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Oklahomaworks — Why are Incentives so Important for Your Staff? What to Do When You Get Laid Off. Given the uncertain times in which we live, many people are finding themselves laid off in Oklahoma.

What to Do When You Get Laid Off

Whether you are in this position or not, it is a good idea to be aware of what to do when you get laid off. What to Do When You're Laid Off. The Importance of Early Career Exploration for Teens. While it might seem a little early, career exploration for teens is key to helping them find jobs that will interest them and prepare them for the real world, regardless of whether they choose to go to college or training school.

The Importance of Early Career Exploration for Teens

Students can explore careers in Oklahoma through internships, shadowing people, and summer jobs. The Importance of Career Exploration for Students Most teenagers will consider different career paths as they look to their future. Helping them explore careers in Oklahoma allows them to narrow down their choices as they consider colleges and long-term goals. Here are just a few of the benefits that highlight the importance of career exploration for teenagers.

Soft Skills Even if teens do not choose to take a job in a field where they have work experience, they have the opportunity to develop soft skills that will benefit them later in life. . ● Punctuality ● Emotional intelligence ● Professional dress ● Communication skills. Advantages of Apprenticeships for Employers – Telegraph. There are many different benefits of apprenticeship programs for apprentices.

Advantages of Apprenticeships for Employers – Telegraph

These programs provide an excellent path toward a career by providing training and paid work. The skills gained in these programs show employers that a potential employee has the experience and skills necessary to succeed in their industry. There are also many benefits of apprenticeships for employers. Benefits of Apprenticeship Programs When determining the answer to “what is an advantage of doing an apprenticeship program for your company or business,” there are many possible benefits. One of the factors that are an advantage of doing an apprenticeship program is that apprenticeships take place over a period of years instead of months like internships.

By providing apprenticeship programs, you are training potential future employees with the skills needed to do well in your industry as a whole and in your company or business specifically. Oklahomaworks — Tips on How to Get a High Paying Job. Job Interview Tips for People with Disabilities.

Your disability should not hinder you from getting a job. Even if it isn’t your “dream” job, there are still many jobs for disabled Oklahoma out there that you are more than qualified for. – oklahomaworks

Laid Off Vs. Fired: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter? When it comes to finding a new job, there is a difference between laid off and fired.

Laid Off Vs. Fired: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

These differences can affect you in both the short and long term. If you have been laid off in Oklahoma, for example, you would not want to tell a potential employer that you were fired. What Is the Difference between Layoff and Fired? Benefits of Employee Incentives. There are many benefits of incentive programs for employees and employers when they are done correctly.

Benefits of Employee Incentives

Before providing incentives, you need to make sure that they fulfil your employees' needs and desires. Common employee incentives include: Oklahomaworks — Why Getting a Job Can Be Difficult if You’re... Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal. Job searching without a criminal record can be stressful enough, but knowing where to begin when looking for jobs for people with criminal record can seem like an even worse task.

Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal

If you have a criminal record or even just a minor incident with the law, you may find that employers are reluctant to hire you. With that being said, do not hide your past convictions. Careers for College Graduates. These top career choices are things you should keep in mind.

Careers for College Graduates

Many of these are ever growing careers that are constantly changing and needing new workers. Knowing the careers in demand 2020 can be extremely helpful. So what are the best careers for 2020? Nurse Practitioner Nurse Practitioners help coordinate patient care and oftentimes provide primary (or even specialty) healthcare. How to Find the Best Job. Finding a new job is intimidating at the best of times.

How to Find the Best Job

What Are Some Good Jobs for People with Disabilities? Searching for a new job is always stressful and time-consuming.

What Are Some Good Jobs for People with Disabilities?

Finding a position that accommodates a disability adds another hurdle to the mix. Some industries and jobs have work environments that benefit employees with disabilities naturally. Ways Technology Can Help People with Disabilities Find Employment. People make assumptions about everyone they meet.

Ways Technology Can Help People with Disabilities Find Employment

Sometimes these assumptions can cost qualified candidates jobs. For people with disabilities, the views some individuals have about their situations create barriers. They need to present themselves as assets and make employers see all that they have to contribute to the workplace, but assumptions can tarnish first impressions. By using technology, it is possible to create a positive first impression and find disability employment Oklahoma. Where to Find Disability Employment Oklahoma Career Fairs Not all career fairs take place in person. Virtual Interviews Technology has forever altered the way people communicate. Virtual Presence. Oklahoma Industry Partnership Success.

Industry partnerships provide the opportunity for businesses to come together for the purpose of improving their specific industries as well as the state. Strategic partners address topics that affect their labor market, including the need for education, workforce development, and other ideas that will help meet specific industry goals while growing the state economy. Being a successful industry partner demands careful attention and commitment. Steps to Oklahoma Industry Partnership ● Goals — What challenges is your company facing? Reach out to other leaders in the industry and find out if it is something people need to address across the industry.

Oklahomaworks — Improve Your Workforce with Learning Incentives.