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Thermocouples Made From Ordinary Copper and Steel Wire. Thermocouple loop made into a coil can deflect a compass needle.

Thermocouples Made From Ordinary Copper and Steel Wire

DC current probe meters are certainly not found everywhere but a compass can be used to indicate current flow by making the thermocouple loop into a coil. This coil uses 5 feet of copper wire but the use of 12 gauge keeps the resistance low enough for observable current to flow. The compass needle is most easily deflected when it is perpendicular to the coil axis as shown in the above picture. A piece of tissue paper was placed over the mirror in the compass case to eliminate lighting glare while taking the photographs.

A flame held under one junction will cause an easily observable deflection of the compass needle. When a flame is held under the opposite junction, the compass needle will deflect in the opposite direction. The magnetic field of the earth pulls on the compass needle like a spring and makes it somewhat difficult to deflect. Ultrasonic anemometer (Ultrasonic wind sensor) GCDC B1100-1 Barometric Pressure Data Logger. General The B1100-1 uses a high precision digital sensor that makes the B1100-1 suitable for altitude measurements, vertical velocity indication, and weather monitoring.

GCDC B1100-1 Barometric Pressure Data Logger

Data is recorded at a user selectable rate ranging between 10 Hz to one sample per day. The B1100-1 can be programmed to start and stop at specific times each day. When connected via the USB to a personal computer, the B1100-1 appears as a standard mass storage device containing the comma delimited data files and user setup files. The commercial standard "AA" battery provides extended life operation suitable to long term data acquisition applications. In Stock. Features Data Sheet For more details, specification and how to use please look at the B1100-1 data sheet (.pdf). Example Applications Analysis Tools While no special tools are required to analyze data, we have provided a tool that helps find and save the more interesting portions of a data collection set. Leap Motion. Ultimate GPS Breakout V3. The Ultimate GPS Breakout V3 is a hard to find good, reliable GPS module for microcontroller use, which is why haven’t carried one.

Ultimate GPS Breakout V3

Most are complicated to use, power hungry and require a completely clear view of the sky to get a decent fix. But when we tested the Adafruit Ultimate GPS, we knew it was worthy enough to be in the Maker Shed. Not only is this module easy to use, it comes fully loaded. The Ultimate GPS breakout is based on the MTK3339 chipset which can track up to 22 satellites on 66 channels, has a high-sensitivity receiver and a built in -165 db antenna. It’s capable of 10hz updates, has a position accuracy of 1.8 meters, a velocity accuracy of .1 meters per second, and it only draws 20ma of current.

By far the most interesting feature of the Ultimate GPS Breakout though is its built in data logger. The Ultimate GPS Breakout easily hooks up to an Arduino using the included library. Partners. IDair’s agile leadership team is providing biometric solutions to industries’ “What if?”


Access/security challenges. Software product innerID for mobile devices, and hardware products AIRprint and ONEprint, use fingerprint biometrics to provide secure, accurate, rapid and touchless access control solutions for commercial, government and non-profit organizations across a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries. Simultaneously, IDair’s intuitive customer service facilitates seamless implementation, from concept to execution and training.

James Cantrellchief executive officer. Outdoor Ultrasonic Sensors from MaxBotix Inc. The industrial high resolution outdoor HRXL-MaxSonar-WR sensors have a robust PVC housing designed to meet IP67 water intrusion. The sensors provide short to long distance detection and ranging with a narrow beam pattern. The HRXL-MaxSonar-WR outdoor ultrasonic sensors have high power output, noise rejection, auto calibration, temperature compensation, and factory calibrated beam patterns. Users should select a sensor with their outputs of choice and that matches their application. Models are available with analog voltage output, RS232 Serial output (select models) or TTL Serial output (select models), and pulse width output. Product 3D Models Component Overview. ThinkGear AM - Brainwave Sensor [SEN04281M] - $49.00. Gabriel Emilio Sosa Zarate | 2013-08-05 Hi when will have in stock?

ThinkGear AM - Brainwave Sensor [SEN04281M] - $49.00

Sorry this product has shut down.Thanks for your attention. Answered by Jacket Chueng | 2013-08-08 Was this useful? I looked at the data sheet, and I do not see any information about the specific format of the data that is sent out via the UART. Should have the documentation and example code. AS3935 Lightning Sensor Development Boards – September 21 Update. Update!

AS3935 Lightning Sensor Development Boards – September 21 Update

The boards are now available for purchase on tINDIE! 012 - Weather Station. Now this was a huge project!

012 - Weather Station

All sensors had to be fully tested one at a time, wireless communication had to be perfect, various LCDs were tried. Nevertheless, here's the result: hope you enjoy it! MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensors, High Performance Distance & Proximity Sensors. Modern Device. This is a low-cost anemometer (wind sensor) made for use with electronic projects.

Modern Device

It was originally inspired by a student project that required a breath sensor. We used a piezo type vibra-tab for that project but the sensor was glitchy, picked up sound and vibration and was hard to calibrate. I didn’t get this designed in time for the original project but I think it will solve certain problems in sensing wind speeds and human breath.

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