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How to Set Up an Account with Another Provider on Your iPhone with iOS 9. You can use any email provider to receive email on your iPhone.

How to Set Up an Account with Another Provider on Your iPhone with iOS 9

However, if your email account is with a provider other than iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! , AOL, or Outlook, you have a bit more work ahead of you. You’re going to need a bunch of information about your email account that you may not know or have handy. Scan the following instructions, note the items you don’t know, and go find the answers before you continue. To find the answers, look at the documentation you received when you signed up for your email account or visit the account provider’s website and search there. How to Take Care of a Perennial Garden. Caring for established perennial is pretty simple.

How to Take Care of a Perennial Garden

A 100- to 200-square-foot (9- to 18-square-meter) flower garden shouldn’t take more than a few minutes a week of tending, with a couple of hours of major cleanup several times a year. Flowers in a vase eventually start to wither and die, and so do flowers in the garden as they age. Removing these crumpled corpses — called deadheading — serves several purposes: Deadheading improves the look of the garden. 12 Tips to Master Email on iOS. Click To View Slideshow» Here's how to get the most out of the built-in Mail app, and a few others, on iOS.

12 Tips to Master Email on iOS

It doesn't matter what you use for your baseline email account—services like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud,, or systems that use Exchange or IMAP or even POP3—you can and should access your messages on the go with your iPhone. It's not like email has really changed all that much in 30 years, but the experience is still totally modern when you take it on the road. Apple includes a simple yet pretty powerful app called Mail with iOS—in fact (until iOS 10 comes out this fall) you can't even delete it.

25 All-Time Favorite iPhone Tips. We’ve collected our 25 favorite iPhone tips from our popular and free Tip of the Day email newsletter.

25 All-Time Favorite iPhone Tips

Our readers are finding that these tips help them enjoy their iPhone more and use it more effectively. The headline for each tip links back to a more version of the tip, replete with screenshots. Related: Top Siri Tips: 21 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Siri Can Do 1. How to Use Google Maps to Avoid Toll Roads. Elder Care Giving – Helping families make difficult care decisions for elderly loved ones.

Understanding Dementia. 17 Tricks to Master Google Photos. Click To View Slideshow» This Picasa replacement makes up for a lack of editing tools with a heap of other slick features.

17 Tricks to Master Google Photos

We're not at a loss for services that automatically back up your photos and give you access to them on any device. Yahoo's Flickr does it, Dropbox does it, Microsoft OneDrive does it, and Apple iCloud does it for iPhone. They've all got their fans, but Google Photos —launched just over a year ago—has already surpassed 200 million active users a month. If you're not among those millions, it's worth downloading the mobile app for some extra peace of mind. The Best External Hard Drives of 2016. Adding storage has never been cheaper.

The Best External Hard Drives of 2016

For around $50, you can add a terabyte of storage to your laptop or desktop. That's enough for more than 750,000 MP3s or photos, or more than 230 full-length movie files. Every computer out there, from mega-huge desktop towers to budget-price Windows tablets, can connect to at least one hard drive. The 25 Best Fitness Apps of 2016. If you're trying to lose weight, walk more steps each day, or push yourself through a brutal morning workout, fitness apps can help.

The 25 Best Fitness Apps of 2016

Mobile apps are ideal assistants for health, fitness, and weight-loss because they are always with us, and they're quite personal. Maintaining fitness requires daily habits and lifestyle changes, and a few little nudges in the right direction from your mobile phone might make all the difference. Some of the apps highlighted here are tracking tools. Hands-on: 75 new features in iOS 10 [Video] On Monday Apple unveiled the highly-anticipated software update for the iPhone and iPad.

Hands-on: 75 new features in iOS 10 [Video]

As expected, it’s a huge release that brings a bevy of new and exciting features to the table. In the following video walkthrough, we take a look at 75 of the features and changes found in iOS 10. Some of the features covered are obvious changes, and some are more surprising. Here is an itemized list of the features covered in the video. Bodyweight Ab Moves You’ve Never Tried: Oblique V-Up - 10 Bodyweight Ab Exercises You’ve Never Tried. Dreamy Decorating Tips That Make A Home Your Own. Camera+ 8 for iPhone adds slow shutter and ultra-low ISO features, action extension, more. The powerful Camera+ app for iPhone and Apple Watch has a big new release today that should further transform the iPhone into a highly capable camera.

Camera+ 8 for iPhone adds slow shutter and ultra-low ISO features, action extension, more

Camera+ 8 adds slow shutter speeds for as long as 30 seconds, which makes it possible to let the iPhone catch a single scene for longer than a moment and shoot interesting night shots. Camera+ also supports ultra-low ISO levels for playing around with your shot before you take it, but you’ll need a newer iPhone. Camera+ now includes an action extension in the share sheet of apps like Photos and Google Photos too which lets you send images to the app for editing without first opening the app and importing the image.

Speaking of importing, Camera+ 8 includes new options for importing recently added photos or whole moments. To enable the new action extension, launch an app like Photos then tap the share icon (arrow box) and scroll the monochrome row of apps to the far right then tap more. Amazon Fire TV Stick With Voice Remote Review. Amazon launched the Fire TV Stick two years ago, offering a microphone-equipped remote as an optional accessory or as part of a premium $60 bundle.

Amazon Fire TV Stick With Voice Remote Review

Its latest media streamer—and its only one available in "stick" form—comes with a remote out of the box that gives you access to voice search and Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. It also features an upgraded quad-core processor, and perhaps most impressive of all is available for just $39.99. Despite a few omissions in streaming apps, the Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote easily offers enough in the way of features and value to make it our new Editors' Choice for budget media streamers. Netflix Review. Throughout its long, sometimes bumpy history, Netflix has remained one of the most prominent players in the video-on-demand arena.

The Best Media Streaming Devices of 2016. There are many ways to watch online content on your TV. Your television itself might have apps, or you might have a Blu-ray player or game system connected with built-in streaming services. Which Video Streaming Service Is Best for You? Streaming services started as an add-on to DVD and digital download offerings with a trickle of second-run movies and TV shows. But speedier Internet connections, an abundance of dedicated streaming video devices, and an explosion of mobile video has allowed services like Netflix and Amazon to bulk up streaming libraries, invest millions in original content, and give traditional pay TV providers a run for their money.

Telecom giants are not blind to the threat; Comcast rolled out its standalone Comcast Stream service and Watchable online TV app last fall, and Verizon has similar an Internet TV app. This comes as networks that were once only available with pay TV subscription—HBO, Showtime, and Starz—introduce only-online alternatives. Differentiation is the name of the game when it comes to streaming success. Netflix is the leader in original programming, from the addictive and award-winning House of Cards to the binge hit Marvel's Jessica Jones.

Netflix (from $7.99 per month) The Ultimate Cord Cutter's Guide. Cable TV was once the ultimate entertainment necessity. The over-the-air days of VHF/UHF television signals couldn't keep up with the voracious viewers who needed more, more, more channels. Having a cable directly pumping all that content into your home became the norm, and the cable providers—which likely provide your high-speed broadband Internet access as well—knew they had you on the hook. Of course, they didn't factor in that the Internet they were providing would become their worst enemy. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are just the most well-known names in what's become known as "cord cutting"—doing away with pay TV and using Internet-based services to get all your "television" programming. History Lessons: Why We Love Presidential Libraries.

Sit Too Much? 14 Gadgets to Keep You Moving at Work. Click To View Slideshow» How to Get the Most From Your Activity Tracker and Other Fitness Gadgets. People ask me all the time for advice about what's the best fitness tracker to buy. I love activity trackers and think they can do a real service to help people better understand their fitness level, weight-management issues, and sleep. The Best Shared Web Hosting Services of 2016. The Beginner's Guide to PC Backup. Tips for Using Technology to Stay in Touch. I am really bad at calling my mother. Hit the Road with 8 of America’s Best Drives. Nothing is more quintessentially American than the road trip. Hit the Road with 8 of America’s Best Drives. Getting Started with Your FitBit. Tips for Using Technology to Stay in Touch.

What Is HDR (High Dynamic Range) for TVs? The Best Media Streaming Devices of 2016. Should You Buy a 4K TV Now or Wait? The Best HDTVs of 2016. 16 National Parks with Amazing Scenic Drives. Spring- 01 - 5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Go Paperless. The 10 Best External Hard Drives of 2016. One Photo in Many Places. The Best Cloud Storage Providers and File-Syncing Services for 2016. The Best Online Backup Services of 2016 - The Best Online Backup Services. The Beginner's Guide to PC Backup. The Best Shared Web Hosting Services of 2016. The Best Website Builders for 2016. The Best Web Hosting Services of 2016. Tutorial: How to Add Textures in PhotoshopGraphicStock Blog. Google Tips, Tricks & Hacks. Road Trips.

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