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AutoHome Maggiolina Carbon Fiber Roof Top Camper Tent. The team at Maggiolina has recently introduced their “lighter, stronger, better” carbon fiber rooftop camping tent for the adventure seeking outdoorsman.

AutoHome Maggiolina Carbon Fiber Roof Top Camper Tent

The contraption will mount directly onto existing rails or roof bars of your car, family bus, and SUV all without any special equipment. The tent is quite spacious, with enough room for a small bedding set to sleep comfortably in the wilderness. The carbon fiber box is extremely lightweight without comprising in strength and sustainability. The fabric used on the application is Dralon from Bayer Textiles which is both waterproof and windproof, but still very breathable at the same time.

The sleeper tent folds and unfolds in just 45 seconds thanks to the easy to use crank. Dirks diy camper trailer. Holspeed Mk11 a homebuilt camper - on a budget Like many camper trailer owners we started out tenting.

dirks diy camper trailer

After a number of successive wet camping trips late in 2007 our 10 year old tent was showing its age and I figured there must be a better way to stay dry but still retain the camping atmosphere. Friends of ours had a camper trailer and after checking out their setup I concluded this was the way to go. As the subtitle says this was to be a budget build - sourcing well priced materials, utilising what hardware I already had, and doing as much of the work as possible myself. Like a number of CamperTrailers members have done I simply intended to purchase a complete tent top off the internet and bolt it to our old box trailer. The trailer Some years ago I obtained, quite cheaply, a second hand 7'x5' box trailer.

A visit to the local steel merchant saw me stocked with various bits of RHS, angle and flat sections. Mark1 - the prototype. Wagon construction. GYPSY CARAVAN Style Compact Camper tiny house Trailer Custom - Tin Can Classifieds. Paleotool's Weblog. Latest update to this page: February 2014 To answer a common question, the sketches that led to this are found HERE.

Paleotool's Weblog

This is my home-built trailer using classic and modern building techniques and style. Based on traveler’s and “gypsy” wagons from Britain and France as well as sheep wagons from the western U.S. I am keeping this to the absolute minimum in size and weight. I don’t plan to live in it full-time so it can be thought of a base camp. Shown below is the chronology of the build from beginning to almost the present condition. I can safely say that plans for this wagon began to formulate about six or seven years ago. A few month and a few thousand miles of use helped determine the layout and location of small shelves, containers, and equipment around the wagon. Here’s a panorama of the inside from the doorway. And finally, a picture of the Tool himself. AGAIN, If you are seeking the Instructables Page on how to build the Vardo, then look here: Archive George’s Mini Vardo Update. Back in January George one of my readers shared his vardo project that he was in the process of building.

Archive George’s Mini Vardo Update

Recently George sent me an update on his completed vardo and shared that he had been using it regularly. Following is an update from George. Building the Teardrop Explorer. Building a Gypsy Wagon (Tiny House, RV, Vardo, Travel Trailer) Teardrop camper ideas and designs. Teardrop Trailer Plans. Teardrop Trailer Plans Over the past 12 years Kuffel Creek teardrop trailer plans have become the Gold Standard for first-time builders.

Teardrop Trailer Plans

We've sold thousands of our detailed plans all over the world; and happy teardroppers have responded by spreading the word that our plans are the best place to start when building your own teardrop trailer, and are well worth the price. Our obsessive customer service coupled with our absolute no-risk guarantee means you'll never be disappointed that you choose us. Our plans are a .pdf file and come in two formats: CD-ROM, and as a download. Click on the above for the trailer and plans description. 8' Cubby/10' Comet Comparison. What is the future of fuel? What's new? What's next? Since 2007, Gas 2 has covered a rapidly changing world coming to terms with its oil addiction. We’ve covered DIY teardrop trailers and campers before here on Gas 2, even publishing a how-to manual from Mechanix Illustrated a while back.

What is the future of fuel? What's new? What's next? Since 2007, Gas 2 has covered a rapidly changing world coming to terms with its oil addiction.

This, though, is the first time we’ve seen one of these pop-up on the internet with a full series of build photos! A Redditor calling himself rufi0h posted these pictures a few days ago, and they show his build progress from an open utility trailer to a fully-equipped pull-behind camper. Rufi0h adds commentary on the build along the way, saying things like “I really had no idea what I was doing, so I just started building a frame around the walls” early in the build, graduating to comments about insulation and the curved hatchback – which gave him some trouble. “Building the frame for the hatchback. This design failed. That rufi0h had any trouble at all hardly seems believable when you see the finished product. Enough chatter, though- this is what you’re here for: build pics.

Source | Photos: rufi0h, via Imgur. About the Author. Teardrop Trailer Plans : How to Build a Cheap Camper. I love creative camping spaces for compact living – which is quite a claim, considering I am 6’6″ tall.

Teardrop Trailer Plans : How to Build a Cheap Camper

I owned my first camping trailer back in 2003, and I even lived in it for a month when I was airbrushing down in the little tourist beach side town of Seaside, OR. Redditer Builds Incredible Hobbit Hole Camper Trailer From Scratch! Most hobbits seem to be the stay-at-hole types – but there are a few who yearn for adventure.

Redditer Builds Incredible Hobbit Hole Camper Trailer From Scratch!

Redditer Samm1t has built an amazing hobbit hole camping trailer to take all the comforts of home with him as he embarks on his travels. Starting from scratch, the whole trailer took two months cost a little over $2,000 to construct. How to build your own ultra-lightweight Micro Camper Teardrop Trailer. One of our readers, Jean-René Rodrigue, wanted to share his homemade micro camper with you.

How to build your own ultra-lightweight Micro Camper Teardrop Trailer

It’s a custom built teardrop trailer designed to be 8′ in length, 5′ in width, and 5′ in height on the interior. Where to Find Free Do it Yourself Camper Plans. With the state of the economy being what it is today, it may seem impossible to own an RV.

Where to Find Free Do it Yourself Camper Plans

However if you're willing to invest just a little sweat equity and some time, you can quickly and cost-effectively build your very own camping trailer. One of the most cost-effective ways to begin this project is to find free plans for the type of camper you desire. A quick search on the Internet can generate quite a variety of available plans. Pop Up Camper IDEAS. Teardrop Travel Trailer a Simple RV Perfect for Weekend Camping. Teardrop Trailer. Each step is one day. First of all, my day job is software programmer. This is my first build. I have basic knowledge of wood working and I have some tools. Pimpin' Pimpin' - Teardrop Trailer Build Blog. Rent a Teardrop Trailer. If you have fallen in love with teardrop trailers, but you don't want to commit yet to purchasing or building one, you can always rent one of the tiny campers. My first suggestion would be to make friends with a teardrop owner and offer to pay them to take their trailer out on a short camping trip.

This will not only give you some experience with towing and sleeping in a teardrop, but you will make another friend who can give you some valuable advice. There are several companies around the U.S. where you can rent a teardrop trailer for your next wilderness excursion. I'm surprised there are not more companies or individuals around who are willing to rent out their trailers. Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers.