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US First Shields its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them. Let’s End Torture in U.S. Prisons. Solitary confinement is exactly what it sounds like.

Let’s End Torture in U.S. Prisons

A prisoner is kept in a small cell — usually 6 feet by 10 — alone, for 23 hours a day. For one hour a day, he or she may be taken into a small cage outside, with the opportunity to walk in circles before being taken back in. Even the outdoor cage can usually be opened and closed remotely. The idea is to keep the prisoner from having any human interaction. Those who’ve been through it call it a “living death.” The practice is widespread in the United States. In January, President Barack Obama banned solitary confinement for federal inmates under the age of 18. These are great steps forward for human rights in the federal prison system. State prison systems across the country use solitary confinement as a way to destroy people. Rand Paul and the GOP torture chamber: With Paul out of race, only one Republican candidate left who’s against vile “enhanced interrogation” “Torture does not work”: General humiliates bumbling N.H. Republican on CNN for blindly supporting Trump’s “toxic” torture stance.

On CNN’s “News Day” Monday morning, CNN military analyst and retired three-star Lt.

“Torture does not work”: General humiliates bumbling N.H. Republican on CNN for blindly supporting Trump’s “toxic” torture stance

General Mark Hertling battled with Al Baldasaro, a Republican in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, over Donald Trump’s promise to ramp up torture tactics in defiance of the Geneva Conventions. Though taking a decidedly pro-torture stance (“a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding,” as he’s repeated as recently as last Thursday), Trump backtracked when 100 Pentagon and national security officials signed a joint statement condemning Donald’s “inexcusable” embrace of international law-defying torture methods.

In a campaign statement issued last week, Trump softened his rhetoric slightly, saying, “I do … understand that the United States is bound by laws and treaties and I will not order our military or other officials to violate those laws and will seek their advice on such matters.” Nearly 200 images released by US military depict Bush-era detainee abuse. Bruises, reddened marks and bandaged body parts featured in nearly 200 images of US detainee abuse that the Pentagon was forced to release on Friday, the result of a court battle that has lasted more than a decade.

Nearly 200 images released by US military depict Bush-era detainee abuse

While the American Civil Liberties Union – which has fought for the publication of the photos of Bush-era torture in Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2003 – hailed the belated disclosure, it pledged to keep fighting for approximately 1,800 more images the Pentagon continues to withhold, which it believes documents far more graphic detainee torture. The photos are part of a cache relevant to investigations of detainee abuse at two dozen US military sites around Iraq and Afghanistan, and perhaps Guantánamo Bay. Many showed detainees in states of undress having their bodies inspected, with rulers and coins held up for comparison and placement of injuries. The Bundy bunch: who are the armed militia in the Oregon standoff? Ammon BundyRancher, Nevada Ammon is one of 14 children of rancher Cliven Bundy and the de facto spokesman, if not leader, of the occupation.

The Bundy bunch: who are the armed militia in the Oregon standoff?

Before the current occupation of the Malheur national wildlife refuge, the 40-year-old was a prominent participant in the standoff at his father’s ranch in Nevada, where armed militia successfully resisted the US government’s attempt to remove the rancher’s cattle from public lands. Ammon, who is adept at public relations, is hoping for a repeat of the confrontation in Nevada, which his family effectively won. Like his father, Ammon is a Mormon whose political views align with the Posse Comitatus movement, which sees governmental authority as radiating out from county’s.

Critics have mocked him as a hypocrite after Mother Jones reported that his business borrowed $530,000 from the federal government’s Small Business Administration loan guarantee program. Ryan BundyRancher, Nevada LaVoy FinicumRancher, Arizona. We Tortured More Than Previously Admitted. The CIA used a waterboarding-like technique called “water dousing” which has the same effect as waterboarding.

We Tortured More Than Previously Admitted

And the agency was not truthful about how many detainees it subjected to what is regarded internationally as torture. At least a dozen more people were subjected to waterboard-like tactics in CIA custody than the agency has admitted, according to a fresh accounting of the US government’s most discredited form of torture.The CIA maintains it only subjected three detainees to waterboarding. But agency interrogators subjected at least 12 others to a similar technique, known as “water dousing”, that also created a drowning sensation or chilled a person’s body temperature – sometimes through “immersion” in water, and often without use of a board. New lawsuits, recently released documents and the Senate’s landmark torture report indicate that at least 13 men in total experienced “water dousing”.

Copyright 2015 Liberaland. CIA torture survivors sue psychologists who designed infamous program. Survivors of Central Intelligence Agency torture have sued the contractor psychologists who designed one of the most infamous programs of the post-9/11 era.

CIA torture survivors sue psychologists who designed infamous program

Related: US torture report: psychologists should no longer aid military, group says In an extraordinary step, psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen now face a federal lawsuit for their role in convincing the CIA to subject terror suspects to mock drowning, painful bodily contortions, sleep and dietary deprivation and other methods long rejected by much of the world as torture. In practice, CIA torture meant disappearances, mock executions, anal penetration performed under cover of “rehydration” and at least one man who froze to death, according to a landmark Senate report last year. Versions of the techniques migrated from the CIA’s undocumented prisons, known as black sites, to US military usage at Guantánamo Bay, Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan and Abu Ghraib in Iraq . © Guardian News and Media 2015. Rights Group Slams DOJ's 'Inconsistent' Response To Senate Torture Report : It's All Politics.

Amnesty lawyers said they didn't know why the Justice Department had issued several apparently conflicting accounts of its handling of the Senate report, but in their complaint they cited the possibility that authorities were "engaging in a cynical and hyper-technical effort to circumvent open records law.

Rights Group Slams DOJ's 'Inconsistent' Response To Senate Torture Report : It's All Politics

" Susan Walsh/AP hide caption itoggle caption Susan Walsh/AP. Anti-torture reforms opposed within psychology group after damning report. Opposition is building to intended anti-torture reforms within the largest professional organization of psychologists in the US, which faces a crossroads over what a recent report described as its past support for brutal military and CIA interrogations.

Anti-torture reforms opposed within psychology group after damning report

Before the American Psychological Association (APA) meets in Toronto next Thursday for what all expect will be a fraught convention that reckons with an independent review that last month found the APA complicit in torture, former military voices within the profession are urging the organization not to participate in what they describe as a witch hunt. Reformers consider the pushback to represent entrenched opposition to cleaving the APA from a decade’s worth of professional cooperation with controversial detentions and interrogations. The APA listserv has become a key debating forum, with tempers rising on both sides. Williams did not return an email seeking comment.

Kids Abused (Israel) As the United States government prepares to increase military aid to Israel by as much as fifty percent, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report has put focus on Israeli security forces’ brutal treatment of Palestinian children.

Kids Abused (Israel)

The report includes six stories of questionable arrests and abuse six Palestinian children suffered in recent years. Neither of the children were older than 15 years-old when they were arrested. According to HRW, there have been numerous reports by local human rights organizations and news media about arrests of Palestinian children. The frequent arrests pushed HRW to identify specific cases, interview abused children, and investigate the abuse, which had occurred. A fourteen year-old girl, Malak Al-Khatib, was arrested on December 31, 2014, in a village in the West Bank. Khatib was kicked and a soldier stepped on her neck. Her family had no idea she had been arrested. Her lawyer reached a plea deal on January 14. The National Security Archive. Abu Ghraib Torture. There is a reason why the White House sent the President’s Chief of Staff to personally negotiate on what was going to be included in the CIA’s Torture Report.

Abu Ghraib Torture

The Executive Summary released by the Senate was only a mere 525 pages out of the more than 6,700 pages that still remain classified. There is a reason why top U.S. leadership was genuinely concerned about the reports release; things are much, much worse than they want you to believe. Global Torture Program. A recent report to the UN Committee Against Torture concludes that the US presidential administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama are responsible for far-reaching violations of international law for directing and covering up a global torture program developed by the US Central Intelligence Agency in the years following the September 11, 2001 attacks. The report, prepared by the “Advocates for US Torture Prosecutions,” Dr.

Trudy Bond, Prof. Benjamin Davis, Dr. Curtis F. “Civilian and military officials at the highest level created, designed, authorized and implemented a sophisticated, international criminal program of torture,” the report states.