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Music: Nigeria’s New Cultural Export. By Franck Kuwonu (united nations)Thursday, August 16, 2018Inter Press Service UNITED NATIONS, Aug 16 (IPS) - It is a cold evening in Antwerp, Belgium's second-largest city, famous for diamonds, beer, art and high-end fashion.

Music: Nigeria’s New Cultural Export

Inside a small restaurant, a mix of the latest American pop and rap—clearly enjoyed by diners—is playing on a radio. Nigerians Olalekan Adetiran and Adaobi Okereke, enjoying a kebab dinner, are startled when the radio begins playing the unmistakable "Ma Lo"—a catchy, midtempo and bass-laden song by popular Nigerian artistes Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. Wizkid performs in London, United Kingdom. Photo: Alamy/Michael Tubi. Nollywood injects hope in Nigeria's contracting economy. Nigeria launches digital broadcasting in Abuja; residents to get 30 free TV channels. The federal government on Thursday launched the Abuja phase of the Digital Switch Over (DSO), signalling the commencement of the full roll-out of digital broadcasting across the federal capital city.

Nigeria launches digital broadcasting in Abuja; residents to get 30 free TV channels

After several years of unsuccessful move by past administrations to switch over from analogue to digital broadcasting, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has at last edged the country into the league of digital world. Nigerian Music Industry Rakes in $51m in 2016 - INFORMATION NIGERIA. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed that the Nigerian music industry generated over $51 million in 2016.

Nigerian Music Industry Rakes in $51m in 2016 - INFORMATION NIGERIA

The report was presented at the maiden edition of Music Week Africa (MWA) in Nigeria with the theme: “The role of the music industry in revitalizing the economy”, held at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Lagos over the weekend. Finance & Technology Director MWA, Raoul Sawhney, said that it was possible that the industry made even more money than what was reported by Pwc.

He said that the auditing firm predicted that it was likely the industry would generate almost $240 million per annum in the coming years. Nigeria's Nollywood recognised on an international platform. A Nigerian startup that's redefining gaming in Africa. Recently, I have been intrigued to see how parts of this great continent are beginning to take up the mettle and make a mark when it comes to technology prowess, particularly, the platform economy.

A Nigerian startup that's redefining gaming in Africa

We might still not have created the likes of Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, but our foray into M-Pesa, the platform that has come to define the era of mobile money in Africa and many other innovations, demonstrates that it won’t be long before the continent enters the ranks of producing a global platform of note. I have been clamoring for a company to originate from Africa that creates games for the people of Africa and of course the world.

Gaming is the way one can express how their culture is reshaped and changes over a period of time - Chopup is one such tech platform. Canon storms Nigeria, set to reengineer Nollywood — Saturday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria. Top Canon executive with some Nigerian partners at the launch in Lagos.

Canon storms Nigeria, set to reengineer Nollywood — Saturday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria

Plans Empower For Street Photographers If all that were said at the official launch of Canon in Nigeria will be put into action, then Nollywood filmmakers, as well as street photographers are in for an exciting moment. Innoson, Chinese group target 7,000 workers for technology transfer » About 7,000 workers are expected to benefit from a technology transfer initiative between Innoson motors and a Chinese group, Shandong Broadcasting and Television.

Innoson, Chinese group target 7,000 workers for technology transfer »

The group said that the initiative is under its expansion of investment into the media and Information Communication Technology sectors. Welcome to Nollywood: The world’s second-largest film industry. Nigeria: Kannywood - Nigeria to Establish World-Class Film Village in Kano. By Mohammed Lere The Nigerian government will establish a world-class film village in Kano, with a view to standardizing local film production and creation of jobs.

Nigeria: Kannywood - Nigeria to Establish World-Class Film Village in Kano

Speaking at an interactive session with Kannywood film practitioners in Kano on Thursday, lead promoter of the project and a member of the House of Representatives, Abdulmumin Jibrin, said the 20-hectare centre would be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for film making. "The film village has cinematography centre, 400-capacity auditorium for training, hostel, sound stage, eatery block, three-star hotel, shopping mall, stadium, clinic, among others," he said.

According to him, the centre was modeled out of an Indian film city and a Chinese film centre. Mr. Nigeria: Govt to Review N3 Billion Nollywood Grant. Welcome to Nollywood: The world’s second-largest film industry. The booming comedy industry in Nigeria. The comedy industry is estimated to be worth about N50bn.

The booming comedy industry in Nigeria

Nigeria’s $7.2bn film industry gains traction in Europe - FINANCIAL WATCH. Nigeria’s film industry, which is currently worth $7.3 billion, has gained traction in Europe as local producers are seeking opportunities to expand their products beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Nigeria’s $7.2bn film industry gains traction in Europe - FINANCIAL WATCH

Filmmakers who are currently at Paris for the annual film festival say the platform has the potential of enabling the industry become popular not just in Paris but most European countries, thereby enabling them sell more content and repatriate revenues to Nigeria. Under the rebasing conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the film industry accounted for more than 1.4% of GDP or $7.2bn of Nigeria’s economy.

Nigerian musicians group to establish music institute - culture beats - Music. The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) is planning to establish a music institute in Lagos to boost the entertainment industry in the country.

Nigerian musicians group to establish music institute - culture beats - Music

A former President of PMAN, Mr. Omatshola Iseli, told journalists in Lagos that the institute would afford upcoming artists the opportunity to have in-depth training in the field. “Music is all about education and it has been noticed that every musician play the same kind of music. “The fact that everybody wants to be a superstar has caused all musicians to play all manner of music that makes no sense to the audience. The ballet dance troupe started in a Nigerian garage. Off the bustling streets of the Nigerian city Lagos I encountered something totally unexpected - ballet dancers. A community centre squashed somewhere between a street market selling clothes, a Catholic church and a primary school houses the dancers.

In a derelict building, off the main thoroughfare of the Marina district on Lagos Island is a three-story block that now houses the Society of Performing Arts Nigeria (Span). It's a space Sarah Boulos found affordable a few years ago, when she created Span. Lebanese-Nigerian Mrs Boulos was born in Burkina Faso but moved to Nigeria when her family relocated to expand their business. Eleven years ago, she had what she describes as an epiphany to leave her career in public health and return to her teenage passion of ballet dancing. She says it felt more like a religious calling, rather than her feet itching to dance. Inside Kannywood: Nigeria's Muslim film industry. Kano, Nigeria – Fatima is sitting on the queen-size bed next to a young man in a baban riga robe. They are involved in a lively conversation in Hausa. BOI, Film makers collaborate on N1 Billion Nollyfund. Buhari: President appoints 24 year-old as PA on new media.

President Buhari just back from his well-deserved vacation, seems to have decided to infuse some fresh blood into his cabinet. Daily Post reports that Mr. President has appointed 24 year-old Bashir Ahmad, as his Personal Assistant on New Media. This move obviously, is to give Buhari a visible presence online, and also to interface with the youth, who make up the majority of the Nigerian populace. Ahmad, a former online editor of Leadership Newspapers, also served as the Personal Assistant on new media to the publisher of Leadership, Sam Nda-Isaiah. During Buhari’s presidential campaign Ahmad was part of the Buhari Support Organization (BSO).

Buhari’s new media aide will handle all his social media interactions. In pictures: The power of one woman. An exhibition of early pen and ink works, delicate watercolours, acrylics, jewellery and Adire textiles by the Nigerian artist Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye is on show in London. Image copyright Nike Davies-Okundaye Davies-Okundaye trained in Adire, a traditional indigo-dyed cloth worn by women in south-western Nigeria, and featuring hand-painted patterns of birds, shells, and geckos. She is credited with the contemporary revival of this once fading textile and batik industry. Some portraits by Joanna Lipper are also on show. Netflix Launches In Nigeria - SaharaENT. Netflix in Nigeria - Nigerian youths share their opinion. AfriDeo Enters The Nigerian Online Streaming Market - CPAfrica. A new platform, known as AfriDeo, has announced its entry into the Nigerian online streaming industry, with the firm streaming African news, series, comedy, movies and music videos via web and mobile.

According to AfriDeo, it claims to be the first of its kind for Africa, in that it is an online information and entertainment destination for Africans worldwide, providing on-demand access to video content that matters. Image Credit: According to founder Obasi Oluchukwu, the startup’s game plan is to provide a hub for all the clips emanating from across Africa and the diaspora.

He said the platform aims to address the inconvenience of discovering good clips to watch and help grow African content reach. “Today there exists no recognized destination to help viewers passionate about Africa to discover easily local content that fit their interest,” he told Disrupt Africa. “The platform is presenting a better access point to African content streaming online.

Tags: AfriDeo — LadiSpeaks. A Nigerian comics startup is creating African superheroes. Some important elections took place in Africa in 2015. Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia and Burkina Faso (despite some stops and starts) all saw democratic transitions of power. Nigerians now watch more video on mobile devices than TV.

Can we choose our racial identities? Should we? Nigeria's first all female radio station set for launch - NIMN to provide platforms for Consumer Behaviors and Trends - CPAfrica. The Nigeria Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) has announced it has set up a committee within the body to be engaging in consumer research on consultancy basis in order to provide platforms for insight into consumer behaviors and trends. Outdoor media expenditure recorded N30.6bn in 2014 —Survey.

By Princewill Ekwujuru. Advertising industry can provide 2m jobs annually – Stakeholders. An advertising practitioner, Mr Tunde Afolabi ,said that the advertising industry could generate over two million jobs annually and boost the nation`s Gross Domestic Products (GDP) if properly funded. Afolabi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of “Create Ur World Agency’’, said in Lagos on Tuesday. Nigeria’s 250,000km roads on digital map –Google.

Nigeria's Bank of Industry launches over $5m facility for fashion industry. New cinemas to open in Nigeria. Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:14 Kene Mkparu (Photo credit: Nigeria’s film industry: Selling BlackBerry Babes. Full stream ahead. Ram Sugulla, Spice VAS Africa, explains Nigeria's mobile music market. ‘Our objective is to grow Nigeria’s entertainment industry’ Mobile internet to drive Nigeria's media boom - PwC. Nigeria’s entertainment, media revenues to reach an estimated $8.5bn in 2018. Nollywood Adds Two Million Jobs to Nigerian Economy In 20 Years. CONSAT pay-TV launches in Nigeria. Etisalat Launches Cliqlite To Boost e-Learning In Nigeria. WPP agrees to acquire digital marketing agency Quirk in South Africa. Nigeria’s music industry set to hit a high note.

Nigerian BridePrice app goes viral. Nollywood improves quality, leaps to N1.72bn revenue in 2013. Top Ten most visited Nigerian websitesIT News Africa – IT news, Telecom news, Mobile news from an African perspective. Nigerian govt to unveil software incubation centre - African Business Technology News and Information Site. Google Nigeria wants more local content. Nigeria's film industry: Millions of jobs, home and abroad.