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The Personality Type-INFJ. Report for: According to the Personality Type Questionnaire you completed, the 'Type' that best describes your preferred style is: Important - Save or print your report now.

The Personality Type-INFJ

The nickname for this Type is "Developer" or "Author" and it is shared by approximately 1% of the population. Thus, 99% of those you meet perceive the world around them differently from the way you do. If someone were to describe you well, they could easily use the following adjectives: imaginative, motivated, persistent, purposeful and creative. You are a person who’s energy is drawn inward into a rich inner life of thoughts and feelings. More than any other Type, you live in a world of ideas, an array of concepts and associations so unique to you that most people around you will not fully comprehend your vision. You focus on what is possible and the opportunities that lie ahead.

For Intuiting-Feeling types such as yourself, having solid, dependable and meaningful relationships are vital. Back to Index. Post a Quote that Inspires You - Page 4. How to Recognize an INFJ. The INFJ's Visual Signature. Ethical-Intuitive Intratim - INFj (The Empath) Ethical-Intuitive Intratim - INFj (The Empath)Based upon original work by Victor Gulenko with some alterations INFjs have a very characteristic dispassionate facial expression.

Ethical-Intuitive Intratim - INFj (The Empath)

This is often reminiscent of the depiction of saints and martyrs from early Christian icons. Their faces convey the feeling that their soul is suffering even when it is not. INFjs faces are often perfect ovals but can be rectangular in shape as well. INFjs do not show intense positive emotions, instead they simply smile. INFjs are generally very modest, which is also noticeable in their choice of clothes. INFjs can be very touchy and this may strain the easy atmosphere of a conversation. INFjs do not really make good cheats or frauds. INFjs know how to establish peace between conflicting sides. INFJ Forum - The Protectors. Infj-profile-counselor-protector-pdf2. Modalities of Existence. Some choice cuts from the INFJ Confessions blog (it’s being updated constantly so go check it out): Sometimes it gets exhausting to get treated like a tissue.

Modalities of Existence

Wept on, and discarded. I understand how people work, but would much rather observe than be involved. I find it debilitating and kind of like an alien; but I really do love just watching. Why can I pick up on others’ emotions so easily, but I can’t readily identify my own? Sometimes I know I’m being lied to, but the prospect of fiction is too interesting to pass up. I don’t mind that it’s over, I mind that I know you don’t actually mean it even though you think you do. Sometimes I just wish someone would take care of me, for a change. I hate that no matter how badly someone betrays me, I can always understand why they did it, even if they don’t. I like to pretend I’m a fictional character, everyone else makes sense, so if I am part of their story, I might too.

I hate society but I feel the need to help them. Rate this: i 16 Votes Like this: