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pyqrcode introduction The main goal of this project is to provide a simple interface for encoding and decoding qrcode images from the python programming language. At this moment, it’s being accomplished by using an encoder witten in C and a java decoder, but that doesn’t mean we cannot write our own encoder and decoder in pure python or even c/c++ in the near future. What really matters now is that it’s working, and working fine. pyqrcode
The language of choice for large, high-performance applications in Linux is almost always C, or somewhat less often C++. Both are powerful languages that allow you to create high-performance natively compiled programs. However, they are not languages that lend themselves to runtime flexibility. Once a C/C++ application is compiled, its code is pretty much static. At times, that can be a real hindrance. For example, if you want to allow users of a program to create plugins easily that extend the application's functionality, you have to deal with complex dynamic linking issues that can cause no end of headaches. Embedding Python in Your C Programs Embedding Python in Your C Programs