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HILTON ouvrira un "Double Tree" en 2016 à Kinshasa - RDC Elections 2016. Baptisé DoubleTree by Hilton Kinshasa-The Stanley, cet établissement devrait être inauguré en 2016, après d’importants travaux de rénovation.

HILTON ouvrira un "Double Tree" en 2016 à Kinshasa - RDC Elections 2016

Il proposera 96 chambres, ainsi qu’un business center, trois salles de réunion et un centre de remise en forme. L’hôtel comprendra aussi trois points de restauration, dont un restaurant servant des repas toute la journée, un café lounge et un restaurant panoramique. Les locaux du DoubleTree by Hilton Kinshasa -The Stanley, qui étaient anciennement ceux de l’ambassade française, sont situés à Gombe, le quartier d’affaires de la ville. Avec plus de 9 millions d’habitants, Kinshasa est la troisième plus grande zone urbaine d’Afrique et se trouve juste à côté de Brazzaville, la capitale du Congo. En Afrique, Hilton Worldwide compte 37 hôtels en activité et environ 30 hôtels en cours de développement.

Des projets immobiliers d'envergure pour moderniser la Province-Orientale et le Bas-Congo. Lubumbashi inaugure son nouveau centre commercial. Kinshasa élargit son parc immobilier et se transforme. La RDC connait un véritable boom immobilier. Restitution.ppt - PRO-0800-RestitutionPUR.pdf. TFM230709.ppt - PRO-0901-TFM230709.pdf. RENOVATION DE L'ANCIEN BATIMENT DU GRAND HOTEL KINSHASA. World best Hotels and Tourism in Goma and Butembo. FLEUVE CONGO HOTEL - Kinshasa - République Démocratique du Congo. Modern congo trade center. La Cité du Fleuve. Ngo River luxury condos cause Kinshasa controversy. 20 August 2011Last updated at 09:30 By Thomas Fessy BBC News, Kinshasa Kinshasa's most ambitious project is being built on two islands on the River Congo, which promoters believe will become an entire new district for the capital of the Democratic Republic Congo.

ngo River luxury condos cause Kinshasa controversy

Its official name is La Cite du Fleuve (River City), but the Congolese media has dubbed it "the new Manhattan". Designed in Dubai, the new complex is expected to include thousands of flats, villas, offices, hotels and shopping centres. "It's a crazy idea," says Robert Choudury, the French-Indian promoter. "But it's very difficult to find land right now in Kinshasa and if you find some, land title issues are so big that most of them are under conflict in court. " A three-bedroom apartment will cost $200,000 There are no proper records of property ownership in DR Congo's capital so real estate development often triggers bitter feuds. The site is empty for now. Friends in high places Continue reading the main story. La Cite du Fleuve: evolution des travaux. Visite de la Cité du Fleuve, à Kinshasa (République démocratique du Congo) TFM230709.ppt - PRO-0901-TFM230709.pdf. La cité de Fungurume sera urbanisée par l’entreprise Tenke Fungurume Mining.

DR Congo to build town in honour of Patrice Lumumba » - Uniting Ghanaians Globally - Patrice Lumumba was elected independent Congo's first prime minster in 1960 The Democratic Republic of Congo is to build a town in honour of independence figure Patrice Lumumba, government spokesman Lambert Mende has said.

DR Congo to build town in honour of Patrice Lumumba » - Uniting Ghanaians Globally -

The new town of Lumumbaville would be a merger of two existing communities in central DR Congo, he added. Mr Lumumba - a Soviet ally - was elected prime minister in 1960 after almost a century of colonial rule. His killing some four months later at the age of 35 was widely blamed on US and UK intelligence agencies. In April, UK House of Lords member Lord Lea said that former MI6 officer Daphne Park told him the UK had been involved in Mr Lumumba's death. 'Centre of Africa'The BBC's Maud Jullien reports from DR Congo's capital Kinshasa that the government's decision is likely to be welcomed by most people, as he remains an extremely popular figure.

Construction work would start in 2014, he added. "So, he'll want it to be a modern town with all facilities. " Case Study - Kiswishi. Master Plan. Primary Development Area The construction of the Spatial Development Concept follows a systematic layered approach, where different elements or building blocks of the concept build onto one another based on their mutual relationships and interdependencies.

Master Plan

The development concept starts off with the existing natural features on the site as these form the primary building blocks of the development concept. The next layer of the development concept is the major movement routes that act as the conduits of development throughout the site. The development concept then indicates the areas of concentration of predominantly non-residential activity. The final layers are made up of the different districts and neighbourhoods in between the movement and activity network. The Master Plan. 34_Luano City Presentation.pdf. Key Projects. Client: Amari LandValue: circa US $4 billion Size: 350Ha Luano City is a groundbreaking development offering a total living and working lifestyle in close proximity to Lubumbashi International Airport and CBD in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Key Projects

From a modern business hub, industrial park and residential development to boutique and business hotels and a world-class shopping mall, the $4 billion Luano City promises not only a safe and secure centralised environment, it also represents an unsurpassed investment opportunity for the future. Key Proejcts are managing the entire assembly, design, procurement and construction of this mixed use, residential, business, retail and industrial project.