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Port of Cabinda, Angola, handles more ships and containers in 2018. Benguela Railroad in Angola increases freight and passengers. December 18th, 2015 News The Benguela Railroad (Caminhos-de-Ferro de Benguela – CFB) this year transported 27,000 tons of various goods and 461,000 passengers, said Thursday in Lobito the company’s president, José Carlos Gomes.

Benguela Railroad in Angola increases freight and passengers

The president of CFB said freight transport represented an increase of 42.4 percent compared to the amount carried in 2014, while the number of passengers represented an annual increase of 29.7 percent. Despite these increases, Gomes acknowledged that the company’s financial situation is weak and it remains dependant on the state budget to pay salaries and allowances. Gomes also said the speed currently achieved by the trains was not ideal and the company was working on increasing it to 80-90 kilometres per hour. Port in southern Angola receives first cruise ship. April 8th, 2015 News.

Port in southern Angola receives first cruise ship

Angola Monitor - New Luanda airport handles 15 million passengers. The new Luanda international airport, considered the largest public works project in Angola, should move annually more than 15 million passengers, according to the Secretary of State for Construction, António Flor.

Angola Monitor - New Luanda airport handles 15 million passengers

The official announced that forecasts point to an annual traffic of 10 million passengers for international flights and five million users on domestic flights. In the long run, António Flor said the Angolan Government believes it will be possible to quadruple this traffic reaching 60 million passengers. The construction of the new airport of Luanda started in 2004 in the municipality of Bom Jesus, about 40 kilometers from the capital, in the province of Bengo, and should be completed by 2017. The project, expected to be the largest in Central and West Africa, aims to be a logistics platform and airport in the region. Source: Angola Press. Estação especial de Sacomar e Estação 1.º de Maio. Angola spends US$500 million on rolling stock. November 24th, 2014 News.

Angola spends US$500 million on rolling stock

Angola - Armando Manuel, Angolan Finance Minister. With the help of the private sector, the Angolan government’s National Network of Logistic Platforms initiative looks to spur regional and national growth through developing an integrated transport network.

Angola - Armando Manuel, Angolan Finance Minister

The Angolan government has announced that it is to invest around $3.9 billion in building 44 logistics platforms under the implementation of its National Network of Logistic Platforms (NNLP) project. Angola - Augusto Da Silva Tomas, Minister of Transport. The ports, which sit on the South Atlantic Ocean, not only serve Angola’s 19 million people but also act as a gateway to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa With 95% of international trade and importations transiting through ports, it’s no surprise that Angola, a country that is predicted to enjoy one of the highest economic growth rates over the next decade, is pinning a big importance and investing heavily in continued development of its port infrastructure.

Angola - Augusto Da Silva Tomas, Minister of Transport

As Africa’s biggest oil producer after Nigeria, significant investment has already been made into developing Angola’s ports to ensure crude oil, which accounts for 85% of its $131.8 billion GDP, is smoothly and quickly exported to countries including China, the United States and India. Angola Magazine - Bié - Inauguradas 3 estações intermédias e 4 apeadeiros. Distribuição e Logística em Angola.pdf. Angola to speed up unloading by 80pc. Angola’s main port installed new cranes and provided more training to reduce its cargo unloading time by 80 percent as the government reviews a plan to build Africa’s biggest shipping terminal.

Angola to speed up unloading by 80pc

Vessel turnaround times at Luanda were cut to an average of three days last year from 16 days in 2008, Alberto Antonio Bengue, port administrator for commercial, safety and environmental affairs, said in an interview at his office. That compares with 2,5 days for container ships at South Africa’s Durban port, the continent’s busiest. “We have invested in modern loading and unloading infrastructure, human capital and a port pier,” Bengue said. “We plan to increase the number of containers handled to more than a million by the end of this year.”

Container traffic at Luanda has more than doubled over the past five years to 912 900 20-foot equivalent units in 2013, according to Bengue. The port received 1 119 ships last year and is targeting a 4 percent increase in 2014, the administrator said. Waiting time at port of Luanda reduced to three days. April 28th, 2014 News Two new cranes have been installed at the port of Luanda, Angola’s most important port, which has reduced the waiting time for ships by around 80 percent to three days, said the Luanda Port Company’s commercial, safety and environmental director.

Waiting time at port of Luanda reduced to three days

Alberto António Bengue said that waiting time had fallen from 16 days in 2008 to three days last year, which compared well with the 2.5 days average wait at the container port in Durban, South Africa. Over 100 railway stations inaugurated in 2013. Luanda port records 13 million tons in 2013. Port of Caio - Port of Caio. Over 100 railway stations inaugurated in 2013.

Angola’s foreign reserves total over US$34 billion. River channel in Angola to link the provinces of Cunene and Kuando Kubango. Angolan distribution group opens first commercial space. July 9th, 2013 News The new Angolan distribution brand Deskontão last week opened its first commercial space in Belas, Luanda province, and works with national producers to supply its stores, said the head of the group responsible for the project, Score Distribuição.

Angolan distribution group opens first commercial space

Domingos Vunge said the distribution sector can help ensure the distribution of national products, adding that partnerships had been set up with local producers, “to guarantee an increasing place for national products on the shopping list of Angolans”. The space that opened south of Luanda operates as a store for business and private customers and as a logistical distribution centre for future Score Distribuição units. It covers an area of 11,287 square metres and is the result of a US$33 million investment. Angola Magazine - Instituto Superior de Gestão logistica e transporte. Economics - Luanda to get three railways for public transport. Angola to Revive Luanda Port’s Freight Trains This Month. The transport of cargo by rail in Angola, Africa’s second largest oil producer, will begin this month from the port of Luanda for the first time in two decades.

Angola to Revive Luanda Port’s Freight Trains This Month

The target is to move 615,000 metric tons a year, Isaac Mateus, Commercial Director at Caminho de Ferro de Luanda E.P, said in an interview on Feb. 27. Documento final 2 - Distribuição e Logística em Angola.pdf. Angola to buy 100 locomotives from US group General Electric. February 19th, 2013 News US group General Electric (GE) is due to supply Angola with 100 locomotives and technical assistance, including for the engines of aircraft owned by Angolan airline Taag manufactured by the group, under the terms of a contract signed last week in Lobito.

The director of the Office for Studies, planning and Statistics of the Transport Ministry, Teresa Muro, said that buying the locomotives was essential for the development of the Lobito Corridor. The corridor links Angola to the Democratic Republic of Congo and to Zambia by rail and will allow products, including minerals, to be transported along it to these countries. The president of GE Transportation, Lorenzo Simonelli, said that the contract was open-ended and added that the locomotives were technologically advanced and cost up to 200 million kwanzas (US$2 million) per unit. Related News: Retratos de Angola - Porto de Luanda e policia fiscal. Retratos de Angola - Caminhos de ferro, Moçâmedes (Cuando Cubango). Economics - Second phase of Luanda logistics centre worths over AKZ 3.0 billion.

Economics - Luanda Port ready to receive big capacity ships. Angolan trains return to DR Congo in five months. After about two decades of inactivity, the railway line linking Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo is set to go back to action this December, an official has confirmed. Mr Jose Carlos Gomes, CFB’s official confirmed that the remaining work to restore the line will be completed before take off time. CFB is the company that operates trains on the route.