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The Stoner's Cookbook
Acid Trip: Incredible government experiment with an artist under influence of LSD. View amazing artwork in different stages of the acid trip and have a good laugh at the subject's comments and behaviour. This flash featured was developed by a viral marketing people at Dejan SEO PC standalone version | zipped Flash movie for PC computer users. MAC standalone version | zipped Flash movie for Macintosh computer users. - Giant Stars Acid Trip Acid Trip
List of drug films
Marijuana use - Smoking Etiquette Smoking Etiquette This are the guidelines to follow when smoking. It is by no means the 'definitive' etiquette of smoking your weed. Marijuana use - Smoking Etiquette
How to Make "Green Dragon" How to Make "Green Dragon" Green Dragon??? Like to get high? Tired of coughing shit out of your lungs? Wanna save money? Some pot smokers feel this way, but they're turned off by the idea of cooking with pot for several reasons. First of all, you can accidentally get too stoned and become paranoid.
Drug Chart
Famous People and Their Drug Usage Famous People and Their Drug Use by Erowid v2.0 - Apr 4, 2012 Reference Status Key ReferencedBelieve reference can be foundLikely, but don't know about referencesCommon rumorUnsubstantiated rumor v1.0 - Feb 1, 2004 - Erowid - v1 published.v1.1 - Jul 30, 2005 - Erowid - Updated.v1.2 - Jul 8, 2006 - Erowid - Updated.v1.3 - Dec 8, 2006 - Erowid - Updated.v1.4 - Jan 11, 2007 - Erowid - Updated.v1.5 - Apr 3, 2007 - Erowid - Updated.v1.6 - Sep 25, 2007 - Erowid - Updated.v1.7 - Mar 13, 2008 - Erowid - Updated.v1.8 - Mar 18, 2009 - Erowid - Updated.v1.9 - Mar 4, 20010 - Erowid - Updated.v2.0 - Apr 4, 2013 - Erowid - Added dozens of entries. Famous People and Their Drug Usage
February 6, 2014 11:35 PM By Robert Zullo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The war on drugs, Jack Cole said, has been "far worse" than a failure. Speaking to about 75 students Thursday afternoon at Slippery Rock University, Mr. Bluelight Bluelight