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Mandarin Strokes - The Stroke Order Dictionary for Chinese Characters
Language learning tips Language learning tips This section contains a collection of advice, suggestions, tips and techniques for learning languages. Most are based on my own experiences, while some come from other people. Many of these tips, perhaps with some minor modifications, also apply to learning others skills, such as music. Why should I learn a language? There are many reasons to learn a foreign language, from working in another country to discovering your roots, through intellectual curiosity, romance, travel, and secret communication. More reasons for learning languages
Apprendre des langues recent from dictionnaire Accéder à la définition d’un mot en cliquant dessus Aujourd’hui, la plupart de mes dictionnaires en papier sont rangés, mais ne servent presque plus à rien sinon à faire de la déco. Les dictionnaires, aujourd’hui, c’est en ligne que cela se passe. A ce titre, il existe plusieurs façons de consulter la définition d’un mot en ligne... recent from apprendre en ligne Devenez tuteur ou élève via

Apprendre des langues