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Ethiopia: New Dam Is a Big Win for Ethiopia. OpinionBy Girma Feyissa In another otherwise difficult year filled with political turmoil, Ethiopia has scored one huge win by inaugurating the Gilgile Gibe III Hydroelectric Dam over the Omo River which almost doubles the country's power generation output.

Ethiopia: New Dam Is a Big Win for Ethiopia

The Omo River Basin, located in the southwestern part of the country, is one of 11 basins. The Omo River valley is grown into full force from the steams and brooks of the mountains of Amhara. The Oromia region flows down to the Jimma zone and down the basin as it quenches the thirst of the old Kingdom of Janjero and its people and animal inhabitants. One can encounters the Gilgel Gibe Bridge, only 81 Kilometres away to the southwest of Addis Abeba. China completes rehabilitation of plant, hands over to Ethiopia. Chinese bank fund construction of dam in Angola. December 1st, 2016 Home Angola, China The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has granted a loan of US$4.5 billion to Angola to finance the construction of the Caculo Cabaça hydroelectric dam, under a contract signed on Wednesday in Beijing, the Angolan press reported.

Chinese bank fund construction of dam in Angola

Finance Minister Archer Mangueira, who signed the loan contract on behalf of Angola, said the dam’s construction project is considered to be structural and is included in the public investment programme. It is expected to allow exports fo electricity produced on the Kwanza River to Namibia or South Africa. Mangueira isvisiting China, having already met with the Deputy Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen, with whom he discussed issues of a bilateral nature and the need to speed up the approval process of projects included in Angola’s development plan that has a credit line from China.

Related News: China holds key to Africa's renewable energy. NAIROBI — An environment expert has said Chinese know-how in renewable energy development could help generate clean and sustainable power in Africa, which is home to almost half the global population lacking access to electricity.

China holds key to Africa's renewable energy

David Rodgers, a senior climate change specialist with the US-based foundation, Global Environment Facility, said China had made wind and solar power technologies, which used to be seen as luxuries, become affordable to the world. “China’s approach of doing things in a big way has made the country become the leader in the world by availing affordable energy to the populations,” Rodgers said on Wednesday at the United Nations Environment Assembly in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. China is the world’s largest investor in renewables excluding large hydro, with its $102.9 billion in investment in 2015 representing more than one third of the global total, according to a report issued by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in late March. Africa News Agency. Maroc- Un parc éolien, à capitaux entièrement privés, va voir le jour à Khalladi.

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Maroc- Un parc éolien, à capitaux entièrement privés, va voir le jour à Khalladi

Zimbabwe: China to Fund Power Project. By Tendai Mugabe China will this year fund a power generation project in Hwange to the tune of $1,2 billion as part of operationalising the multi-billion dollar projects signed between Harare and Beijing last year, outgoing Chinese ambassador Mr Lin Lin has said.

Zimbabwe: China to Fund Power Project

Mr Lin said other capital projects to be implemented under the same deals were still being negotiated and would be executed soon. Responding to questions from journalists after bidding farewell to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa at his Munhumutapa Offices yesterday, Mr Lin said: "I think one of the most important projects under discussion at this stage is the Hwange 7 and 8 projects.

"That is a huge project involving about $1,2 billion, so we hope that we can conclude discussions for this project as early as possible. But a lot of other co-operations are under discussion between different Chinese companies and departments here. " Kenya and China launch solar technology transfer and training institute. Technicians feel that learning about solar light technology and installation can take them a long way in the clean energy revolution in Kenya.

Kenya and China launch solar technology transfer and training institute

(Image source: KhlasulAmal/Flickr) The China-Kenya Solid State Lighting Technology Transfer Centre was launched by Kenyan solar company Sunyale Africa Limited along with a host of Chinese investors, and will be based in an industrial park near Nairobi. The centre is expected to spur the growth of a homegrown solar industry in the country, said investors. Zimbabwe: Sino-Zim Power Deals Take Off. By Felex Share and Lloyd Gumbo Mega power deals sealed by President Mugabe in China last year have taken off, with construction already underway at key projects expected to add 1 500 megawatts to the national grid.

Zimbabwe: Sino-Zim Power Deals Take Off

The projects are Kariba South Hydro Power Station (300MW), Hwange Thermal Power Station expansion (600MW) and construction of the Gwayi-Shangani Thermal Power Station (600MW), all scheduled for completion by 2018. China Exim Bank recently released $80 million advance payment to Sinohydro for the expansion of Kariba South Hydro Power Station. As a result, manufacturing of turbines and generators for the $533 million project has started in China.

Sinohydro was also contracted to expand Hwange Thermal Power Station at a cost of $1,1 billion. Guinée : China Water Energie construit le barrage hydro-électrique de Kaléta. Hanergy to pour USD 500m into solar factory, PV park in Ivory Coast - SeeNews Renewables. ZTE fournit des solutions d'énergie solaire clés en main à quinze pays africains. (Agence Ecofin) - Le fournisseur chinois d'équipements de télécommunications ZTE Corporation travaille à développer l'utilisation de l'énergie solaire dans quinze pays africains dont l'Éthiopie, le Zimbabwe, le Mozambique et le Niger, rapporte le site d’information sud-africain IT Web le 18 octobre.

ZTE fournit des solutions d'énergie solaire clés en main à quinze pays africains

Le groupe chinois fournit aux gouvernements et aux entreprises de ces pays une large gamme de produits et de solutions d’énergie solaire, dont des systèmes d’éclairage clés en main, des équipements électriques solaires destinés à l’alimentation des stations de base de télécommunications et des systèmes d'approvisionnement en eau alimentés à l'énergie solaire. « Le projet d'éclairage des rues grâce à l'énergie solaire construit par ZTE est l'un des meilleurs projets d'énergie renouvelable existant au Niger », témoigne Oumarou Dogari Moumouni, ancien maire de Niamey, la capitale du Niger.

China, Nigeria sign agreement on Zungeru station. China eyes Africa for Photovoltaic industry expansion.  Solar power in Africa: JinkoSolar, CJIC to develop Kenya's largest PV project; 50MW plant to be built in Garissa