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Searching for Images Online. In order to set every student up for success, consider the individual learners in your classroom.

Searching for Images Online

Classroom management and learning strategies need to be modified to fit an online learning environment. Consider the arrangement of your physical classroom. Desks arrangements can be manipulated in order to minimize talking or encourage discussion. Do you have certain students sit near you in order to keep a closer watch?

Choosing websites for students requires the same amount of thought as deciding desk arrangements and seating charts. When designing an assignment with Hstry, consider where students will find the best images to make their timelines unique. Bing Additional search results found below the search box are the greatest advantage of using Bing with students. Searching Bing Images Duck Duck Go Duck Duck Go was founded in 2008 and stands out because of the simple interface. Searching Duck Duck Go Images Google Images Google is often the default search engine used by students.

Create free interactive timelines. The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process. Museums curate works of art.

The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process

We digital marketers curate blog posts. Though our link shares may not be artistic contributions, the idea of curation is at least the same at museums and online: We’re all seeking only the best material to pass along to our patrons, customers, fans, or followers. Finding and sharing exquisite content has never had more value than it does today. The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Education.

What is a hashtag?

The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Education

A word or phrase preceded by a “#.” How do hashtags work? Twitter can be a busy place with lots of tweets–and thus lots of “noise.” A #hashtag is a way to aggregate tweets that are appended with a hashtag. Picture it like a magnet that attracts all messages categorized by that topical word or phrase. Who can use hashtags? Anyone. What else do I need to know? Don’t hashtag spam–if your tweet doesn’t add to that hashtag’s topic, discussion, or user base, don’t add the hashtag.Use more than one hashtag if it applies to more than one topic, but choose wisely. Meeting Times. Student Discovery Sets - For Teachers.

The new Library of Congress Student Discovery Sets bring together historical artifacts and one-of-a-kind documents on a wide range of topics, from history to science to literature.

Student Discovery Sets - For Teachers

Interactive tools let students zoom in, draw to highlight details, and conduct open-ended primary source analysis. Full teaching resources are available for each set. Children's Lives at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. Social-media-tip-innovative-engagement. Social Media Tips for Educators: Building Capacity Among Your Staff. Our second social media tip sheet for educators is now online!

Social Media Tips for Educators: Building Capacity Among Your Staff

Last Monday, we told you about the fact that we’ve developed social media tip sheets specifically to help state and local education agencies expand online engagement. Our first tip sheet discussed how to develop innovative engagement in a specific community. This week’s tip sheet talks about how to effectively build capacity within a state or local district.

Staff capacity is not a new challenge. State education agencies (SEAs) and local education agencies (LEAs) listed staffing and lack of training as their top two concerns when ED’s Reform Support Network asked them about social media implementation challenges, trumping worries about negative comments and privacy issues. This doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t solutions. Our latest tip sheet goes into detail about how some state and local districts are solving their capacity challenges. Dorothy Amatucci is a digital engagement strategist at the U.S. How To Create A Custom Search Engine For Your Students. While many teachers embrace the chaos of digital research (it is the “real world,” after all), for others setting students loose on Google is a recipe for a research project chock-full of Yahoo!

How To Create A Custom Search Engine For Your Students

Answers and other less-than-ideal information sources. While evaluating the credibility of information is an important part of any research project, giving your students proper tools to do the cognitive heavy lifting you’d like them to can be just as important. Luckily, Google gives you the option to customize students’ search experience to rope off certain sections of the internet, or to gently emphasize others. (In fact, you could even have students create their own custom search engine as a part of the project itself.) Below is an overview of the steps, from naming the search engine and choosing the sites you’d like students to select from, to customizing search features and sharing the link with students.

Helping Educators Get Started With Twitter. 10 Social Media Skills for The 21st Century Teachers. January 11, 2014 Digital social networking is a game changer in the learning landscape.

10 Social Media Skills for The 21st Century Teachers

It is an invention that amounts in its importance and usefulness to the big inventions that marked all mankind history. In ancient times, cultures, in the absence of any established sign language to encode its content, were orally based. Storytelling was the major vehicle to pass on the human legacy from one generation to the other. Stories constituted the basis of collective learning and now with this rapid uptake of social media networks and their widespread , the notion of collective learning has been revived. There are several communities and affinity spaces where people get to meet and learn from each other irrespective of their geographical locations, race, ethnicity, and gender.

Free QR Code Generator & Design QR Codes, Coupons, Tracking, Analytic. Education Week Digital Directions: Trends and Advice for K-12 Technology Leaders. The Importance of Technology in High School Social Studies. The Importance of Technology in Middle School Social Studies. The Importance of Technology in Elementary Social Studies.