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Citiesafrica2010-7.pdf. South African Cities Network - PARTNERS IN CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES. African sushi: fish links Lesotho and Japanese chefs. CNN Marketplace Africa covers the macro trends impacting the region and also focuses on the continent's key industries and corporations.

African sushi: fish links Lesotho and Japanese chefs

Thanks to Highlands Trout, and their operation 2,200m above sea level in the Maluti Mountains, supermarket shoppers in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo can now get their seafood fix from the landlocked African nation. "Lesotho provide(s) ideal, pristine environmental conditions for the farming of large trout," explains Fred Formanek, managing partner of Advance Africa Management Services, who has developed the Highlands Trout project since 2009. "Water temperatures are close to ideal [for trout] for most of the year due to the altitude. " Production started in 2012 with a haul of 500 tonnes of trout in the first year.

During the current financial year, the company aims to produce three-times that amount. While the business says the Japan-bound fish are stuck on a ship for four weeks, executives insist the added logistics -- and extra costs -- are worth it. 6. TMSA Growth Poles - Growth Poles and Value Chains 131006 FINAL. Sweet energy in Mauritius - CNN Video. Sweet energy in Mauritius Source: CNN Added on 2:57 AM ET, Mon March 30, 2015.

Sweet energy in Mauritius - CNN Video

Who Knew? Madagascar Has Africa’s Third Largest Chinese Population. The Chinese population on the east African island of Madagascar defies many of the poorly-informed, albeit widely-held, stereotypes about Chinese migrants on the rest of the continent.

Who Knew? Madagascar Has Africa’s Third Largest Chinese Population

First, the community in Madagascar isn't small or isolated. In fact, the Chinese population on the island has grown five-fold over the past decade to an estimated 100,000 people, making it the third-largest Chinese community in all of Africa. While many Chinese immigrants in the rest of Africa are new to the region, that is not the case in Madagascar. The first wave of Chinese migration to the island dates back to the early 1800s. Whereas Chinese migrants elsewhere in Africa are often viewed quite poorly by the local population, in Madagascar the older generation of Chinese migrants is regarded as among the most popular of the island’s various ethnic minorities. Botswana-based chain supermarket expand regional footprint - $US6 billion gas pipeline proposed for South Africa and Mozambique.

South African oil and gas company SacOil, South Africa's Public Investment Corporation SOC Ltd, and the Government of Mozambique’s Instituto de Gestão das Participações do Estado have signed an agreement to evaluate the feasibility of a $US6 billion 2,600 km gas pipeline and distribution facility to carry natural gas from Mozambique’s Rovuma fields into South Africa.

$US6 billion gas pipeline proposed for South Africa and Mozambique

The proposed pipeline would have off-takes to other neighbouring Southern African Development Community countries. SacOil has said that the South African Government has stated its objective to reduce CO2 emission levels and to increase the use of natural gas, with demand for natural gas expected to grow in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe due to the increase of gas-fired power station development, vehicle and related downstream industries and domestic consumption.

The joint development agreement (JDA) between SacOil and the Institute will evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of the pipeline. Lobito-Lusaka-corridor.pdf. Microsoft Word - Transport Sector Plan V3 final - SADC_RIDMP_Transport_1008.pdf. Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa connected by railways. October 30th, 2014 News The Mozambique government is examining the possibility of building a railway linking the country to the South African province of Kwazulu-Natal, passing through Swaziland, said the director of the National Institute of Tourism (Inatur).

Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa connected by railways

During the East3Route initiative, which since Sunday has brought together in Durban nearly 300 participants from four countries – South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and the Seychelles – Hiuane Abacar said, on behalf of Mozambique, that conditions were in place to carry out the project in the near future, according to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias. “The country is ready to start the discussion to carry out this initiative,” said Abacar, adding “this is a project that because of its economic importance, will merit attention from the government of Mozambique and involvement in its execution.” Symrise opens $3m vanilla extraction facility in Madagascar.

Symrise has opened a new €3m ($3.83m) vanilla extraction facility in Benavony, Madagascar - the latest milestone in its strategy to “establish the entire value chain for vanilla in its source country”.

Symrise opens $3m vanilla extraction facility in Madagascar

The flavors & fragrances giant, which processes about 200 tons of vanilla from Madagascar each year (c.10 % of the annual harvest), recently opened a new fermentation and storage complex in Antalaha, Madagascar. The new extraction facility in Benavony means that every step in the processing of vanilla can now be performed locally, said Symrise CEO Dr Jürgen Bertram. “With this new plant, we are completing the cycle of responsible vanilla production on site. Sadc unveils infrastructure project fund. REGIONAL bloc Sadc has unveiled a fund in which member states and implementing agencies can tap into for infrastructure projects.

Sadc unveils infrastructure project fund

The fund, Project Preparation and Development Facility (PPDF), will give a minimum grant of $250 000 for infrastructure projects. Sadc said it had established PPDF with the main objective of enhancing sustainable economic growth and delivery of key services affecting development within the Sadc region and among its members and their citizenry. The Development Bank of Southern Africa was appointed by the Sadc secretariat as implementing agent and fund manager for PPDF. The fund will meet project development costs in sectors such as transport, energy, information and communication technologies, water and sanitation and tourism-related infrastructure. Angola-Namibia currency deal. The Governor of the Bank of Namibia, Ipumbu Shiimi and Dr Jose de Lima Massano, Governor of Banco Nacional de Angola signed a Currency Conversion Agreement between the two central banks.

Angola-Namibia currency deal

The Bank of Namibia (BoN) has been concerned about the decline in trade between Namibia and Angola, in particular the once thriving trading business in Oshikango. After BoN undertook research it found that trade between Namibia and Angola was conducted in US Dollars and that a shortage of that currency contributed to the decline in trade. This prompted the Namibian central bank to engage the Banco Nacional de Angola for the Currency Conversion Agreement. The two central banks concluded this agreement to facilitate reciprocal conversion of both national currencies. It will allow business people and traders to legally export either Namibia Dollars to Angola or the Angola Kwanza to Namibia and exchange them into local currency for trading purposes. SADC to have own payment system.

A committee of central bank governors in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is working on a payment system that will facilitate transactions and money transfers across the region, APA learnt here Wednesday.Bank of Namibia governor Ipumbu Shiimi told The Southern Times in a wide-ranging interview that plans for a regional payment systems would be operational in two years and would eliminate routing of transactions which originates locally via European or American financial institutions.

SADC to have own payment system

“This will eliminate uncertainties and inefficiencies in the current system. And once payments are guaranteed, this will mean that goods and products can flow easily in the region,” Shiimi said. “Current system is very cumbersome” and a “new system is required which corresponds to regional banking systems. Southern Africa: Logistics Hub for SADC Envisaged. A STATE-OF-THE-ART logistics hub for Southern African countries is envisaged in Namibia, next year.

Southern Africa: Logistics Hub for SADC Envisaged

Ida Ndjarakana from the National Planning Commission said that the fourth National Development Plan (NDP4) has identified the logistics industry as one of the economic priorities, an area in which Namibia is said to have a clear comparative advantage and thus a need was identified for the "logistics hub for Southern Africa". She made these remarks during the information session on Namibia as a logistics hub concept at Oshakati, on Wednesday.

"The current NDP4 aims to increase its gears in the future with at least 9.0% as it is focusing on prioritisation," said Ndjarakana. During the NDP4 2013-2014, the unemployment rate stood at 20%, compared to 27% during NDP4 2012-2013. The improved income equality in 2010 was at 0.59 and in 2017 it aims to stand at around 0.49, while it aims to be around 0.30 in 2030. "We are having a high challenge of sea ports at the moment. Southern Africa: SADC Ready to Establish Africa's Largest Integrated Market. By Kizito Sikuka Southern Africa is committed to finalize negotiations to establish Africa's largest integrated market covering 26 countries in eastern and southern Africa. The proposed Tripartite Free Trade Area involves three regional economic communities namely the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), East African Community (EAC) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

According to a roadmap developed by COMESA-EAC-SADC, the Grand FTA is expected to come into force by 2016. If this happens, intra-regional trade is expected to increase sharply and deepen regional integration through improved investment flows and enhanced competition. In fact, this arrangement will create a combined population of some 600 million people covering half of the member states of the African Union (AU) and a Gross Domestic Product of about US$1 trillion.

"As SADC, I believe we are ready for the tripartite arrangement. Southern Africa: SADC - 'Persian Gulf' of Minerals (Page 1 of 3) Angola Covers 1 247 000 km² in the western region of Southern Africa and is the second largest country south of the Sahara after the Democratic Republic of Congo. Angola's population is estimated at 17 992 000 (latest census) and it gained independence from Portugal in 1975. The oil industry is the backbone of the economy, but oil and fishing are the main sectors that have attracted foreign investment in recent years. Angola's economy has been devastated by decades of civil war, which negatively impacted on sectors such as agriculture, iron mining and diamonds. Angola also has significant tourism potential. Southern Africa: SADC Targets U.S.$4 Billion High-Priority Energy Projects. Photo: UN Photo/Sylvain Liechti A peacekeeper with the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (file photo).

By Joseph Ngwawi. Mauritius: Island set to become''High Income Country'' SADC Plano Director Regional de Infra-Estrutura - Plano do Sector de Transportes - SADC-Plano-Director-Regional-de-Infra-Estrutura-Plano-do-Sector-de-Transportes-Part-2.pdf. Infrastructure Components of the North South Corridor.pdf. Truck stops planned along Trans Kalahari Corridor. The governments of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia aim to boost regional trade by improving the efficiency of the Trans Kalahari Corridor network via the establishment of a number of new truck stops along the transport corridors spanning all three countries. The viability of establishing the truck stops has been confirmed by a feasibility study and investors are now investigating the opportunities for involvement, according to the Trans Kalahari Corridor Secretariat (TKCS). The network consists of the Trans Kalahari, the Trans Cunene and the Walvis Bay - Ndola - Lubumbashi (Trans Caprivi) Corridors, linking the three countries with each other and with Angola and Zambia.

Primary and secondary sites have been investigated in detail in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa and four new truck stops have been recommended along the Trans Kalahari Corridor. The total investment for the development of the truck stops is estimated at around R55 million for all four truck stops. African Union rolls out Internet exchange point in Swaziland. The African Union Commission has set-up an Internet Exchange Point in Swaziland to allow faster, secure and affordable Internet in Africa. (Image source: Mato Rachela)The African Union Commission (AUC) has partnered with the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology of the Kingdom of Swaziland and Internet Society (ISOC) to offer faster, more secure and affordable Internet in Africa, according to Tankou Azza Esther, AUC editorial officer The Commission has set-up an Internet exchange point in Swaziland to keep local internet traffic within local infrastructure, it said.

“The Internet Exchange Point in Swaziland will contribute to bringing efficiency in the routing of intra-country internet traffic and hence faster and more secure exchange of intra-country internet traffic,” Esther said. The AUC has expanded capacity building support to assist in the establishment of internet exchange points in 24 member states including Swaziland, it revealed. Microsoft Word - Technical Report - SADC COMESA Bond Market Study Final - Technical Report - SADC COMESA Bond Market Study Final.pdf.

Voice SMS launch for Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Voice SMS technology firm Kirusa plans to roll-out services in three more African markets, a company official has revealed to ITWeb Africa. Partnering with mobile operators, Kirusa provides voice SMS technology for feature phone users to send short voice messages. Users then avoid costs associated with making phone calls, according to Surinder Anand, vice president for product management at Kirusa. Angola and Mozambique to be linked by rail soon. Philip Snr Ponya liked this post. Railway project to link Mozambique and Angola. Cher internaute, Nous vous remercions de votre visite sur le site APANEWS et profitons de cette occasion pour vous informer que la consultation des derniers articles est gratuite.

L'accès aux archives payantes passe par un système d'ABONNEMENT ou d'ACHAT en ligne, par carte bancaire, ou toute autre voie convenue d’accord partie. Buy Books, Toys, Cameras, Tools, Electronics & more. SADC's own Amazon. Now that Valentine is upon us you might want to try for that elusive perfect gift. With Valentine’s day around the corner a lot of romantics are scurrying in a last minute ditch to find that perfect gift.The tech-savy might want to try online but one of the problems that any newbie Zimbabwean online shopper quickly learns is that household names like Amazon, Sears, BestBuy, Ralph Lauren and Ebay were not meant for them.

Nacala_Assessment_Final(42710_V2) - Nacala-Corridor-Assessment-Final-USAID-AgriFuturo-Project-April-2010.pdf. 2013SAGB_FR_02ENG.pdf. Maurice envisage de profite de l'intérêt croissant des pays asiatiques pour le "seafood hub" PORT-LOUIS (Xinhua) - L'industrie de transformation de fruits de mer fournit des emplois directs à 5 000 personnes à Maurice, dont 80% de femmes. Maurice a entamé des discussions avec avec la Russie, l'Afrique du Sud, le Mozambique, le Gabon, la Zambie, la Turquie, la Tunisie et les Comores pour former un partenariat stratégique afin de pouvoir satisfaire l'int érêt croissant des pays asiatiques pour le "seafood hub" comme la Chine, la Corée du Sud, l'Inde et le Japon, ont exprimé leur intér êt à venir investir à Port-Louis, affirme vendredi la presse locale.

Selon le quotidien Le Matinal, "l'objectif est de simplifier la recherche et d'accroître la formation dans des domaines ciblés, d'améliorer l'efficacité de la production et de la durabilité environnementale du secteur de la pêche". Selon un haut cadre du ministère de la Pêche, les pays avec lesquels Maurice négocient opèrent des bateaux dans la région océ an Indien et l'idée est de les inciter à débarquer leurs prises à Port-Louis. NEXA "Invest in Reunion" (version française) Comoros_Brochure_English(1).pdf. Afrique-australe.png (PNG Image, 1200 × 1367 pixels) - Scaled (62%) IT'S AFRICA'S TIME - Episode 3. South Africa and DRC Energy Partnership.

South African and Mozambican port authorities agree landmark accord. The TNPA control and manage all seven of South Africa’s commercial ports, including the Port of Durban (pictured). Image: Wikimedia Commons. Microsoft Word - Transport Sector Plan V3 final - transport.pdf. Partner required to develop food processing technology. Grand Inga: SA-DRC to Construct World's Largest Hydro-Electric Plant. PowerPoint Presentation - SAPP_Presentation__29_August_2012.pdf. Microsoft Word - Corridors & Border Posts - Diagnostic - Corridors-Border-Posts-Diagnostic.pdf. Mozambique map - map_cdn_cear_print.pdf. Microsoft PowerPoint - 03_Zambia.ppt [互換モード] - 130329_05.pdf. Flag – Malawi - INVESTORS GUIDE TO MALAWI 2012.pdf. Botswana, Namibia to Sign $11 Billion Railway Deal on April 20.

Botswana and Namibia will sign an agreement for a $11 billion transnational railway on April 20, clearing the way for tendering for the project, Botswana’s Transport and Communications Minister Nonofo Molefhi said. “Bids for potential financing will be opened as soon as we have signed the agreement,” Molefhi said at a coal conference today in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone. The agreement will cover all aspects including legal matters, he said. Southern African countries are investing to expand their railways to meet growing global demand for coal, led by China. Known as the Trans-Kalahari Railway, the 1,500-kilometer (932- mile) line will run from landlocked Botswana’s coalfields in the south and east to the Namibian port of Walvis Bay in the west.

The project, to be financed by private business, will be implemented and overseen by a company jointly controlled by the two governments, Molefhi said. Will Malawi benefit from its natural resources? Paul Main, Infield Systems Ltd, The Southern Africa oil & gas sector: analysis and forecast. Oswald Clint, Bernstein Research, Future global LNG flows and the realities of East African gas. Madagascar relance son industrie automobile. Video promocional luanda- angola 1. Microsoft PowerPoint - 7SEPT_Melzer_Final summary presentation - Illana-Melzer.pdf.

Invest Africa Episode 30: Mauritius. Invest Africa Episode 22: South Africa as an Investment Destination. Infrastructure Components of the North-South Corridor.pdf. Le Mozambique et la Tanzanie, futurs leaders du gaz et du pétrole. (Agence Ecofin) - Les zones côtières du Mozambique et de la Tanzanie regorgeraient de plus de 250 trillions pied-cubes de gaz en plus de 14,5 milliards de barils de pétrole, selon les estimations de Geological Survey des Etats-Unis cité dans un article exclusif publié le 19 mars par Investing news. « Pendant que ce potentiel serait plus que suffisant pour justifier les explorations, ceux sont plutôt les succès précédemment enregistrés par les explorateurs qui continuent de retenir de plus en plus l’attention des investisseurs », a expliqué l’auteur. Le taux de succès des sociétés à l’affût du gaz offshore serait phénoménal. Sur 27 puits forés au cours des deux dernières années dans l’offshore de la Tanzanie et du Mozambique, 24 ont permis des découvertes, selon un rapport de Control Risks.

ANGOLA UNE VERITABLE TRANSFORMATION UN PAYS MODERNE UN CHANTIER DE LA MODERNITE. SA, DRC meet to finalise Grand Inga Project treaty - business - News - StarAfrica. Anahita Mauritius - Vision. Untitled. Oshikango- Namibia. EN-Zambezi_Valley_SDI-Paulo_Zucula.pdf. Southern Africa: Lobito Corridor Strategic Role in Southern Africa Stressed. Slide 1 - African-waterways.pdf. Presentation Title - Infrastructure and Multi-Modal Transport - RIRN 18 September 2012.pdf. Angola, DR Congo and Zambia to put together a joint plan for Lobito Corridor railroad. Executive_summary.pdf.

0314_06_10.pdf. L’ex-président des Comores annonce des réserves de gaz gigantesques. The Top 20 Emerging Markets - Global Emerging Markets. MADE IN ANGOLA. South Africa 'two-thirds urbanised' Mauritius is increasingly popular for medical tourism - Useful Info - Fact sheets - Angola: More Than 200.000 Jobs Created in 2012 - New water source in Namibia could quench the region’s thirst. LIQUID TELECOM LAYS FIBRE TO THE DRC AND CONNECTS DRC MOBILE OPERATOR TO SOUTHERN AFRICAN REGIONAL FIBRE NETWORK AND TO WACS.

Welcome to Invest in Mozambique. Eden Island - The African Business Journal. Trade_corridors_map_20101123.jpg (JPEG Image, 640 × 487 pixels) Madagascar economy to grow as huge nickel project starts. China-SADC: The roar of the dragon. Revista Africa Today - Private investments exceed the billion dollars. Angola prepares removal from UNCTAD list of least developed countries. Barloworld in new Africa rail JV. Dma-mozambique-report-2010-web1.pdf (application/pdf Object) DMA-Angola-Report-2012-lr.pdf (application/pdf Object) Angola: The Land of Opportunities. Glasgow firm Aggreko in $250m Southern Africa deal. SADC infrastructure master plan to focus on deepening integration.