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Mike O’Leary

O’Leary & Sons began in 1988, with the father Mike O’Leary, and his sons, John and Tim. They continue doing business with the same principles that their father instilled in them… to guarantee that each customer is completely satisfied and all work is done with the utmost professionalism.

Wood Deck Designs – Oleary and Sons. Wood deck designs have gained much attraction in recent years.

Wood Deck Designs – Oleary and Sons

For this reason, this article can be significant as it is based on the importance of wood deck designs. There are several facets to building a deck: and the planning of it, ideas, design limitations, size & scales, traffic patterns, materials selections, green deck building, and other important features. In this section we are going to discuss all of these which will be very helpful for those who want their personal wood deck designs for a beautification purpose. The most important thing about synthetic deck design is that it can be a great choice for the people who really like to get their beautiful deck without the necessary required wood maintenance. Decks of different sorts of textures, profiles and colours can be built with unbelievable low maintenance charge. The next step can be thinking about the budget. WANT TO DO YOUR OWN DECK SANDING? – Oleary and Sons. Deck sanding is a solution when your deck looks worn and needs a touch-up, and it helps to improve the performance of deck.


This method is simple and effortless when it comes to replacing the grain after washing and bringing back original form of the deck. To get going with deck sanding process, you must clean out the deck with a pressure washer to eliminate particles and stains. Usually the stains on the deck are easy to clean out. In fact, the cleaning is important to let you know the damaged part of deck to repair. Tips On Decks: Build Your Deck The Right Way – Oleary and Sons. Hire the right professional to build your porch deck or patio.

Tips On Decks: Build Your Deck The Right Way – Oleary and Sons

Be sure that the contractor you hire is qualified for the job. O’Leary and Sons are qualified and licensed professionals known for quality jobs. Know what you want ahead of time. This way you can negotiate effectively. Deck Railing Designs – Oleary and Sons. When installing a deck rail, you must look at all possible deck railing designs, so you find the one that fits in best with your space.

Deck Railing Designs – Oleary and Sons

A homeowner may research the different styles, designs, material, and overall quality, as well as discuss the look that they like the best. Each home is different, and all customers have something different in mind; so, as a homeowner, you must consider many options to eventually find the fit that looks best, and the one you like the best for your deck area. Materials for New Deck Railing Designs In selecting the new deck railing designs, you have to consider the materials you are going to use as well. What Deck Railing Design Is Right For You? – Oleary and Sons. When investing in deck railings for your home, it is worth spending a enough time in researching the correct ones for your home.

What Deck Railing Design Is Right For You? – Oleary and Sons

This is going to be an addition that is expected to last. So, you have to ensure that the decision you take now will keep you happy for a long time. Things to remember for Deck Restoration – Oleary and Sons. The different parts of a house is meant for different activities-such as the kitchen for cooking, bedroom for sleeping.

Things to remember for Deck Restoration – Oleary and Sons

Similarly, the deck is that part of the home that offers a space of living where you can relax with your friends and family. But do you know which type of material you should use for deck restoration? This question has much answer but this article will provide you some details to find out the correct answer. A Guide to Popular Fence Materials – Oleary and Sons. Fences serve many important purposes for your home.

A Guide to Popular Fence Materials – Oleary and Sons

The most obvious benefit of a high-quality fence is that it protects your home and yard. However, fences also have an aesthetic value. A beautiful, well-crafted fence can greatly improve your home’s appearance and value, impressing passersby and potential buyers alike. Here is a guide to popular fence materials. DIY Ideas To Dress Up Your Deck – Oleary and Sons. If you have a wooden deck but would like to give it a little bit of a revamp, then read on.

DIY Ideas To Dress Up Your Deck – Oleary and Sons

A good place to start when thinking through your deck ideas is planning the color -a red, whiteand black theme will give a very dramatic look you could also have white and red plants which will add a lot of instant color. However if within your deck ideas you want a softer feel then pastel colored plants such as white, mauve, pale yellow and pink can be lovely. Check local nurseries for attractive plants that grow well outdoors have a lovely smell and flower for long periods – jasmine is great, as it has a wonderful fragrance as do many other plants too, so ask at your local plant store. Further deck ideas might be to add either small or larger furniture set or a small table & chairs, or just a chaise or wicker sofa, maybe with either plain or colorful patterned seat cushions. Customize Your Deck – Oleary and Sons. There is a lot of discussion among home and garden magazines, blogs, and online forums around customizing the exterior of a home.

Customize Your Deck – Oleary and Sons

Interior design has been a huge industry for decades, but the exterior design piece along with landscaping is really seeing a huge surge in business over the last few years. The demand for good looking homes has gone up now that the housing market has recovered, and with that has come increased demand for landscaping, customized gardens, and custom decks. People want to enjoy the warm and cool weather outside on custom decks, in hot tubs, and in beautifully landscaped backyards with groomed grass and flowers. Building Durable Decks – Oleary and Sons. Creating something always leaves a feeling of accomplishment.

Building Durable Decks – Oleary and Sons

That is why Do-It-Yourself projects abound. It pays to be handy, as well. You need not wait for the professionals to get something done or repaired. But, there are projects that can prove to be above most layperson’s handyman abilities. Those projects include deck building especially for custom decks. Save Money With Hard Word Deck Tiles And Decking Kits – Oleary and Sons. Any person that owns their own home will quickly come to find out just how expensive this investment can be. If you engage in spending without thinking about the best way to approach things, you will quickly find yourself spending much more money than you can afford for the purpose of getting improvements completed around your property.

The solution to this would be to use caution when you are feeling the need to put changes in place around your home. Do not jump into things, this can help you to avoid spending on something that may be just a momentary desire. Also, this would help you to put more of your money toward the things that matter most to the overall experience that you have on your property. When you do this, the cost of making your property look as amazing as possible would be much less of a burden than would otherwise be the case. Deck Building Construction Colorado Springs – Oleary and Sons. If you need to build a new deck in your outdoor living area weather it is a custom deck, a wood deck, traditional deck, a porch or a patio, Fancy Home & Flooring experienced staff can assist you with deck planning and designing and handle your project efficiently and professionally.

Our trained and experienced technicians will be able to finish your entire deck project including: Deck FootingsLedgerDeck FramingDeckingStairsRailingsPorchesPatios Footings: should provide a solid foundation to support your deck, therefore footings are crucial part of deck construction. Base on a deck design, one should figure out how much total loads including static and dynamic loads (dead and live loads) are transferred from different parts of the deck to footings or concentrated points of contact with the ground. The more footings your deck has, the less weight each footing will need to carry, because the total loads are now distributed through more footings.

Deck Plans and How To Build a Deck – Oleary and Sons. Although building a deck is not going to be the most difficult job you will undertake, it is important to sort out deck plans before you begin to work. This will make sure that you know exactly what you are doing and there will not be any extra equipment purchased or a few bits missing at the end of the job. How to Add a Deck During a Home Remodel – Oleary and Sons. Things to Consider While Finishing Your Deck – Oleary and Sons. After building your deck, the important task left is to put a finish on your deck.

You should carefully choose the right finish as it will secure the deck. There are some points to consider before finishing your deck. Knowing What kind ofWood you are using: You need to consider various elements when choosing the finishes for your deck. Different kinds of wood soak in moisture at different rates so it is important to consider the type of wood you are using.

Increase Home Value With New Paint – Oleary and Sons. Paint keeps your house looking its best while also protecting its surfaces from wear and tear of the elements. A fresh coat of paint will freshen up the exterior and modernize the appearance of your house. Buyer’s can better see your home’s potential with a fresh coat of paint, resulting in a 125% return on your investment. Updating House for Fall- Know How to Paint an Exterior Door – Oleary and Sons. There are many reasons to love fall. From the cool breeze and changing leaves outdoors to watching football inside, there couldn’t be a better time to make some updates around your home. Update With Fresh Paint – Oleary and Sons. Exterior Paint For Your Home – Oleary and Sons. The exterior of your house is what visitors see first and what neighbors see every day. Best Way to Apply Stain on a Fence – Oleary and Sons. Summer Deck Maintenance – Oleary and Sons. Summer season is here and with the sun and warmer weather comes lots of opportunities of enjoying the sizzles of the BBQ and passing mild evenings with friends and family.

Choosing The Perfect Deck Stain – Oleary and Sons. Wooden decks are the highlight of many people’s homes, and a lot of time and money goes into constructing them. It is important to stain the deck at regular intervals, so that it maintains its beauty for a long time without any major repairs. With several types of stains available in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose right stain for your deck. A thorough study of the advantages and drawbacks of each type of stain can help you to make the right decision. O’Leary and Sons will walk you through the process of choosing the proper Deck Staining Colorado Springs . Duration of Wooden Fences – Oleary and Sons. A fence is a great way to give your home a definite border. It not only has fantastic utility but it also increases the value of your home. Deck ReFinishing – How to Repair Cracks in a Deck? How to Clean Your Wood Fence? Wood is one of the most common building materials for decks and fences.

It is the choice of many homeowners as its classic and natural looking. But over time the elements can dull the appearance of a wood fence and it can become an eyesore for your home. Home Repair Services Colorado Springs – Deck, Fence, Siding & Trim. O’Leary and Sons' Inc. started in business in 1988 with Father Mike, and sons John and Tim. We realized early on that trying to specialize in too many trades, would spread our company to thin which is a recipe for disaster in business. O’Leary and Sons mainly focus’s on “four” basic services: Maintain The Look Of A New Wooden Fence By Caring For It Properly.