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Photography - Hilary Faye. N'Chi. ZBags. Elparra asked: How much time do you dedicate per piece?


That depends. Am I vivisecting a clown or eating a pizza? With plasma exeunt. Miron Art. WHTEBKGRND. Andcarrotrope: do you sell any of your work as posters?


I set this up with a couple of prints for now, if anyone has certain requests i will see what i can do. i’m also looking to do more limited prints with higher quality, so if anyone has any leads please send them my way. 100 Years Ago, French Artists Predicted The Future With Eerie Accuracy. Ask someone what the world will look like 100 years from now, and you’ll get some answers that are truly outrageous: Robots will take over the world and harvest humans for energy, while keeping us all calm by creating a vast virtual world for us to live in.

100 Years Ago, French Artists Predicted The Future With Eerie Accuracy

Others, meanwhile, will be utterly mundane: Cars will get incrementally faster and more fuel efficient and will be slightly better versions of the cars we have now. Yawn, right? 7 Free Education Websites You Don't Want to Miss.

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My-neighbor-jake.gif (500×666) Code Academy: Learn how to build web applications. Table salt. Oh, Jesus! JOBS. Internships. Glitch. Zine. Jessica. Design. Oooooooooohhh. Machines. Creative Code. New Media. Poemz. Illustration/graphicdesign. Animation. OldSaggy&Sjol go attit. j579513. Help. Pearltrees videos. Photography.