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Under the Hood VIII

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Africa Is Urbanising Without Globalising. Automation will wipe out jobs in Africa, others - W/Bank. Western Union, MoneyGram Charge Africans Twice as Much to Wire Money Home, Report Finds. Sub-Saharan African expatriates working in the U.S. and Europe pay twice as much to wire money home than their Southeast Asian or Latin American counterparts, according to a report from a British economic development organization published this week.

Western Union, MoneyGram Charge Africans Twice as Much to Wire Money Home, Report Finds

Transaction fees cost the region an estimated $1.8 billion annually, the report from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) said. Whereas remittance fees have gone down for people sending money to Latin America and Southeast Asia — in keeping with G8 and G20 targets to reduce transaction costs — the cost of sending money home to Africa has remained the same. Remittances account for 5 percent of the entire continent’s GDP, but Maria Quattri, one of the authors of the report, argues that a great deal more is “lost in intermediation.” That money, said Quattri, could be used to educate 14 million children in the region, “half of the number out of school.” “We have no choice. Calls for better regulation Read the full story at 10 countries with lowest unemployment rates in Africa.

Photo: New job.

10 countries with lowest unemployment rates in Africa

Photo/Courtesy 1. Botswana Botswana has a population of about two million people. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Middle Income Grps & Sub Classes(by Percentage of Pop.) by Country. Africa in 2050, The Longterm Economic Picture by Country. Africa map of Map of Sub-Saharan Africa: Middle Income Countries(MICs) Groupings [2012 Data] by Country. Classement des villes africaines qui abritent le plus de millionnaires, selon New World Wealth et AfrAsia Bank, en 2016. Three times as many mobile phones as toilets in Africa. BULAWAYO — Though key to good health and economic wellbeing, water and sanitation remain less of a development priority in Africa, where high costs and poor policy implementation constrain getting clean water and flush toilets to millions.

Three times as many mobile phones as toilets in Africa

Clean water is still a pipe dream for more than 300 million Africans A signatory to several agreements committing to water security, Africa simply cannot afford the infrastructure to bring water to everyone, argues water expert Mike Muller. Sub-Saharan Africa uses less than 5% of its water resources, but making water available to all can be prohibitively expensive, Muller, of the Wits University School of Governance in South Africa and a former director general of the South African Department of Water, said.

Economie : la Chinafrique est une réalité – Les Africains ont connu la colonisation européenne, qui, leur a apporté médecine, infrastructures routières, éducation, développement, mise en valeur de leur potentiel économique, les faisant passer en un siècle de l’âge de pierre à Internet.

Economie : la Chinafrique est une réalité –

La route transsaharienne Alger-Lagos opérationnelle en 2018. La route transsaharienne Alger-Lagos sera opérationnelle en 2018, c’est ce qu’a annoncé le ministre des Affaires maghrébines, de l’Union africaine et de la Ligue des Etats arabes, Abdelkader Messahel à la télévision nationale algérienne.

La route transsaharienne Alger-Lagos opérationnelle en 2018

UNIDO 2016 G20 08 25. How Connectivity Is Opening Up Infrastructure Across Africa - Information Security Buzz. In the Western world utilities are often taken for granted.

How Connectivity Is Opening Up Infrastructure Across Africa - Information Security Buzz

The majority of citizens live in a house with water, electricity and gas automatically connected and monitored on meters; very few will even consider the prospect of life without what they see as basic necessities. There is no starker contrast to the Western world’s approach to utilities than in Africa. 115 people in Africa die every hour from diseases linked to contaminated water, while 589 million habitants live without electricity. However, mobile technology is already starting to change the shape of utilities across the continent, so much so, that other regions could learn from the IoT deployments which are already changing lives.

Opinion: Africa Could Easily Be A Global Economic Powerhouse Within 10 Years. Senegalese factory.

Opinion: Africa Could Easily Be A Global Economic Powerhouse Within 10 Years

Photo: PressAfrik In today’s interdependent global economy, Africa is a weak link. The continent is not destined to lag behind the rest of the world economy. On the contrary, it could easily become a global economic powerhouse – and within the next decade, says Li Yong, director general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Grandiose Plans To Finally Map Out Africa: Motion Without Movement? Why African States Are Refusing to Sign On to EU Trade Deals. Prolonged and contentious trade negotiations between the European Union and different regions of Africa have been put back into the spotlight in recent months.

Why African States Are Refusing to Sign On to EU Trade Deals

Despite negotiating Economic Partnership Agreements, or EPAs, with the EU, several key African states have failed to sign them. Britain’s referendum on leaving the EU last June has added an extra dimension of uncertainty to the situation. This threatens to derail years of trade talks between Europe and Africa, which changed significantly with the signing of the Cotonou Agreement in 2000 between the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, or ACP countries. Pierre Jacquemot : « L’Afrique est en train de vivre sa seconde indépendance et cherche les dividendes de sa démographie » Dans son dernier ouvrage publié chez Karthala, L’Afrique des possibles - les défis de l’émergence, Pierre Jacquemot analyse les évolutions structurelles du continent et donne les clés de son développement durable.

Pierre Jacquemot : « L’Afrique est en train de vivre sa seconde indépendance et cherche les dividendes de sa démographie »

Nigeria to join Continental Free Trade Agreement. Frost & Sullivan's top tech trends for Africa in 2017 - Part 1. It's easy to be inundated by the avalanche of technology that exists and is constantly coming out, leading to a plethora of emerging trends in the market and across the globe.

Frost & Sullivan's top tech trends for Africa in 2017 - Part 1

Frost & Sullivan states that what’s of particular interest to them isn’t just what the technology is capable of, but from an African perspective, what it actually means for the market in its application and the wider implications in its development and deployment. To that end, the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) team has prepared its view on key trends that will emerge over the course of 2017. This won’t necessarily be a ‘we told you so’, but rather an overview of trends to keep front of mind when looking over the vast landscape that is evolving technologies. Africa: Things May Have to Get Worse to Get Better in Africa. They Certainly Got Worse in 2016.

AnalysisBy Simon Allison The economic and political fractures in many African countries have become more exposed than ever this year. But in the cracks lie opportunities. Africa is still a difficult region for paying taxes - PwC report. Africa is still a difficult region for paying taxes - PwC report Economies around the world continue to make progress in simplifying and reducing the burden of tax compliance on business, according to the latest edition of Paying Taxes 2017, a report by the World Bank Group and PwC. Released today, the report finds that the Total Tax rate decreased by 0.1 percentage points to 40.6 percent; time to comply declined by 8 hours to 251 hours; and the number of payments by 0.8 to 25 payments.

The Paying Taxes 2017 report examines the ease of paying taxes in 190 economies. Africa: Unleashing Africa's Full Potential. OpinionBy Ambassador Amina Mohamed Nairobi, Kenya — Africa is the cradle of mankind and home to the youngest population in the world. We have a historic opportunity to realize the full potential of our continent in sharing the prosperity we have earned, in enhancing economic growth and in promoting and entrenching democratic ideals. The African Union Commission (AUC) must provide leadership. Taxes Rates by Country[2013 Data] by Country. The Geopolitics: Africa’s Historical Rich Oil-Curse. A sober diplomatic analysis of China, the West and others quest for African oil minerals By: Josephus Moses Gray “This might sound ridiculous”, but it is a fact that the oil’s curse can be avoided and hence, be turned into a fruitful and praiseworthy blessing; but the saddest nightmare is that dozen of oil -rich African states mismanaged their resources, thereby restricting the bulk of the home population to abject poor.

In many of Africa’s most oil-rich countries, such as Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea, —oil becomes a curse. The western capitalists over the centuries, beginning with the slave trade, has ruthlessly exploited the African continent, as Karl Marx described it, “the turning of Africa into a commercial warren for the hunting of black skins” was one of the chief sources of “primitive accumulation” that “signaled the rosy dawn of the era of capitalist production.” Www.worldbankblogs. "L'avenir de l'Afrique se jouera dans les villes" (Pierre-Antoine Balu, PwC)

Le continent africain, plus que tout autre, est confronté à l'immense défi d'une urbanisation accélérée. 2020-2050 : "Trente glorieuses" pour l'Afrique ? L'avenir de l'Afrique appartient aux Africains. C'est à la mer que nous devons les grandes transformations du Monde. Elle est le vecteur des plus glorieuses conquêtes, autant que des pires défaites, des plus grandes épidémies, comme du rayonnement du génie humain. 18 African countries to automate online intellectual property registration. By Emeka Aginam Following the successful trial in Kenya, the software giant, Microsoft handed over the source code for an online intellectual property (IP) registration system to IP authorities across Africa, including the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO). The online registration system replaces the traditional manual process of submitting paper-based forms, making the registration of IP fast, accessible and more efficient Microsoft 4Afrika is handing over the source code to an online automated IP registration system, to help IP authorities across Africa drive a culture of IP protection.

The system was first developed and tested by Microsoft 4Afrika, through their IP Hub initiative, and KECOBO in June last year. Mauritius Has The Fastest Growing Wealth Market In Africa - Report. Port Louis, capital city of Mauritius. Photo: Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island in sub-Saharan Africa, is the fastest growing wealth market on the continent with 3,200 millionaires, according to a report by the New World Wealth Investment Review. The average person on the island is worth $ 21,700, which is more than second-placed South Africa, Africa’s biggest economy where the average person is worth about $10,300.

“The number of United States dollar millionaires living in Mauritius has increased by 340 percent since 2000, to reach 3,200 in 2015 and the number is expected to rise by another 130 percent in the next 10 years, reaching 7,400 by 2025, making it the fastest growing African market for millionaires over this period,” read the report. The economy is projected to grow at a rate of 3.8 percent this year, an increase from 3.7 percent in 2015, as several sectors including real estate, information and communication, financial and insurance sectors enjoying a boom. AFRIQUE : "Les grands défis de l’Afrique francophone" par Ilyes Zouari (revue Population & Avenir) African Continental Free Trade Area: Developing and Strengthening Regional Value Chains in Agricultural Commodities and Processed Food Products.

The African Union Assembly decided in 2012 during its 18th Ordinary Session to boost intra-African trade and to fast track the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA). This CFTA is expected to boost intra-African trade expansion, stimulate sustained economic growth and foster inclusive development. The CFTA is more than a free trade agreement. It is perceived as a platform that would facilitate a process of inclusive structural transformation of African countries, contributing to meeting Africa's 2063 Vision. In this process, the CFTA would also help Africa to make progress in implementing the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. The present study aims to enhance knowledge among policy-makers, experts and private sector on requisite policies and measures for fostering the development and strengthening of regional supply and value chains in agricultural commodities and processed food products. Objectives and Methodology of the Report.

La BAD crée un Fonds pour l’intégrité de l’Afrique. Economies by Stage of Development [2013-2014] by Country. Global Competitiveness Score [2013-2014] by Country. IT News Africa – Africa's Technology News Leader. The eCommerce MoneyAfrica 2017 will take place at the CTICC in Cape Town. (Image: Now in its 3rd year running, eCommerce MoneyAfrica 2017, powered by Kinetic, is taking place at the CTICC in Cape Town on the 22-23 February 2017. Event speakers: Manuel Koser, Founding Partner, Silvertree Capital and Chris Folayan, CEO MallForAfrica share insights and tips for fellow eCommerce vendors. Pêche illégale : l'Afrique sanctionne... enfin. Deux navires industriels chinois pris en flagrant délit de pêche illégale au large de la Guinée ont été condamnés à une amende totale de trois millions d'euros, a indiqué ce jeudi à l'AFP le ministre guinéen de la Pêche André Loua.

Ces deux navires, appartenant à la même société, selon le ministre, font partie des 14 bateaux de pêche contrôlés en infraction de la réglementation lors d'une opération conjointe du 28 août au 1er septembre dans les eaux gambiennes, sénégalaises, guinéennes et bissau-guinéennes. Africa has ‘lost $1.7 trillion’ in 50 years. Claver Gatete, Rwanda’s minister of finance and economic planning, has called on African leaders to tackle illicit financial flows, alleging that the continent had lost over $1.7 trillion to the menace in the last 50 years. According to a statement by the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), Gatete made the call while speaking at the third annual customer due diligence and corporate governance forum which the bank organised in Rwanda. Gatete said Africa was losing an estimated $50 billion annually to illicit financial flows. He said this should be a source of concern to the continent, “especially as access to finance and capital was a key constraint to growth and economic development”.

The Namibia Economist. Kagame now picks Dream Team to drive AU independence. Afrique: AGOA - Le commerce non-pétrolier a quadruplé entre le continent et les USA - Africa's blue economy worth $250 billion. L' économie bleue, levier du développement du continent Africain. Untitled. African presidents urge investment in youth as continent sees rare demographic opportunity. Mastercard study reveals African consumers seek more digital services.

Market Prioritization Framework, Risk & Priority [2013 Data] by Country. Risk opportunity matrix for Consumer Goods & Svcs sector [2013 Data] by Country. Priority Consumer Markets for FMCGs (Horizon 2020) by Country. Household Consumer Spending [2009 Data] by Country. L’Afrique concentre la moitié des pays à plus forte croissance de la planète, Afrique - Moyen Orient. Africa’s E-Learning Market Doubles to $500 Million. Manuel Valls : « Ce siècle sera celui des Africains » Economic Partnership Agreement :Six African Countries Granted Duty Free Trade With The EU. Inside Story - How can food security in Africa be achieved? Talk Africa: Africa and the G20. Press Conference - AU’s Trade and Industry Agenda as a catalyst for Africa’s Development-13July 2016. Africa may become the next China. Why African countries are refusing trade pacts. New Study Reveals Africa's Most Promising Sectors To Watch. L’Afrique veut continuer de se développer, sans les conseils de l’Occident.

Africa stands to benefit from new trade deals and, possibly, from Brexit. Afrique : le défi d'une urbanisation galopante. Cities of opportunity in Africa. Can Africa Achieve First World Status? Africa – the great opportunity. Economistes africains et souveraineté monétaire de l’Afrique: tromperies/malentendus ? L’Afrique fait le pari de l’« industrialisation verte » Ecobank research reveals Africa’s five investment hot spots. Risk-averse companies missing out in Francophone Africa. Explicit cookie consent. Brexit Shock Spreads To Africa - ValueWalk. Africa needs a dose of punctuality and cleanliness. Une étude d'Ecobank sur l'impact du Brexit. Sub-Saharan Africa Agriculture to Rise 2.6% Yearly Through 2025. Africa to feed world by 2025. Africa Can Feed Just 40% of its Population in 2025 - United Nations University, World Bank. What does China want in Africa Part One. African Futures Project "Eliminating Poverty" infographic. Afrique : Classements des pays producteurs de matières premières.

La concurrence stratégique entre les pays africains est réelle. Afrique : le défi d'une urbanisation galopante. Africa: Thirty African Nations Cut 'Multidimensional' Poverty in 'Runaway Success' Great Leaders Aren’t Born – They’re Made. And Africa is Showing us How - Let’s sort out the facts from the fiction of Africa’s rising middle class — Quartz. Zambia : African countries achieved considerable economic progress in 2015 despite challenges. Dominant Commodity Exports by Country [2010 Data] by Country. Mani James 5412. 535 eng ed2008. Development Bank's New Focus Has Africans Exchanging "High Fives" Africa: What Others Say - We Have Taken a Peek At a New Africa. Africa has some of the least competitive countries, but that could change.

Africa: Time for Africa to Transition From Extractive to Learning Economies. The Approaching Golden Age of Africa. Urban Africa’s Big Chance. Explicit cookie consent. Top 10 Most Sought After Jobs in Africa - Explicit cookie consent. Africa: Cash, Trade and Securities Innovations Connecting Africa to the World. Africa Economy: Sub-Saharan Africa's economy shrinks to 3 pct in 2015: World Bank. Mauritius Richest Country in Africa; Zimbabwe Poorest.