does not let them come closer. Couples Workshop- Bridge The Gap Between You and Your Partner. If you would ask the couples whether they are fully satisfied from the stage their relationship has reached then there will be a few who will say “yes”. Communication Boosters - Relationship Therapy Exercises For Improving Couples Communication. A common reason that many people don’t get their personal issues resolved is they underestimate the importance of positive communication. Relationship Workshop - The Way To Learn Relationship Skills.

Why Is It Necessary To Seek A Professional Therapist’s Help For Parenting? Why Is It Necessary To Seek A Professional Therapist’s Help For Parenting? Workshop for Couples. Why Couples Delay Seeking The Couples Therapy? Relationship Therapy- See Your Relationships Becoming Stronger And Alive. Some Best Relationship Therapy Exercises To Help You Revive Your Relationship. The Daily Life Conflicts And The Most Effective Way To Resolve Them. Relationship Workshop. Parenting Issues and The Importance Of Seeking A Therapy. Interested In Couples Therapy? Here Is Some Valuable Information. Relationship Therapy Exercises.

Why And When To Go For Relationship Therapy? Parenting Therapy- The Perfect Solution For Your Parenting Related Issues. Marriage Therapy- An Ultimate Solution For Failing Marriages. Different Issues That You Can Get Resolved By Seeking Help Of A Therapist. Relationship Therapy - The Only Sure Solution For Troubled Marriage. Family Therapy And Different Facts Related To It. Save Your Relationship From Divorce By Hiring A Couples Therapist. Some Signs You Should Go For Couples Therapy. Looking For A Therapist In Rockville? Let's Give You Some Tips For Choosing A Right One. Some Signs That The Relationship Therapy Should Be Your Next Step. Want To Make Your Relationship Exciting And Long Lasting? Here Are Some Valuable Tips. Relationship Therapy- The Secret of Happy Couples. Fill The Gap And Get Closer To Your Partner By Hiring a Couples Therapist.

Differences That You Will Experience After Attending a Couples Therapy Workshop. Let A Therapist Fix Your Dying Relationship. What A Therapist Can Do To Save Your Relationship? The Difference That Relationship Therapy Exercises Can Make To Your Relationship. Can A Relationship Workshop Really Help You Revive Your Relationships? Struggling Relationships And The Ways To Revive Them. The Ultimate Way To Deal With Family Problems. All You Need To Know About Couples Therapy. How To Enhance Bonding With Your Partner? Couples Therapist Workshop-A Right Step For Rekindling Your Relationship With Everlasting Love.

Parenting Issues And The Most Effective Solution To Them. Some Signs That You Need To Meet A Marriage and Family Therapist. Is Your Relationship On The Brink Of Breaking? Here is a Suggestion For You. The Increasing Need For The Relationship And Couples Therapy. Common Problems Therapist. How Relationship Therapy Is Going To Improve Your Relationship? Workshop For Couples– OlgaBloch. Therapist for Couples in Rockville. Why and When to go for Relationship Therapy? What is Emotionally Focused Therapy? Emotion Focused Therapy For Couples - OlgaBloch.