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Watch Tisha A BizJet Apprentice - Oklahoma Works. Most Beneficial Employer Incentives Program In Oklahoma. Tips for Employers Considering Potential Layoffs in Oklahoma. A layoff is difficult for everyone.

Tips for Employers Considering Potential Layoffs in Oklahoma

The Rapid Response program provides a variety of services to employers and their employees when it becomes necessary to downsize. We want to make sure you are aware of the free State resources available for your affected employees. We are ready to help – Oklahoma provides rapid response services to people who find themselves out of a job due to layoffs, reductions-in-force or voluntary buyouts. We have teams of seasoned professionals across the state that are prepared to assist your employees during these transitions. Whether the goal is immediate re-employment or training in a new field, we are ready to help. The best scenario – We can provide Rapid Response workshops for your employees before they leave your employment. Workshops cover the following topics:

What You Need to Know to Create Employee Incentive Programs that Work. An incentive is anything that motivates people to take desired actions.

What You Need to Know to Create Employee Incentive Programs that Work

Employers implement work incentive programs to encourage employees to achieve results that benefit the company. These incentives include compensation, rewards, and recognition. Incentives for employees, however, do require careful balance. They need to be things that employee’s value, and they should reflect the action of the employee. For example, saying “thank you” at the end of a day’s work is appropriate recognition. Employee Incentive Ideas Flexible Schedules - More work incentive programs are embracing flexible schedules. Food - Incentive programs at work almost always include food as a reward. Gift Cards - Keeping gift cards on hand is an excellent way to create incentives for employees.

Reward Attendance - When it comes to employee incentive ideas that can boost employee productivity, reward perfect attendance. The Highest Paying Careers and Companies for Felons. Living with a felony on your record is complicated.

The Highest Paying Careers and Companies for Felons

Finding a job that pays enough to live on may seem impossible, but when you know where to find the best jobs for felons, you will discover that you have more opportunities than you thought possible. High Paying Careers for Felons With a little training, it is possible to enter a career that will allow you to advance. Here are a few to consider. Welding - Welders are in demand, and their work crosses into different fields, including construction, automotive work, and repair and maintenance The average salary is $41,380 each year. Electricians - The need for electricians is expected to grow over time, and most companies only require their employees to be high school graduates to begin With the average earnings being $55,000, it is one of the high paying jobs for felons.

10 Job Search Mistakes that Ruin Your Chances of Getting Hired. The job market is competitive.

10 Job Search Mistakes that Ruin Your Chances of Getting Hired

Even if you have the qualifications for a position, odds are you are competing with other candidates who have similar experience. You need to avoid job search mistakes at every stage of the hiring process. 10 Common Mistakes 1. Your Resume Lack Focus One of the most common job application mistakes people make is not tailoring their resumes to the job. Take Advantage of Business Tax Credits Oklahoma. Every company, whether an entrepreneurial startup or an established chain, has to navigate the complex tax system.

Take Advantage of Business Tax Credits Oklahoma

Paying taxes can significantly limit an organization’s finances. Fortunately, deductions and credits are available to help keep taxes more manageable. It is easy to get caught up in deductions, but do not forget about credits Organizations throughout the state will benefit by researching business tax credits Oklahoma. Federal Tax Credits Tax deductions will lower your taxable income, which reduces your liability. There are some company costs, such as researching new products, that will be both a deduction and tax credit. Business Tax Credits Oklahoma Like the federal government, states have tax credits available. Individuals with disabilitiesFormer felonsPeople enrolled in TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)Food stamp recipientsThose who meet the qualifications for long-term unemploymentVeterans Discover ​how you can save thousands of dollars with this incentive.

The Benefits of Oklahoma Apprenticeships. How to Find Work with a Disability. Searching for a job is daunting for most people.

How to Find Work with a Disability

The stress increases when the person searching has a disability, particularly one that requires accommodations in the workplace. Disabilities, however, should not prevent people from finding work that they are passionate about doing. Here are a few tips to help find jobs for disabled Oklahoma. How to Search for Your Job Find your inspiration – Success in the job market requires recognizing your value as an employee.

When it comes to finding work, part of the battle is confidence. Like this: Like Loading... Finding Job for Felons Oklahoma. For people who are charged or convicted of a felony, the consequences can last well beyond their punishment.

Finding Job for Felons Oklahoma

Besides the stigma that comes with a criminal record, there are other hurdles to overcome when rebuilding trying to build a better life. One challenge that can be very discouraging for former felons is finding employment. Not every company will hire people with criminal backgrounds, and job applications require applicants to list past convictions. Fortunately, some organizations hire people convicted of felonies.

Oklahoma Work-Based Learning Program In Oklahoma. Explore The Career Opportunities In Oklahoma. Earn While You Learn With Oklahoma Apprenticeships Programms.