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Getting - Launchpad Development. Getting the Launchpad source code is fairly simple, but it's not the usual process of "download a package, unpack, build, and install".

Getting - Launchpad Development

Since we do new rollouts of Launchpad directly from Bazaar branches anyway, that's how we distribute the source code to developers. There are no plans to package Launchpad; its deployment is quite complex. Note that right now, Launchpad can only be built and run on Ubuntu Lucid or newer. That's not a design decision, it's just a consequence of the fact that, until now, all its developers have been running Ubuntu. We'd be happy to see Launchpad work on other platforms too; perhaps starting with Debian GNU/Linux would be easiest, since Debian and Ubuntu are similar and many Debian developers use Launchpad anyway. The images/icons are still copyrighted traditionally, to protect Launchpad's visual identity. Overview Launchpad is a core of service-specific code surrounding various third-party libraries, some of which are installed. Getting It Where to Get Help. Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript. Syntaxhighlighter - Google Code.