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Veteran Cop Fired For Giving a Homeless Man a Sh*t Sandwich. San Antonio, TX — “It was a disgusting, vile act — that, there is no excuse; there is no explaining it; there is no justification,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told KOMO News after the termination of an officer for, quite literally, giving a homeless man a shit sandwich.

Veteran Cop Fired For Giving a Homeless Man a Sh*t Sandwich

“It’s a disgrace to the department, it’s a disgrace to the badge,” McManus continued. In May, Officer Matthew Luckhurst inexplicably thought it would be humorous to place feces in between two slices of bread and offer it to a likely-starving homeless person in a styrofoam takeout box, and then boast of this ‘prank’ to his partner. His partner, however, didn’t share the sentiment — and the pair of cops returned to the scene, where Luckhurst ostensibly disposed of the sickening, cruel offering. According to the chief, news of Luckhurst’s shameful deed eventually wound its way up the chain of command — thanks to an unnamed officer’s tip to his supervisor — and internal affairs began an investigation in July.

Mother aggressively arrested on tape after reporting her son was assaulted. A video has surfaced on social media of a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, aggressively arresting a mother and her teenage daughter after the mother called police to report an assault on her seven-year-old son.

Mother aggressively arrested on tape after reporting her son was assaulted

A recording of the incident posted on Facebook Live by an extended family member showed the mother, who has been identified as Jacqueline Craig, and her teenage daughter being wrestled to the ground and arrested one by one with a stun gun held against their backs. Austin police officer fired for fatally shooting unarmed 17-year-old. The Austin police department is firing an officer who shot and killed a naked and unarmed teenager in the street last month.

Austin police officer fired for fatally shooting unarmed 17-year-old

Geoffrey Freeman, a 10-year veteran of the force, was responding to calls about disturbances in a neighbourhood in the north of the Texas city on 8 February and came across David Joseph, a 17-year-old high school senior. A police department spokesman said that Freeman shot Joseph within seconds of encountering him at about 10.30am. The officer said the teenager charged at him and he feared for his safety, but activists and Joseph’s family questioned why Freeman did not use his Taser or call for back-up and the help of officers specially trained to deal with people in apparent mental health crises. According to police, dashcam video does not show the part of the encounter when shots were fired.

Acevedo said the panel “did not feel that the officer’s use of deadly force under the circumstances met the ‘objectively reasonable’ standard”. Police Chief Says Jaywalkers Should Be Grateful Police Don’t RAPE Them. It seems almost impossibly cruel, insensitive and offensive.

Police Chief Says Jaywalkers Should Be Grateful Police Don’t RAPE Them

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said at a press conference Friday that people like the female jogger arrested on jaywalking charges earlier this week, who was dragged screaming to a police car, should just be glad that police did not rape her. After the young lady was unable to hear officers, because she was wearing headphones, passers-by captured officers ruthlessly arresting her for “failing to present ID properly”.

Houston cops shoot unarmed black patient in hospital — and then charge him with assault. Born and raised on the mean streets of New York City's Upper West Side, Katie Halper is a comedian, writer and filmmaker.

Houston cops shoot unarmed black patient in hospital — and then charge him with assault

She is the host of the Katie Halper Show on WBA1, writes for places like The Nation, Feministing, Jezebel and appears on places like MSNBC, RT, Sirius radio (which hung up on her once). Katie's had her photo taken with Rudy Giuliani and was called "cute and somewhat brainy" by the National Review. Inmates' letters detail how prisoner died from medical neglect. At this point, Faulkner estimates, more than six hours had passed since Garland first sought medical help.

Inmates' letters detail how prisoner died from medical neglect

Texas cop facing dismissal for killing unarmed man. The San Antonio police officer who killed an unarmed Antronie Scott on February 4 has been suspended from duty and may face criminal charges as well.

Texas cop facing dismissal for killing unarmed man

As reported earlier this month: Officials said the officer pulled up to the man, identified as 36-year-old Antronie Scott, as he was exiting his vehicle at an apartment complex in the 10300 block of Sahara Street around 6:40 p.m. The officer quickly approached and told Scott to “let me see your hands,” then almost immediately fired his service weapon, according to [Police Chief William] McManus. [...] McManus said the officer, identified as John Lee, told investigators that Scott spun around quickly and that, believing Scott was holding a gun, feared for his life.

According to MySanAntonio: Teen's killing by Austin police raises questions about mental health protocol. The death of an unarmed black teenager shot by an Austin police officer has sparked outrage among activists amid claims that the city’s police department failed to follow correct procedures for dealing with an apparent mental health crisis.

Teen's killing by Austin police raises questions about mental health protocol

David Joseph, 17, was lying naked in a north Austin street on Monday morning when officer Geoffrey Freeman encountered the high school senior and fatally shot him within seconds, police said. “Clearly something was taking place with him mentally that needed to be addressed in a very different way,” said Nelson Linder, president of the Austin branch of the NAACP. Texas prosecutor officially disbarred for sending innocent man to death row. A Texas legal disciplinary board upheld a decision to disbar a prosecutor who oversaw a case that sent an innocent man to death row.

Texas prosecutor officially disbarred for sending innocent man to death row

The board on Monday affirmed an earlier decision that found Charles Sebesta extracted false confessions and withheld testimony to convict Anthony Graves, who spent 18 years in prison before he was exonerated. The Texas supreme court-appointed board of disciplinary appeals said Sebesta’s behavior in the case was “egregious”. Graves was imprisoned from August 1992 until October 2010 for being an accomplice in starting a fire that killed a grandmother and five children outside of Houston in 1992. Cop Slams Girl's Head Onto Concrete, Shatters Her Teeth For Walking In Front of Police Cruiser. A 22-year-old Texas woman had her teeth bashed out by a San Marcos police officer… all because she crossed the street in front of his parked police cruiser.

Cop Slams Girl's Head Onto Concrete, Shatters Her Teeth For Walking In Front of Police Cruiser

Alexis Alpha says she she suffered broken teeth as well as a severe concussion when she was physically assaulted and arrested by an aggressive cop with no respect for individual rights, the law, or even basic human decency. Local KHOU 11 News reports the following: She says it was just after 1 a.m. when she was leaving a bar to say hello to some friends across the street.She walked between Corporal James Palermo’s squad car and a vehicle he had just pulled over.I wasn’t the only one who walked between the cars, Alpha said… “Several people walked between them. I was just the one he called out…“I could kind of tell like he wanted to start an argument, and at that point, I was polite from the beginning, and the meanest thing I said was ‘you re in a bad mood, and you re taking it out on me.

What The Supreme Court Has To Say About Sandra Bland's Arrest. Newly released video of Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia arresting Sandra Bland, an African American woman who was found dead in her jail cell three days later, shows the officer rapidly escalating a minor argument over a cigarette into a forcible arrest. Shortly after Encinia brings Bland a warning citation for changing lanes without signaling, he asks her to extinguish her cigarette. When Bland declines to do so, the officer opens her door and tries to physically remove her from her car. He eventually draws what appears to be a stun gun and screams at Bland that he will “light you up” if she does not exit the vehicle.

Just a few minutes later, Bland is in handcuffs and off camera. Insane Video Shows Gang of Cops Beat 2 Non-violent Men for Walking Across the Street. JAYWALKING NAZIS: Austin Bicycle Cops Assault Man For ‘Crossing Against A Red Light’ Screen grab of the arrest via YouTube AUSTIN, TEXAS- In a video that is sure to piss you off, two men were beaten by bicycle cops Friday, for jaywalking and being rude. Welcome to Nazi Germany, everyone! I don’t even pretend to understand why this happened, other than maybe these cops need drug tests and psychological evaluations. A group of four males and a female were walking down a street in Austin Friday, when two members of the group pissed off cops with their tones of voice, after being yelled at for jaywalking.

Judge Grants Immunity To Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man 'Execution Style' Detective Charles Kleinert: Screenshot Via KXAN After waiting two long years for justice to be done, the family of Larry Jackson, Jr. was hoping to see Detective Charles Kleinert, the Texas police officer they believe executed their loved one in cold blood, put on trial for manslaughter next week. Middle School Student, Assaulted, Arrested, Currently In Jail, for Wearing a Rosary to Football Game.

Amarillo, TX — Jacob Herrera, 14, was going to his middle school’s Wednesday night football game, when he was arrested for wearing a rosary. When Herrera arrived at the game he was approached by Corporal Wilson of the Amarillo Police Department, who asked him to remove his rosary. Allegedly Herrera refused to remove the rosary at which point, according to witness, Marivell Chavez, he was brought to the ground.

During the struggle on the ground Herrera was apparently yelling out, “Call my mom” and “I can’t breathe”! “You know he handcuffed him and then crossed him across the street right there and slammed him again and he repeatedly slammed the child on the floor,” Chavez tells Channel 10 News. The APD says that this is not how the incident happened. “He was fighting with the officer, he wouldn’t comply with the commands, he wouldn’t put his arms behind his back. ‘A dog would have gotten more attention': Texas cops watched man bleed to death after shooting him.

Charles K. Goodridge and his daughter, Shaniqua Clark (Facebook) A Texas family has questioned the actions of police officers who shot Charles K. Goodridge and then declined to provide medical assistance while he was bleeding to death on the ground. According to The New York Times, Goodridge had been fired from his job at Hewlett-Packard after filing a racial discrimination suit in 2009.

And although he had been evicted from his apartment at Village in the Woods, he had reportedly been warned about trespassing. Dashcam Video of Violent Arrest of Sandra Bland Was Edited. UPDATE, 22 July (2:44 PM EST): The Texas Department of Public Safety uploaded a new video of the Sandra Bland arrest. This second video, at 49:11, is 3:01 shorter than the former footage, which was 52:12 in length.

UPDATE, 22 July (10:49 AM EST): On the evening of 21 July, I contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety with a request for comment. What The Supreme Court Ruled On the False Arrest of Sandra Bland. Since the newly released video of Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia detaining then arresting Sandra Bland, it has become clear that the entire arrest was itself illegal. The African American civil rights and police accountability activist had simply asserted her rights, when the trooper gave her unlawful orders, which were only permissible if phrased (and accepted) as requests.

Three days after the false arrest, Bland was found dead in her jail cell. Now, since that death, the video footage of the dashcam stop has come under increasing scrutiny. But long before it was judged in the court of public opinion, traffic stops just like the one in question were ruled on by the Supreme Court of the United States. Creepy ex-Texas police chief indicted for sexually assaulting 14-year-old girl.

The former police chief of Maypearl, Texas was indicted on Wednesday and accused of sexual assault against a 14-year-old girl, the Dallas Morning News reported. WATCH: Cops Taser kneeling black councilman in Texas town where Sandra Bland was arrested. Texas cop caught choking and slamming 14-year-old boy as school staff does nothing. Texas police caught in an enormous lie about their murder of unarmed mother Yvette Smith. Prosecutor investigating Sandra Bland’s death has troubling history of racial bias — just like the sheriff.

Sandra Bland And The Invisible Plight Of Black Women In The Justice System. “If I Die in Police Custody”: Why Sandra Bland’s Death Is Just the Latest Evidence that Black America Is Under Attack. Here’s Some Thoughts On The Dashboard Footage That Shows Sandra Bland’s Arrest. Sheriff of Texas town where Sandra Bland died was fired from previous job for racism. Don't miss stories. Follow Raw Story! Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland violated police policies: investigators.

Sandra Bland

Texas cops accused of threatening to break woman's legs during public strip search. Video Shows Texas Police Shoot Man With His Hands Up. Texas Cops Allegedly Sexually Assault Black Woman While Searching For Marijuana. Texas woman accuses police of sexual assault over body-cavity strip search. Three Cops Tackle a 100 lb High School Girl for Using Cell Phone. Students React with Protest. Texas sheriff refuses to turn over jailhouse video after 32-year-old gay man dies of ‘natural causes’