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The Crying of Lot 49. The Crying of Lot 49 is a novella by Thomas Pynchon, first published in 1966.

The Crying of Lot 49

The shortest of Pynchon's novels, it is about a woman, Oedipa Maas, possibly unearthing the centuries-old conflict between two mail distribution companies, Thurn und Taxis and the Trystero (or Tristero). The former actually existed and was the first firm to distribute postal mail; the latter is Pynchon's invention. Bill the Lizard: Even More Free Programming Books. In a previous post I listed a few programming books that I found available for free online.

Bill the Lizard: Even More Free Programming Books

Since then, I've been scouring the net looking for even more free programming books. Here's what I've found. (Note: As before, I haven't read all of these, so don't take this as a list of informed endorsements. Simple Text (TextArea): font, color, groove : TextArea « GUI Tk  From Tkinter import *root = Tk()root.title('Text')text = Text(root, height=26, width=50)scroll = Scrollbar(root, command=text.yview)text.configure(yscrollcommand=scroll.set)text.tag_configure('bold_italics', font=('Verdana', 12, 'bold', 'italic'))text.tag_configure('big', font=('Verdana', 24, 'bold'))text.tag_configure('color', foreground='blue', font=('Tempus Sans ITC', 14)) text.tag_configure('groove', relief=GROOVE, borderwidth=2) text.tag_bind('bite', '<1>', lambda e, t=text: t.insert(END, "Text"))text.pack(side=LEFT)scroll.pack(side=RIGHT, fill=Y)root.mainloop()

Simple Text (TextArea): font, color, groove : TextArea « GUI Tk 

The Definitive Guide. BOOKS TOOLBOX: 50+ Sites for Book Lovers. Lulu, a book publishing site, is in the news this week. But there are many more sites for book reviews, self-publishing and exchange. Here are more than 50 of our favorites.