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30 Books that Teach Social Skills. I love a good book list and I especially love sifting through the book store. I often search Amazon prior to buying books, so that I know what I am looking for. I have research loads of books that will help you to teach social skills in your setting. The books cover a range of social skills that can be taught both at home and at school. This huge list can be used year round as well as the beginning of the new school year. Click on the image to read more about the book over on Amazon. Click on any of the images to see them on Amazon. I know how important it is to explicitly teach any skill, and this includes social skills, specifically manners and classroom expectations.

I focus on one poster as needed. I have the posters laminated and displayed, and I also print off in black and white version and bind it (or you can just staple it). The posters are a great preventative strategy if you go through one skill per week. 10 Children's Books that Teach Acceptance and Empathy - Homegrown Friends. Clever Classroom: 30 Books that Teach Social Skills.