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Chinese to invest $6bn in vast Zimbabwean industrial zone. A Chinese company has announced plans to invest $6bn in a 200 square kilometre business park in Zimbabwe.

Chinese to invest $6bn in vast Zimbabwean industrial zone

The project will take advantage of the introduction of “special economic zones”, passed by the country’s parliament last week and according to local paper The Herald, will “change Zimbabwe’s economy forever”. The company behind the plan is Qingdao Hengshun Zhongsheng, a listed company that until recently specialised in transmission and control equipment for electrical grids. New Mozambique energy minister appointed ahead of huge gas deals. MAPUTO (Reuters) - Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has appointed businesswoman Leticia Klemens as his new energy minister, just weeks after Maputo and Italy's Eni signed a 20-year deal to sell BP liquefied natural gas (LNG).

New Mozambique energy minister appointed ahead of huge gas deals

Mozambique's official news agency AIM said Klemens was chairwoman of Mozambique's largest commercial bank, the International Bank of Mozambique, and also headed the Association of Mozambican Businesswomen. Her predecessor Pedro Couto was removed in late September and appointed as president of Mozambique's Cahora Bassa hydroelectric power company. The southern African state discovered offshore gas reserves six years ago amounting to some 85 trillion cubic feet, one of the largest finds in a decade and enough to supply Germany, Britain, France and Italy for nearly two decades.

Mozambique: Industrial Free Zone Planned in Tete. Maputo — The Mozambican government plan to set up an Industrial Free Zone in the Revobue region of the western province of Tete, as part of a strategy to establish industrial development poles.

Mozambique: Industrial Free Zone Planned in Tete

A decree on the new free zone was passed on Tuesday at the weekly session of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet). The government spokesperson, Deputy Health Minister Mouzinho Saide, told reporters that the purpose of an industrial free zone is to attract “structuring investments”, increase and diversify the country's exports, promote technological development, and create jobs. Mozambique and Vietnam strike technology transfer deal. Mozambique and Vietnam have struck a deal which would see the transfer of experience and technologies in agricultural production especially of rice to the southern African country.The deal was reached in Maputo on Saturday between the Mozambican Confederation of Business Associations (CTA) and the Vietnamese Chamber of commerce and Industry.

Mozambique and Vietnam strike technology transfer deal

It took place as President Trong Tan Sang of Vietnam was visiting Mozambique at the head of a high-level entourage looking to boost relations and establish cooperation over a range of spheres, including trade, investment and industries. The agreement which was signed in the presence of Mozambican President, Filipe Nyusi and his visiting counterpart Sang, paves the way for information and experience sharing on agricultural experiences and expertise in the production of rice and wheat. The chairman of the CTA, Rogerio Manuel said his organization was keen for Vietnam to transfer technologies particularly in rice production. As Mozambique's rivers dry up, the hopes of a harvest evaporate too. It rained in Mbalavala two weeks ago.

As Mozambique's rivers dry up, the hopes of a harvest evaporate too

The clouds built up from the south, a shower cleared the dusty air, but then, cruelly, it stopped after an hour. For a moment, the 120 families who live in the southern Mozambican village thought their two-year drought was ending. But that was it. Since then there has been no hint of rain and the chances of planting crops this year in Mbalavala diminish every day as El Niño, the natural weather phenomenon that upturns normal weather patterns every few years in southern Africa, reaches its peak and Mozambique comes to the end of another dry rainy season. For the second year running, Mbalavala’s maize fields, which should have been planted months ago, lie empty; the soil in vegetable gardens is like sand and what little water there is from an emergency borehole must be shared between cattle and people. Vascos Jaima Chilande, the Mbalavala headman, lists the rivers that nearby villagesusually dam to collect water.

IMF expects Mozambique to become one of the largest economies in Africa. January 22nd, 2016 Home.

IMF expects Mozambique to become one of the largest economies in Africa

Mozambique: IMF Predicts Gigantic Growth Rate. By John Hughes.

Mozambique: IMF Predicts Gigantic Growth Rate

Mozambican Woman Paves the Way for a New Generation of African Engineers. QUELIMANE, December 14, 2015 – Odete Muximpua is used to being a trailblazer.

Mozambican Woman Paves the Way for a New Generation of African Engineers

Raised in the small coastal city of Quelimane by her mother and grandmother, she is the first person in her family to have gone to college. This year, she also became Mozambique’s first homegrown woman engineer with a Master’s degree. Women disproportionately lack access to higher education in Mozambique. UNESCO reports that in 2011, the country’s female gross enrolment ratio in tertiary education was just 3.73%.

While this situation is mirrored across sub-Saharan African countries, Mozambique especially lags behind when it comes to women’s as well as overall youth enrollment in sciences, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. Maputo ranked as Africa’s city with the highest growth potential. Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is the large African city with the highest potential for inclusive growth, according to the 2015 MasterCard African Cities Growth Index (ACGI).

Maputo ranked as Africa’s city with the highest growth potential

Casablanca (Morocco) and Lagos (Nigeria) rank second and third respectively. Now in its third year, the ACGI maps African cities’ economic outlook according to their potential for inclusive urbanisation. The 74 analysed cities are organised into three categories by population size: large (over one million), medium between 500 000 and one million and small under 500 000. Twenty five economic and social inclusion indicators rank cities’ level of inclusive urbanisation, forecasting potential for inclusive growth. Once ranked, the cities fall into one of four bands describing their inclusive growth potential – high, medium-high, medium-low or low. “Each city assessed by the ACGI has a unique set of socio-economic, cultural and political factors that influences its growth trajectory,” says Angelopulo. Mozambique declared free of land mines after 22 years.

President of Mozambique inaugurates biggest plant nursery in Africa. September 9th, 2015.

President of Mozambique inaugurates biggest plant nursery in Africa

Mozambique's Geographic Challenge. Special Economic Zone of Nacala, Mozambique, receives new projects. April 8th, 2015 News. Mozambique plans to pave 2,100 kilometers of roads by 2019 - MACAU DAILY TIMES. Massive gas discovery transforms Mozambique backwater into boomtown. CNN Marketplace Africa covers the macro trends impacting the region and also focuses on the continent's key industries and corporations. As boats bob just outside the port terminal dedicated to oil and gas companies, commercial divers check the welds and make sure the barges are ship shape. One of them is Cremildo Marsena. "To become a diver is something that I had as a dream," he says. "It's good money, which makes me happy...Mozambicans love the sea and we have to stand up and try to make money when it's the time to make money. " In Pemba, the time to make money is now. Investment projects in Mozambique approved in 2014 total US$7.102 billion. The Mozambican Investment Promotion Centre (CPI) approved 487 investment projects worth US$7.102 billion in 2014, the Director-General of the government agency, Lourenço Sambo said in an interview with Macauhub.

The investment exceeded the 2013 figure (US$4.224 billion) by US$2.8 billion, surprising the CPI itself, which expected a retraction by investors, given that 2014 was an election year, and therefore “atypical.” “Our expectations have been exceeded, because we were expecting a decrease compared to 2013, which did not happen,” said Sambo, linking the results to the “explosion” of the mineral resources sector, especially coal, which has fostered the development of infrastructure, and various investments in transport and services. However if added to the amount of US$915.3 million resulting from the approval of 138 addenda to investment in previous projects, the total value of investments made through the CPI rises to US$8.109 billion, Sambo noted. Mozambique among the 3 African economies with highest growth by 2019 - MACAU DAILY TIMES. Home | Forum | Mozambique among the 3 African economies with highest growth by 2019 Local citizens travel in a crowded bus in Maputo, Mozambique.

The country’s economy has rapidly developed in recent years. However, its capital city has faced a severe public transport problem during the process of urbanization Mozambique is one of three countries that stand out for their growth in Africa, a continent that will become increasingly important in economic terms in the coming years, according to consulting firm Deloitte. Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP), according to a report just published on the economic outlook for the continent, is expected to expand 50 percent by 2019, to USD3.7 trillion, driven by the growing middle class and an increase in private consumption. African Century. Untitled - mozambique.pdf. Pemba Postcard: How A Natural Gas Boom Is Changing Mozambique. Mozambique Seeks Pipeline Study for Decade’s Biggest Gas Finds. Viettel Mozambique named fastest-growing MEA company. | Oct. 10, 2014, 3:12 p.m.

Mozambique eyes Asian LNG markets as $30-billion earmarked for investment. More than $30-billion will be invested initially in Mozambique’s natural gas sector to build capacity to produce 20 million tonnes per year of liquefied natural gas (LNG), with the first exports due to start in 2018, the national oil company said. The investments will be made to develop the northern ports of Pemba and Palma, where a giant logistics base and LNG production plants are planned that will use gas produced from offshore fields in the Rovuma Basin being developed by U.S. oil major Anadarko Petroleum Corp and Italy’s Eni. Mozambique, which still bears the scars of a 1975-1992 civil war, is hoping revenues from its large gas deposits and its fledgling coal mining industry will help it emerge from years of poverty and dependence on foreign donors.

The country holds presidential elections on Oct. 15. “In an initial phase, liquefaction units with a total capacity for 20 million tonnes a year of LNG will be built and operated. Mozambique sees $30 bln investment for 2018 LNG exports startup. More than $30 billion will be invested initially in Mozambique's natural gas sector to build capacity to produce 20 million tonnes per year of liquefied natural gas (LNG), with the first exports due to start in 2018, the national oil company said.

The investments will be made to develop the northern ports of Pemba and Palma, where a giant logistics base and LNG production plants are planned that will use gas produced from offshore fields in the Rovuma Basin being developed by U.S. oil major Anadarko Petroleum Corp and Italy's Eni. Cabo Delgado - Land and Real Estate Development in Pemba. Hydrocarbons in Cabo Delgado Pemba is the capital of Cabo Delgado Province, the northern most province of Mozambique bordering Tanzania. Together, Anadarko (American) and ENI (Italian) as consortium leaders of off-shore areas 1 and 4, respectively, have discovered gas fields potentially suitable to transform and export as LNG to asian markets.

Development of a Gas Master Plan for Mozambique / Highlights / Home - INP. Mozambique considers building north-south gas pipeline. June 24th, 2014 News Mozambique is studying the economic feasibility of building a gas pipeline linking the north and south of the country, the chairman of state oil and gas company Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), Nelson Ocuane, said recently according to daily newspaper Notícias. Noting that substantial discoveries of natural gas in the Rovuma basin were enough to meet domestic demand, as well as to export liquid natural gas (LNG), Ocuane said that the pipeline project was heavily dependent on development of industries to support the sector.

“We have substantial natural gas discoveries and the idea is to see if it’s possible to bring this gas to the south and develop other industries, which could support construction of the pipeline,” said the ENH chairman. In total it is estimated that so far 180 trillion cubic feet of natural gas has been found, which is due to start being extracted in 2018 according to plans drawn up by Italian group ENI and US group Anadarko Petroleum. Moçambique cresce 7,2% este ano e acelera para 10% até 2020. A consultora Business Monitor International (BMI) reviu em alta a previsão de crescimento de Moçambique este ano, de 6,9% para 7,2%, e considera que o crescimento da economia vai chegar aos dois dígitos até 2020.

De acordo com o Relatório das Perspetivas Empresariais, a que a Lusa teve acesso, "os setores dos recursos naturais parecem estar a compensar algum do abrandamento motivado pela diminuição do consumo privado" em Moçambique e por isso os analistas da BMI escrevem que antecipam "que o crescimento vá aumentar para valores de dois dígitos nos anos que faltam até ao início da produção de gás, em 2020". No documento, prevê-se também que a taxa de juro diretora se mantenha nos 8,25% "até ao final do ano" devido à "saudável inflação e a um forte crescimento económico". Mozambique governor says GDP growth could top 8.1% Mozambique confident of supplying LNG to India by 2019.

Mozambique is ready to satisfy India's natural gas needs, country’s Minister of Mineral Resources Esperanca Bias told Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) on the sideline of an industry summit in New Delhi. "If the Indian government, or anybody, wants to buy LNG from Mozambique, we are ready to meet the demand," the minister told IANS in an interview. The East Africa nation has seen numerous natural gas discoveries in recent years, mainly offshore. Pemba-Industrial-Park-Brochure.pdf. Title - Investment_Priorities_Mozambique.pdf. Mozambique to start commercial oil production in 2014 - Pan African Visions. Sasol Petroleum International plans to invest around US$2.4bn in Mozambique for a number of oil and gas projects until 2018. (Image source: rsvstks/ Eight per cent growth planned for 2014. (2013-12-12) The Mozambican government’s Economic and Social Plan for 2014, introduced by Prime Minister Alberto Vaquina on Wednesday into the country’s parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, sets a target for economic growth of eight per cent.

This would mean a growth in nominal GDP from the expected final figure for this year of 15.365 billion US dollars to slightly more than 17 billion dollars. Based on the population projections from the 2007 census, this will raise GDP per capita from 631 to 680 dollars. Other key macro-economic targets, Vaquina said, were to keep the average 12 monthly inflation rate during the year to no more than 5.6 per cent, and to constitute net international reserves of 3.023 billion dollars, enough to cover 3.7 months of imports of goods and services. Moçambique 2013 parte 2 - Reportagem em Portugues. Moçambique 2013 parte 1 - Reportagem em Portugues. Globo Repórter - Moçambique, Uma África Que Fala Português - 02/08/2013.

Globo Repórter - Moçambique, Uma África Que Fala Português - 02/08/2013. Mozambique adopts green economy plan. Chinese firms work with local firms to drive Mozambique's construction. Mozambique – first and third world in one place. While Mozambique’s economy has experienced rapid growth over the past years, much of this new wealth has not trickled down to the broader population. Dominique Lalous, country manager for DHL in Mozambique So says Dominique Lalous, country manager of logistics company DHL in Mozambique. Mozambique’s nascent coal mining and natural gas sectors are attracting significant foreign investment. Business Television - Online Corporate Video Reports. Making foreign investment work: lessons from Mozambique. REPUBLIC OF MOZAMBIQUE - TFCA Economic Analysis Final Report.pdf. Landscapes of Mozambique. Technical record: - 4399_91753_CWS Moz_final engl ver with figs.pdf.

Landscapes of Mozambique. Mozambique expected to post “notable” economic growth of 7 pct in 2013. Dilma se reúne com empresários brasileiros que mantém negócios na África. Boom time for Mozambique, once the basket case of Africa. Mozambique – a destination for trend setting investors? Unpacking the trends shaping Mozambique’s economy.