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14 Principles of Multimedia Learning. - digital literacies toolkit. Welcome to the Digital Literacies Toolkit. - digital literacies toolkit

This interactive learning tool was designed by Julie Watson and developed by eLanguages in Modern Languages at the University of Southampton with support from the university Student-Centredness Fund. The purpose of this set of learning resources is to help students: explore the educational uses of Web 2.0 tools and services;familiarise themselves with a range of useful applications for study-related purposes;highlight good practice in the use of social software and the internet, in general. Please use the buttons on the right for further information and to send us feedback.

If you find these resources useful, why not sign up for a Pay, Access and Learn account, where you can license a variety of packages to help with academic study skills? Technical requirements Some of the activities in the toolkit resources require headphones or speakers. Conditions of use User feedback Kerry Kilner, Lecturer in Research Methods, University of Queensland, Australia. Tour. Літній путівник світом безкоштовного онлайн-навчання.

Літо – чудовий сезон для інтелектуального відпочинку.

Літній путівник світом безкоштовного онлайн-навчання

Тим більше, що навчатися новому може бути не тільки корисно, але й надзвичайно цікаво. Сьогодні онлайн на вас очікують тисячі різноманітних безкоштовних навчальних ресурсів: від курсів Нобелівських лауреатів до сервісів навчання дітей програмуванню в ігровій формі. Для того, щоб зорієнтуватися в цьому безмежному океані фантастичних можливостей ми і підготували для вас цей гід безкоштовними освітніми ресурсами. Окремий розділ цієї статті зібрав в собі найкращі поради по вирішенню найбільш болючої проблеми для більшості поціновувачів самостійного навчання: як успішно доводити процес навчання онлайн до логічного завершення. Відтоді як Стенфордський університет у 2011 році запустив свої перші масові онлайн-курси, цей формат безкоштовного навчання від викладачів найкращих університетів світу пройшов довгий шлях.

Keyboard tutorial and typing test. 55+ Awesome Free Online Psychology Courses & Certificates. The availability of college courses online has grown at an amazing rate over the last five years.

55+ Awesome Free Online Psychology Courses & Certificates

Many of the colleges and universities that over the traditional "brick-and-mortar" campus locations have found a large number of additional students that are interested in their programs and degrees, but do not have the ability to relocate to the town of their physical campus. Their reasons can be personal obligations, the need to maintain their current employment while obtaining a degree, or simply the inability to afford to relocate. More recent that the availability of online courses from a college, there is now a wide range of courses from those very colleges and universities that are being provided for free online. MOOC, as they are called, or Massive Open Online Courses, are posted online and are open to people all over the country. Activities. 15 fun activities for Present Simple/Present ContinuousThe best way of teaching the present tenses is to compare and contrast them.


These ideas will show you how to do the even more difficult task of combining them in practice activities, all of them done in simple and entertaining ways. 18 fun activities connected to the topic of amusement parksI sat down to brainstorm these ideas and write some of them up as lessons to match a particular unit in the Oxford University Press textbook for teenagers Challenges 1 that I am using, but this is such a popular topic for young learners and teenagers that I would use many of the ideas again […] Fun activities for prepositions of time1. Effective Online Teaching: Obstacles And Practices - eLearning Industry. The modern world tends to change so rapidly that we barely have the chance to analyze what we have to change in order to adapt.

Effective Online Teaching: Obstacles And Practices - eLearning Industry

Today we’re facing a new era in education… a new reality that will soon change the face of learning for good. Welcome to the newest educational trend: Online learning (or eLearning). If you are reading this article, you’re most likely a traditional face-to-face educator that seeks advice on how to shift from traditional tearning to eLearning. Rediquest - Home. 5 Common E-Learning Mistakes You Might Be Making (and How to Fix Them)

About Growth Mindset. How to Gamify: 15 ways to introduce gaming concepts into eLearning. By now, you may have heard quite a bit about gamification, the application of gaming mechanics to non-gaming scenarios.

How to Gamify: 15 ways to introduce gaming concepts into eLearning

(If not, click here to start at the very beginning – it is a very good place to start, after all!) We believe that gamification is the best way to get learners engaged with training content – and we’ve written about it before. But, you might be wondering, how exactly does one go about ‘gamifying’ eLearning? 24 Top Tips To Become An Instructional Designer. What does it really take to create your own distinctive path to Instructional Design?

24 Top Tips To Become An Instructional Designer

In this article, I'll share 24 top tips from 24 accomplished Instructional Designers to help you achieve success in one of the most exciting and multidimensional eLearning careers. As you may have already noticed, there is no typical route into Instructional Design. I have met brilliant Instructional Designers who have started as educators, or graphic designers, or tech engineers, or even artists, federal government employees, and communication managers.

Of course, they all had one thing in common: a true passion for creating great eLearning. MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program. Зміст - Дзвона чи дзвону? Ineedaresume. 16 Books About Learning Every Teacher Should Read. 16 Books About Learning Every Teacher Should Read by TeachThought Staff Ed note: This post has been updated from a 2013 post.

16 Books About Learning Every Teacher Should Read

In the age of blogging and social media, is there still room for books? The Ultimate Alternate Reality Gamified Transmedia Classroom Toolkit. New to the Blog?

The Ultimate Alternate Reality Gamified Transmedia Classroom Toolkit

If you’d like to read about the implementation of the video game Gone Home in a high school English class, start here. Want to know how to turn your class into an alternate reality game, start here for an overview, or keep reading for the resource toolkit. Welcome to the Toolkit In the last post we introduced you to ARGs and reviewed some examples of how teachers are using them. Now you’re ready to turn your class into an immersive game, and everything you need is right here.

Please write or comment with suggestions for additional resources or to report dead links, as this will be a living document which will hopefully grow and support any educator who wants to transform a class, a unit or the entire school year into an engaging, immersive and memorable experience. Basic Terms Before you journey too deeply into the ARG universe, you may want to learn some of the lingo.

Initial Design and Structure. The eLearning Coach – Get smart about designing learning experiences. Офіційний сайт Української мови - Все про Українську мову, правила української мови украинский язык укр мова. Грамотно говорити українською можна навчитися за картинками. Фото: чиста.ua Марта Чавага, 20 років, у соцмережі "Вконтакте" викладає поради зі стилістики.

Грамотно говорити українською можна навчитися за картинками

Using Toys in E-Learning. Click Image to Launch Demo This week’s Articulate challenge is to use toys to help tell a story in e-learning. My toys were game, so we went for it. You’ve Been Doing Your eLearning Research All Wrong! Tips for designing serious games in learning. There is a reason why people give up on learning more quickly than they would on a good game. This is because, simply put, games are fun. This is why games are used as an important study aid in learning. Otherwise known as Gamification, it is the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications. Game mechanics here, are the construct of rules that encourage users to explore and learn the properties of their possibility space through the use of feedback mechanisms. Why Infographics are Good for ELearning. Graphics can often make or beak an online course. Rarely today do you see a course that doesn’t contain any relevant images – although I have unfortunately come across some.

Luckily most elearning will make use of graphics, but sometimes they are not implemented properly. For example, you may come across pictures or graphics that don’t necessarily relate to the content directly, or don’t provide any real value and are distractions. Even worse, there are times when graphics don’t contain enough detail (such as legends and labels), which leads to more confusion. In general, you should make sure that the images, charts, and graphs that supplement your learning are coherent with the subject at hand, and they are similarly styled across the entire course. Why use graphics in the first place? The most obvious answer is that sometimes it is easier to convey information in a graphic.

By way of example, consider the infographic below that provides details on why infographics are so popular. Launching Your eLearning Course: 15 Things To Double Check. You've worked diligently to ensure that every eLearning activity, block of text, and graphic element is just right for your eLearning course, but before you rollout your carefully crafted eLearning deliverable it's time for one final polish to make it really shine. In this article, I'll highlight 15 things that you must double check before launching your eLearning course. One of the most significant mistakes that any eLearning professional can make is not taking the time to perfect the eLearning course before launching it. 4 Big Visual Design Trends the eLearning Industry Should Care About. As a learner, did you ever face a situation when you felt that a course had nothing new to offer and the same information was presented in an obvious manner like every other time you have taken an eLearning?

That was a common situation for me as well... as an eLearning designer. Every time I sat to design a course or training material, I was stuck with the same old style guide that the client has provided me and do not get enough scope to experiment. One fine day I decided to take a plunge and move forward. Visual design can affect a host of things in learning. It especially helps to concretize the learning for a more clear and memorable experience. Is Scenario-based Learning The Right Option? 6 Tips To Create Better eLearning Content. Gamification of E-Learning in 2015. The use of game mechanics to increase learners’ motivation is not a new concept, but this year gamification is set to come of age, moving away from being viewed as a gimmick to becoming a real contender as one of the key techniques used to motivate and engage learners.

We can all expect to see gamification become more practical, more integrated, more fun and more common so we want to share why it’s so exciting! In our predictions of the top digital learning trends for 2015, we noted an influx in the use of gamification in E-Learning and we were far from the only ones. A report by Ambient Insight placed the annual global growth rate for game-based learning at 8.3% and predicted that revenues would amount to a massive $2.3 billion by 2017.

IELTS PRACTICE: Free Lessons. Virtual Teacher Program - Specialization. When the End Justifies the Means: Designing eLearning Courses Backwards. Unfortunately, we live in a real world. Howsoever we prepare ourselves to face the challenges that life throws at us, we are sometimes caught off-guard. The most learned men falter. The most experienced person around you fumbles for answers.

5 ресурсів, які допоможуть легко та цікаво вивчити польську. Nicole’s Greatest E-Learning Tips, Tricks, and Techniques - Series. EduCanon. Teaching English online: opportunities and pitfalls. WizIQ. Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world.

Making Change Happen: A No-Fail Process to Make eLearning More Persuasive. Persuasion is an art. Try too hard, and you might be branded as being aggressive. Be gentle, and your message will probably be brushed aside. At the end, the ultimate goal of persuasion is to get a person to change. 3 Tips For Creating Interactive Self-Paced Online Courses. The learning experience for self-paced online courses has historically been fairly static. Trainees absorb information passively by watching videos, reading written passages, and clicking through Powerpoint slides. In this article, we discuss new technologies and methods for creating interactive self-paced online courses. Universal Skills All Learners Should Know How to Do. The Loras Network. A Blog About Education. Highly recommended ELT Blogs. A Quick Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Professional Development.

Building a presence on social media is a great way to build your PLN. Getting started with Twitter, finding interesting people to follow, and taking in all of the information is step one. Interacting is step 2. The aim was to create a freely available social network for ELT professionals offering mutual support and opportunities for Continuous Professional Development. Now, every Wednesday at 19:00pm GMT or 21.00pm GMT, ELT teachers from all over the world log into their Twitter account and for one hour hold an online discussion on a topic they have selected.

Education Video Courses and Tutorials from Teach them English. Creativity Tools and Creative Problem Solving Techniques from Talks from inspiring teachers. Authors. eTwinning 3.0 - resources-create. Anybody can learn. Find online courses from Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, edX, Open2Study. Увлеченность. Dashboard. Популярні помилки в укр. мові. Як правильно говорити українською (практичний посібник) » Гуртом - сайт підтримки всього українського! Зміст - Чи правильно ми говоримо? Уроки державної мови. Changing Englishes: An Interactive Course for Teachers. Prepare our children for this world. Educate the heart. Children Acquiring Literacy Naturally.

How to Survive in 2010 – Digitally. Power Searching with Google. Psychology 102: Educational Psychology Course - Free Online Video Lessons. GED Writing: Language Arts Course - Free Online Video Lessons. Rules For Writing Blog Articles. Twitter for teachers - why you should start tweeting!