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Ohiopyle Trading Post and River Tours is a small family run business that specializes in Whitewater Rafting Trips on the Youghiogheny River. Our store is nestled in the center of Ohiopyle State Park, directly across from the waterfall.

Planning a Family Field Trip to Ohioplye this Fall. Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania provides marvelous opportunities for those wishing to connect with nature and enjoy numerous outdoor activities throughout the year.

Planning a Family Field Trip to Ohioplye this Fall

Visitors like exploring, bike riding, nature hikes, skiing, fishing, rafting, horseback riding and more within the park’s 20,000 acres. Stay In Shape Over the Offseason with These Indoor Rafting Exercises. One of the challenges with white water rafting, is keeping your body in shape during the off-season.

Stay In Shape Over the Offseason with These Indoor Rafting Exercises

As winter approaches, those who live in the Northeast US maybe be looking for a way to keep their rafting muscles in shape, so that they are ready to head back to the Yough River in Ohiopyle State Park as soon as spring weather permits. While working out in a gym will certainly keep you in generally good shape, year-round training is required for the muscles you use while rafting. The exercises below are perfect for the off-season. Rowing Machine While a rowing machine certainly won’t provide you with a realistic sense of the power and skill required while on the rapids—rowing is an essential part of your off-season training.

Torso Rotation Exercises. 5 Reason Why Ohiopyle's Rafting Season is Far From Over. Experience Fall in Ohiopyle State Park. Fall is the perfect time of year to discover Ohiopyle State Park, and there's no better way to experience the changes of autumn than biking through an Ohiopyle bike trail.

Experience Fall in Ohiopyle State Park

Experience Fall in Ohiopyle State Park. Experience Fall in Ohiopyle State Park. Building Teamwork with Group Rafting Trips. Just about everyone can agree that teamwork is vital to the success of any corporate office, but not everyone enjoys going on trust-building business trips.

Building Teamwork with Group Rafting Trips

Yes, these retreats can offer a refreshing change of pace and an excuse to get away from the office for a while, but many of these retreats fall flat due to the typical teamwork activities and games that can be done during most business meetings. Fortunately, there is a great way for a company to develop team working skills that most people will agree is fun, exciting and almost completely different from most business trips. A Teambuilding Adventure Like No Other An Ohiopyle white water rafting trip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone imagines corporate team building exercises, but there really is no better way to inspire a group of individuals to come together.

The Rafter's Guide to River Difficulty Ratings. The international standard for river difficulty as it relates to whitewater rafting attempts to remove at least some of the subjectivity involved in classifying rivers with whitewater rapids.

The Rafter's Guide to River Difficulty Ratings

The standard has no relation to how much fun each of these different classes may represent, it only takes into account the degree of difficulty in navigating rapids associated with each of the classes. Follow along as we briefly examine the various classes of international whitewater rafting difficulty, and move on to how these classes apply to Ohiopyle’s own Youghiogheny River rafting. 6 Things to Bring Along on Your Ohiopyle Adventure. If you’re planning a getaway in Ohiopyle, you likely have some outdoor activities in store.

6 Things to Bring Along on Your Ohiopyle Adventure

With over 20,000 acres of breathtaking natural beauty, Ohiopyle State Park is perfect for hiking, biking and rafting, while offering an abundance of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Before you start searching for the Ohiopyle rentals you’ll need and set out on your next grand adventure, be sure to make a checklist of all the things you should bring along. You won’t want to be without something essential when you’re out on the river or trail.

Boots for HikingWearing the right footwear is vital when you’re hiking the trails of Ohiopyle. Venturing Off the Beaten Path in Ohiopyle State Park. While the Ohiopyle State Park is one of the larger parks in North America and a popular tourist destination for adventurers all across the country, there are many places in its wide expanse that are not well-known to tourists.

Venturing Off the Beaten Path in Ohiopyle State Park

Because of this, those looking to be more alone with nature have plenty of opportunities in Ohiopyle State Park’s over 20,000 acres of open air. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to go fishing, biking and exploring, or just to see something different, here are some places you might not get told exist – but may just be exactly what you were looking for. Ohiopyle Fishing On the Middle Yough.

Getaway to Ohiopyle, Pa for an Excellent Summertime Adventure. Less than two hours from Pittsburgh lies the small community of Ohiopyle, the gateway to a wealth of spectacular scenery and a hotbed for outdoor activities.

Getaway to Ohiopyle, Pa for an Excellent Summertime Adventure

The name Ohiopyle has its origins in the Native American word ohiopehhia, meaning white frothy water. It’s a well-deserved name as the waters around Ohiopyle provide some of the best conditions for whitewater rafting in the region. Whether you’re adventuring down the frothy waters or taking more traditional land routes, Ohiopyle is the perfect base for exploration of the Youghiogheny River Valley and Laurel Highlands.

Visitors will find plenty to do and see in this excellent outdoor oasis, whether they’re simply looking to fill up a weekend or taking an extended visit. Exploring The Waterfalls of Ohiopyle, Pa.