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Стулья Салон Юлия

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Charlotte - Chairs by Bisazza. Stellar Works - A renaissance of refined culture and Asian sensibility. Longhi S.p.a. .Shape your living. Bross Italy srl. Collection - BENCH. Dare una nuova espressione e un diverso significato alla tecnologia industriale del cristallo. Porada. Home - Baxter. Carattere e Design Italiano. Mood Collection. The Flexform MOOD collection operates in an area of classic-contemporary tastes.

Mood Collection

It is a world with affinities to that of Flexform in terms of quality and elegance, but with more eclectic, multilingual stylist research, capable of inserting codes from the past through a process of simplification. Mood shifts between retro and Deco, removing embellishments and stylistic redundancy through careful deployment of an aesthetic of subtraction. The refinement of the details, the fabrics, the finely crafted natural wood is a constant presence, throughout the collection. Mood plays with the forms of memory. The fabrics conserve a range of warm tones, with bright colorful accents. Origins 1971 – One Idea, Many Ideas. MUNNA. Black Tie. Giorgetti S.p.a. Marelli Contract living luxury furniture sofa - Made in Italy. 'We are Arco, we make tables'

Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur. Collection - BENCH. Furniture design with 100% Portuguese - Mambo. Andreu World – Contemporary Design. Manufacturing Culture. Furniture design and furnishing accessories. Designermöbel für Privat Büro und Objekt von more Möbel aus Hamburg, hochwertige Designermöbel produziert in Deutschland. Derlot. Accento Italian Contract Seatings. Frigerio Poltrone e Divani - imbottiti per l'arredamento. Walter Knoll.